Review – Best Place to Shop Household appliances, Electronics at one place? reviews

Appliances make the work easier and save time. The world has shifted the standard towards materialism and had made it the benchmark. Moreover, the internet has made more comfortable access to the stores where you can have anything of your choice at a click.

Nowadays, Ehomesport is a highlighted website that is serving as home and kitchen appliances.

If you plan to get your devices from the ehomesport website, this review will help you make your mind. This article will describe the services, which ehomesport offers and explain the legitimacy of this website.

Electronic and even non-electronic appliances are indeed most demanding everywhere, mostly in the United States. E-commerce sites are popping up with newly incorporated businesses every day. Many webshops are coming up with eye-catching displays, but not all of them are trustworthy.

Today we are here with a clue about this website. If you are keen to know about this, then give it a read.

Ehomesport Web Store – Brief Introduction

Ehomesport web store is an online business, setup on 25th November 2020; that claims reliable, top-quality home and kitchen appliances.

Not just this, but it guarantees the supply of high-graded retro gaming and other technological devices, including TV and home theatres.

Currently, the site is offering colossal money-saving discounts on every item to grab the market share.

The site affirms ethical working and detailed guidance 24/7.

All the privacy policies and terms and conditions are already mentioned with clarity to answer the pre-existing queries of potential buyers.

A wide variety of products and services are available in the range of the united states. Moreover, the website has provided its official number to make access easier.

Ehmosesport Specifications

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  • Website:
  • Customer support email:
  • Contact number: 6194016611
  • Website’s offering: Kitchen appliances, Home Appliances, Electronics, Wooden Furnitures
  • Delivery time: they deliver items in 3 to 5 working days
  • Return Policy of ehomesport: According to their policy, the unopened or new item can be returned or exchanged within 30 days. After a month, no return or exchange will be entertained. The opened appliances do not stand on this exchange policy. Moreover, any damaged or wet product will not be replaced.
  • Repayment: the company will return the payments within ten days
  • Tracking facility: order tracking facility is available


  • All the electronics and non-electronic appliances are available in-store.
  • The store serves a wide range of devices- making it easier for office and housework
  • The company offers a complete refund
  • All the ground service orders are shipped free of cost
  • Customers can trace their order conveniently
  • The introduced appliance’s specialists have industrial experience


  • The company has provided an incorrect location on their site
  • The interference of the website is not professional- as products are not masterly organized in specific categories
  • The website is a few days old, so there is no review about it yet
  • This online store does not exist on any social platform
  • The technical errors are happening more often on the website
  • The site is not too long-standing to hold the trusts

Is website is a legit site?

According to the mentioned information, the trust index of the website is too low.  

Despite the claims and assurances, the technical errors and unorganized array of products raise a central question on the authentication. Moreover, the given wrong address bends the image towards unprofessionalism.

Additionally, the site does not exist on any social media platform. The site domain is very new, and there is no impression of this website so we cannot refer it completely fake.

It will not be justified to judge the legitimacy of two to three days old website. I would prefer not to shop expensive items from the site initially, but our readers should wait for a while and let this site flourish a bit on the internet.


Final Verdict

Remarking about the legitimacy of a newly developed website won’t be fair. It can be a trap or an authentic source, we can conclude after some time.

But for now, online shoppers are at stake of receiving counterfeit goods or a pranky item from the store. Typically, new sites cannot be judged or trusted, so it is better to wait for the genuineness of the site from the safe distance.