Decide On Love Bras Reviews: Does It Offer Comfort With Style?

Decide On Love Bras

The Bra for Women Front Closure 5D Beauty Back Sports Comfy Bra by Decide on Love is getting hype. It appears on your news feed, Facebook pages, and more. The 5D Beauty Pack sports bra supports the bust and makes it comfortable for you to wear while exercising. It not only offers comfort but also provides shape to your body. It is the open front that makes it easy to wear and wash. If you’re planning to get your hands on this magical bra, we recommend that you read the decide on love bra reviews by us.

Many types of bras are available on the market, but not all are good for lifting and supporting the bust. The purposes of each bra differ from one another. You cannot wear your regular bra while exercising.

In this article, we will work on user feedback about these bras. Are they competitive sports? Is it of reliable quality? What is the fabric of the bra? Let us find out all about it in great detail.

What are the top 10 best bras?

Here are the top best bra for you

  • Natori Feathers Underwire Contour Bra. 
  • The ThirdLove 24/7 Classic T-shirt Bra. 
  • Lane Bryant Cacique Smooth Lightly Lined Balconette Bra. 
  • Warner’s No Side Effects Full Coverage Underwire Bra. 
  • Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Lightly Lined Memory Touch T-shirt Bra. 
  • Cup The Plunge Bra. 
  • Natori Bliss Perfection Underwire Contour Bra.

Which type of bra is healthiest?

If you are searching for the best bra for women, you need to look for the healthiest Bra stuff.

Here you need to pick a bra that consists of organic fabrics. The material has to be breathable and soft. The following are great choices:

  • Bamboo
  • Organic COTTON.

Avoid bras that have nickel closures and latex straps. Why is that so? It is because it can be sensitive to the skin and cause rashes.

So can you tag the decide on love bra is the best? Are they made of cotton material? Is it sensitive to skin or skin-friendly? Let us find this in the next section.

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About Decide on love bras.

Decide On Love Bras Reviews

The Bra for Women, Front Closure, 5D Beauty, Back Sports Comfy Bra by Decide on Love is getting famous on the internet. You can buy this brand from the website of Decide on Love. Currently, the bra is on sale, and you can get any piece you want.

What are the features of deciding on love bra reviews?

Here is the list of the top features of this hyped bra. Before making up your mind about these bras, we advise you to look.

  1. It has a seamless cut for ultimate comfort and centering support
  2. It is Anti-saggy and east-west breast
  3. The best thing is that it can minimize side breast fat via centralizing and full coverage.
  4. There will be no skin marks or boob slippage.
  5. It is a Bra-free sensation and Ultra-comfortable wear.

What are the benefits?

  • It offers instant sculpting of bust shape.
  • It also contours against lagging, making a perkier and smoother shape with complete support.
  • A lovely lace bra incorporates flirt and romance without losing comfort and support!


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Decide On Love Bras Reviews legit or scam

What is the material?

It is made with sweat-wicking material to keep users dry and cool during medium-to-high-impact sports. 

Does it offer support for bigger busts?

  • Sagging-defying Seamless Bra provides the utmost support for plus-size busts with 0 wires or the banded frame.
  • There is no pinching.

Is there any discount?

  • Buy 2 Get Extra 8% OFF & Buy 2 Free Shipping!
  • Buy 3, Get an Extra 15% OFF & Buy 3 with Free Shipping!
  • And Buy 5, Get an Extra 20% OFF & Buy 5 with Free Shipping!

What colors does it have?

  • PINK
  • GRAY
  • RED

What are the sizes available?

M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL, 7XL

What is the price?

The actual price is $ 27.91 and $ 54.72 after 49% off.

From where can you buy it?

You can buy it from the Decide on Love website.

How does it work?

The style of 5D seamed cups, broad side wings, firm cushioned shoulder straps, and the U-shape panel provides maximum support for sagging while buffing back bumps and correcting the wearer’s armpit fat for a flattering shape.

Decide on love bra reviews: What are the user’s reviews?

Decide On Love Bras Reviews1

We cannot find any feedback about the bra on their official website. Also, buyers have no feedback on a platform like SiteJabbers or Trustpilot.

Pros and Cons



  • It consists of breathable material.
  • It is accessible in many sizes.
  • Women with heavy busts can wear it as it offers support.


  • There is no feedback from the buyers.
  • The rates are high.

The Final Verdict

This bra seems great, but we can not find any feedback from the buyers about it. It is expensive when we compare the price of the bras by Decide on Love with those of other brands. It is best to buy the affordable one when you are getting the same quality and comfort at lower rates.

24 Reviews

  1. Add me to the list of people who this company has scammed! First, the shipping cost is outrageous, especially for the shipping on a slow boat from China. The tracking information was useless and it took months to get here. When it did arrive, the bra was much smaller than the size indicated on their sizing chart. And when you try and return it, they tell you you have to pay to ship it back to China rather than the US return address on the package. Do not order from this company!

  2. I ordered my normal size, 44-D what I got was something that would fit someone 34-B. I asked to return and the customer service wanted pictures of the QR code, and because their website list the wrong sizes, I was ask to give to someone else…..PLEASE I would be offended if someone gave this flimsy piece of crap. I will never buy anything from them again!!! One sale and they can keep the crappy bra, I will NEVER recommend to anyone. HORRIBLE CHEAP BRA, HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE, AND WILL NOT HONOR CUSTOMERS RETURNS. SCAMMERS!!!!

  3. On August 2 , 2023 I ordered what supposed to be a bra with a back support. At least it was on the demo video on their page on Facebook. I place the order for two bras, as it was a deal but I was charged for three and somehow on the order it was already three items. Communication was quick about to change a colour for one of the items. When I got the order ( within one week, and shipped from Canada, not from China), I saw that these items are not bras after all, but bandages. And they are utterly uncomfortable as you must wear your bra first and on the top of it – this bandage. It hurts breast but does not support your back.
    I wanted to return the purchase. Again the communication was quick, claiming that the size is right. I never claim it was wrong. I just wanted to return the items. Then they said it would cost me so much that it is better to keep the order and got a compensation of 6 USD – for the purchase for 75 USD !!!
    Next they offered me compensation of 8 USD, but did not provided a return address regardless my requests.
    Then they stop replying for my mails at all.
    The order number is 2233S255071 and the product name is 🏆Last day -59%OFF🔥-Adjustable Chest Brace Support Multifunctional BraBeige_38_C.
    So I agree with Pathma in the review above – TOTAL SCAM. Do not have business with them. Rating 0 and below!

  4. I ordered a bra on 24 July 2023. My order no is 2233S252727. I ordered a size 36DD(E). What I received was size L. This is too small. I have returned the item to the return address on the envelope with tracking a number. Eight times I wrote to customer service about this and the reply is always the same:
    1. Please enter your email address and select the order you have consulted, then input the text and send it directly. The customer service will reply to you ASAP.
    2. Please click on “I have a new question” to re-follow your question if you cannot enter the text.
    Customer Support
    THIS IS NOT SOLVING THE PROBLEM. Still waiting. Total Scam this company is. RATING 0


  5. I’m very nervous after reading these reviews. I ordered one bra for myself and foolishly fell for the discount on a second bra. When I saw my Visa I was shocked to learn that somehow a third bra was on my order. Not only that each bra was charged $9.51 delivery ($28.53) total and charged as three separate orders. The bras are totally unsatisfactory. They are extremely small and there is no cup it just flattens like a band. I’m attempting to return to the company and get a refund of $156. but already this is becoming impossible to do. We are dealing with robots I think and the explanation makes no sense. I’ve learned my lesson and will not order on line again. This is my second scam I’ve fallen into. No stars for my rev.

  6. I ordered a bra on 24 July 2023. My order no is 2233S252727. I ordered a size 36DD(E). What I received was size L. This is too small. I have returned the item to the return address on the envelope. The tracking number is: LP115037455AU. They keep sending me emails like this:
    “Hi! This is the customer service center, your order consultation message has new progress.
    Less text, more service! Click here back to your message page quickly!

    1. Please enter your email address and select the order you have consulted, then input the text and send it directly. The customer service will reply to you ASAP.
    2. Please click on “I have a new question” to re-follow your question if you cannot enter the text.
    Customer Support
    THIS IS NOT THE SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM. They have refused to answer me for the wrong size advertised.
    RATINGS: 0

  7. I bought 2 bras from this company. These bras are NOT USA made and are extremely shabbily made! I ordered 2 2XL bras and got 2 L. Not only that but 1 bra had no inner lining and the other one had a flat piece of hard plastic coming from a seam that was open on top. One, I couldn’t wear them bc they were too small and 2, the plastic sticks painfully into my skin. It took 5 months from the time of order to reach me. The return label was damaged but I could see that it came from California so Idk if they have a sweat shop here in the US or if they sent it to that address by mistake. Who knows with these people. I have been fussing with them since the day I received them asking for a refund to no avail. They offered to refund me $3, then $5 and finally $7, all to which I refused and when I let the boom down on them as to them lying to their customers as to the quality of their products and their refusal to stand behind them and give me a refund (I called them liars, thieves, and scammers, they cut off communication with me and blocked my emails as far as I can tell. I wish I knew exactly who to contact to make a complaint and have something done about it. Oh and they also charged me over $10 extra when they processed my payment, which they told me was an error and returned that to my card. I paid with my debit card but they ran my payment through PayPal. Can I go through PayPal to get my money back? I live on a very limited income bc I’m disabled and I needed these bras as I’ve not had the extra money to buy any new ones in almost 15 years and now I can’t buy another one bc they took my money. My advice is DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! If I were a betting woman, I’d bet these people are gonna burn in hell for their dastardly deeds!!! Oh and btw…I tried to give a “0” (ZERO!!) but it won’t let me!

  8. I put a review up about a month ago and amazing it does not show up. Buyer beware do not buy these bras. As noted by all of the negative reviews, above.

  9. I put a review up last night but it isnt shown. I am disgusted with the company. I waited nearly 3 months to get these bras. Got them 2 days ago and I might add after 2 months I have had numerous emails back and forth to the company and the tracking co. Told to be patient they are coming. They were supposedly in australia on 3rd March. Hmmm…. I asked to cancel the order and pay back the monies I paid. Just told me to pass them to someone else. The bra I am sure is not what I ordered. These are cheap, nasty flimsy fabric and small, very small. Email last night told me it would take too long to go to the after sales department. so to just pass them on. They have cost me a fair bit and I couldnt ask someone else to pay for them. So please dont buy them.

  10. Same same. I ordered early Feb and not end April and still not received. The supposed “tracking” said they came into country and then went to a regional centre on other side if country than where I live! No reason to go to this town at all as its not a transit centre. Have tried emailing and all I get is usual waffle, – will look into it – delayed – busy – “we understand your concern” – whatever. And it seems even if I did get it – would not fit anyway. !

  11. Ordered bras 3rd Feb 2023. Waited 2 months before contacting tracking co, then the company themselves. Contact between the company and me had been continual. Eventually I asked to cancel the order and to refund immediately in the same manner as to how I paid. for them . I was told to be patient, they would come. Arrived yesterday , funnily after me contacting the company the day before again.!!!…… These bras are not what I am sure I ordered. Very very small, material is of very thin quality and tag written in a foreign language. I have emailed again twice today requesting a refund and that I will return the bras.
    I was told I ordered them, and for me to pass them on to someone else as they would have to put this to the after-service department and it would take a long time. They cost me a fair bit of money ….Not very happy!!!!!

  12. Bought 2 bras…. 3 months ago. Tracking says it’s been sitting in Ca for 2 months!!! I contact them for a refund, and they keep saying they are going to deliver them, and understand my concern! I am going to the bank tomorrow, to see about getting my money back!

  13. I bought the wedecideonlove bras. If you try t get in touch with the company no one responds. They were never received. I am totally disappointed.This is the reason most people don’t trust ordering by mail.

  14. This is a scam !!!!!! I ordered my bra JAN 10,2023 AND HAVE NOT RECEIVED IT. THERE ARE TO SCAMS AND FALSE ADVERTISING.

  15. I believe I have been scammed exactly like you.
    Ordered Dec 30th, was getting weekly updates until Jan 28th. I’m told to be patient when they reply to my email. I have had no more updates since my order supposedly went through customs in Canada. Total scam.

    ITS a SCAM!!!!!!!
    THIS NEEDSTO BE REPORTED. They have gotten away with this too many times. Time to shut them down!!

  17. Beware! I ordered from a FB ad at the end of December 2022 and it is the end of February and the bra has not arrived at my home. Emails to the tracking company and the company both give the same response. I have requested a refund but not hopeful that I will get one. Add me to the list of people who have been scammed.

    1. I believe I have been scammed exactly like you.
      Ordered Dec 39th, was getting weekly updates until Jan 28th. I’m told to be patient when they reply to my email. I have had no more updates since my order supposedly went through customs in Canada. Total scam.

  18. Buyers beware!!!
    The sizes that are reflexed with their products are completely wrong. Their sizes do not correspond with US bra sizes and run ridiculously small. I wear a 40D size bra, and ordered according to their size scale. What their corresponding product size was the equvilent to a 36B at best!
    I contacted them and I requested a full refund and a call tag to return and they are still resisting to do so, even though their website states “100% guarantee, and easy returns”. They offered a credit of USD7 for my order of $63.00!!! And all this after waiting 5 weeks to receive my order, they do not tell the consumer that they ship from China.

  19. These people are scammers and from China. Don’t buy from them. Inferior product, material and they DO NOT FIT NI MATTER THE SIZE!! They will not exchange or refund.

  20. This is the worst bra ever. It Didn’t fit per measurements on the website and cheaply constructed. It also didn’t lay flat where it hooks in the front. Please send me the details to return for a refund. Thank you.

  21. Terrible company to do business with. Bras run incredibly small. They don’t stand behind their product to satisfy the customer. It stated in the ad they are USA made but they came from Italy. Took a month to get to me and then didn’t fit. They will not give me a refund and will not exchange.
    Buyer beware it is a total ripoff!

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