Ewiy Clothing Reviews: Is It The Best Clothing Store?


Christmas sales are everywhere, and the e-commerce clothing industry offers great sales this holiday season. What is all the hype about? Ewiy Clothing has a huge collection of women’s attire. Here you will find the dress, tops, sweaters, outerwear, and more. The best part about this site is that it has an alluring layout. It has a separate section for each of the categories. You can also find shoes and accessories under one roof. It is a one-stop shop for women to doll up for this Christmas. See Also: Forlest Bra Reviews

Many online names are available at affordable rates. But you cannot trust all of them. Why is that so? There are many risk factors involved, like the shipping and return policies. Chances are high that you are still looking for the right item and need to return or exchange it. The perfect priest works as a life savior. 

So, keeping all these thoughts in mind, we have reviewed this text. Here we will focus on the feedback from the buyers, shipping and returning packages, and much more. 

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Which is the best online shopping site for women?

For you, we have made a list of the top online shopping websites for women.

Best online shopping sites for women to buy stylish clothes & accessories

  • Boohoo 
  • Revolve
  • Sense
  • Shobpop 
  • Everlane 
  • Forward 
  • Wolf & Badger
  • Asos

Where can I buy good quality clothes for cheap online?

Are you looking for a place to buy clothes at a low price? If yes, the following is the store’s name that sells quality clothing at the best rates. Explore More: Joreiw Reviews

The Best online shopping at a low Budget

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  1. Shein online shopping website
  2. H&M
  3. G3+fashion
  4. Forever 21
  5. Myntra
  6. Shopclues
  7. Amazon
  8. Flipkart

So, Ewiy Clothing offers quality items at the best possible rates. Let’s find this out.

About Ewiy Clothing Reviews


Ewiy is a clothing store for women. It has a large selection of shoes in addition to clothing. One can doll up with the right accessories available at these places. Their website had a secure URL and various security certificates when we studied it. What does it show? It tells me that this website is safe and secure.

The website design is very alluring, as it has separate sections for each part of the collection. Further, it also has a separate section for shipping and returns policies. It also has “contact us” data that helps buyers approach the brand in case of any queries. Don’t Forget: Unzye Clothing Reviews

Indeed, this site has information about us, but when we studied it, it was similar to other fake websites. The only difference is the name of the brand. Furthermore, data about the brand’s owner and the city’s origin must be collected.

Do they have the right policy for the buyers? Let’s find this in the next section.

FAQs at Ewiy Clothing


Is there a discount?

There is a discount of around 80 percent.

What is their return policy?

 Customers can request a return within 14 days of receiving the product.

Do they offer free shipping?

They offer free shipping on orders above 40 USD

Is Ewiy Clothing a U.S.-based brand?

There is no data about it.

How do you contact them?

  • Email: uiewiy@zmzde.com

(this is not a returning address)

Which items can you return?

To be eligible for a return, the item must be unused and in the same condition as when you received it.

Does Ewiy Clothing offer a free return?

The buyers will only be charged once, at most, for shipping costs (this includes returns).

What is their mode of payment?

  • VISA
  • JCB
  • Master Card

Ewiy Clothing Reviews: What are buyers saying?


What are they saying about it? Customer feedback is a must when it comes to online shopping. It gives an idea about the product’s quality and the brand’s services. Unfortunately, the buyers have not received feedback on the official website. We are also looking for feedback on TrustPilot or other handles. Read More: Rotita Reviews

Reviews on Youtube

Website Scam Detector with 1.9K subscribers:

  • The Ewiy owner is hiding the identity
  • There is a low Alexa ranking
  • Sharing server with another fake website

Someone commented on the channel:

Maria Brasel

2 days ago

100% scammers and this product.



  • There is a great discount
  • there is free shipping with no refund charged
  • 14 days return


  • The about us section is copied
  • There are no reviews from the buyers
  • There is a low Alexa ranking
  • Sharing server with another fake website

The Final Verdict

Here is the final overview of Ewiy Clothing. This website sells women’s clothing and accessories at low rates. There is a Christmas sale going on. This item is also free shipping and has a 14-day return policy. There are many red flags, like the following, that lead us to label this story as fake:

  • the about us section is copied
  • There are no reviews from the buyers
  • There is a low Alexa ranking
  • Sharing server with another fake website

7 Reviews

  1. I had purchase three items and even got a reference number couple of weeks later I checked again and now it’s coming up as a scam how can I get my money back.

    1. I sent requests on 3 theirs emails about refunds, hah, hah, hah NO even one answer during week.

  2. Too good to be true, I questioned it right away, $5.00 for cute winter jackets/sweaters.? I say a SCAM!

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