Evaneich.Com Reviews: Are They Offering Original Jordan Shoes?

Evaneich.Com Reviews

Why might one ask themselves when it comes to online shopping? The lovely images, detailed descriptions, and appealing designs make the buyer want to purchase from the online store. Despite all these reasons, the main one is contactless shopping. People are conscious of shopping after the emergence of the novel coronavirus. They prefer to buy from a store that has an online website. The e-commerce sites help you find data about the items. There you can compare the prices and the customer’s returns. But his query is, can you trust any name? Of course not. So here we advise you to read the feedback. The book that we are going to review today is The evaneich com.

Evaneich is the US base online store as they have mentioned on their website. It claims to deal with original Jordan shoes. They have a variety of Jordan pairs of shoes. So can you buy it from this store? 

So, in this article, we will discuss the feedback from the buyers. What are the shipping and return policies for shoppers? Is this a suitable website for international customers? Are they offering any free shipping? These points will help you make up your mind about the brand. Don’t Miss: Is Ugglockers Legit

What do e-commerce customers want?

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Here you need to understand one thing. What is that? Then, e-commerce buyers differ from those who shop at local stores. Do you know that 68% of buyers like to understand services and items in online shopping fully?

Around 77 percent of buyers mentioned that the services and items on the website influence their purchasing decisions.

77% of consumers say the product/service content on a site influences 

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What are the top five things you look for on an e-commerce website?

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So, the website we are reviewing today claims to be the best. The query is, is that the leading name in the real sector? Can you tag any online shopping name as the best seller? The following are the five most critical factors that every e-commerce site should have:

  1. Mobile-friendly. It is because most people research on the internet via mobile phones.
  2. After that, responsive design is a must. Why is that so? It is because it is user-friendly.
  3. Does the website have high-quality pictures and videos?
  4. There has to be user-friendly search, product filtering, and navigation.
  5. Does this website have a FAQ section? It will help you clear up any doubts about the brand.
  6. Of course, the product descriptions.

So does this website have all the qualities? Let us have a closer look at it.

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Is there any discount?

There is no discount on the website.

What is their return policy?

The policy lasts 30 days return policy.

Do they offer free shipping?

Yes, there are 2 pieces with free shipping!

Is it a USA-based brand?

Yes, as per their website, it is USA based brand.

How do you contact them?


Which items can you not return?

  1. The Gift cards
  2. The Downloadable software items
  3. Some health things 
  4. The personal care products

Do they offer a free return?

No, they do not offer free returns. Don’t Forget:Cristianzerotre Reviews

What is their mode of payment?

So, the following are the means of payment

  1. Paypal
  2. Visa
  3. Mastercard
  4. American Express
  5. Discover  
  6. Maestro

What are buyers saying about Evaneich?

Evaneich.Com Reviews legit or scam

We have not received any feedback from the buyers on their official website. Also, there are no reviews from customers of leading platforms like Site Jabber, Trust Pilot, and others. WisdomGanga’s review As per the wisdomganga blog, this website is not legit. Their content is plagiarised and hides the data about the founder. Explore More: Usatimberland Com

Reviews on the YouTube

Website Scam Detector said that:

  • Evaneich used free email, which is illegal.
  • It has a low Alexa rating.


  • Free shipping
  • 30 days return policy


  • There were no reviews from the customers.
  • There is no data about the owners.
  • It is a new website.
  • This website has also guarded its data in WHOIS records
  • The data is 100 copies; you can check it on any plagiarism checking the website.

Is this website legit?

So we have conducted detailed research about Evaneich, and we have found that this brand is not legit. Why is that so? There are many reasons behind it:

  1. Their images are copied.
  2. It is a new website.
  3. There were no reviews from the customers.
  4. There is no data about the owners.

This website has also guarded its data in WHOIS records

The data is 100 copies. You can check it on any plagiarism website.

1 Review

  1. I purchases Air Jordan 13 retro “He Got Game” 2018 for $159.95 on 9/25/2022 received them 1/15/2022 the white part of the shoe had bleeding pink dye on them..so i tried to contact them several ways(1-888-330-3978,service@ez-malls.ca,service@ezpays-mall.com, the WhatsApp) finally they contacted me on the WhatsApp to say Sorry will you accept a 50% refund!!!!!!! Not will I prefer a non defective shoe that was a Birthday present mind you! And to top it off if I wanted to return the shoe I would have to send it back to Canada on my dime!! It arrived here in Illinois in a box from California! I contacted my bank to file a claim they put the monies back in my account but waiting to hear from Shoe service or whatever their name really is… I decided to keep the shoe for the 50% off rather than the hassle of sending them back to Canada at God’s know what price that would be ! But I never seen a return address or was given one . When asked about my refund I was told as soon as possible not a time frame or anything until I kept asking for a specific time or range of time.

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