Expelzr Review – Get High Quality Cushions at Low Price

Expelzr is an online store that sells cushions and massage mats in different colors and designs. They stock many designs, whether you need a cushion for traveling or office chair or simply need a throw.

expelzr reviews

Table of contents

  1. Unique About Expelzr
  2. Is it Legit
  3. Who Owns
  4. Pros & Cons
  5. Customer Reviews
  6. Wrap up

Expelzr.com: A Detailed Review

Scouting and scanning the right furniture is always hard. If you think your job is done after you have got your furniture settled in, well think again!

Cushions are critical for house survival as you can use them literally anywhere. Boring furniture? Get cute cushions to add some oomph.

Dull interior? No problem, a trendy pair of cushions are all you need to jazz up your living room.

And not to forget they are always handy while traveling. I can’t imagine going anywhere without having my favorite cushion by my side.

But the problem is that finding a unique and comfortable cushions at reasonable rates is not an easy job.

Thats why the expelzr store is getting quite popular these days because they offer great cushions at a great price.

We thought to do a detailed expelzr review to help you decide whether this online store is worth spending your money or sould you just steer clear of it.

So let’s get on with it!

What is Unique About expelzr.com?

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 A naked sofa isn’t the best place to chill and unwind after a hectic day at work. It would be best if you had some eye-catching and comfortable cushions and pillows to make the most-used item in your house a bit more cozy.

On expelzr, you can explore different options as they stock beautiful cushions with 3D art, breathable cushions and massage mats as well.

The cupcake 3D cushion pillow can be a beautiful decoration piece and a soft cushion to lounge on.

The unique thing about expelzr is that they are selling cushions and throwing pillows at reasonable rates compared to some big brands.

So it’s natural to get tempted by attractive design and low prices, and you would want to order as soon as possible.

But stop right there, and let us see if Expelzr is a legit store or not?

Is it A Legit Store? or Scam

Online shopping is safe and convenient, especially during the pandemic.

But we cannot deny that it comes with its risks and high chances of scam.

So always do your research before purchasing from a new site.

After the due research and some digging, we concluded that expelzr is not a legit website.

We don’t make this claim lightly; rather, we have judged this website on many scales and concluded that it is a scam website.

We will discuss all the significant scam signs next.

Who is the Owner?

Knowing the owner or the person behind the brand establishes a strong bond between customer and business.

No one likes giving money to strangers, and rightly so.

There is no mention of any owner on the expelzr website. We only came across the name of Mike Rooney on the website.

But there is no email address or any other channel to reach this guy. Most probably, it is just a made-up name.

The about us section is not related to the store. There is some random low-quality content that is not relatable at all to what they are selling.

Most scam stores are doing this as they copy content from other sites, usually.

Is there an address?

There is definitely an address listed on their website. But according to Google maps, the address is of a residential building and not of a warehouse or a store.

Can you contact them easily?

Customer service is of utmost importance, and it can make or break a business.

Expelzr.com has given their phone number as well as email address to reach them quickly.

However, the phone number is of no help since we couldn’t get hold of them after repeated attempts.

The email address is the only way to reach them in case you receive a faulty product.

But the chances of getting a satisfactory reply are slim.

Is there any Social Media Presence?

In this day and age, digital platforms are the biggest revenue generators for new stores.

Social media platforms are also credible sources of information since you can quickly search reviews of a particular product before ordering.

To our surprise, there is no social media presence of expelzr.com on any social media giants such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

This is a significant scam sign.



  • Beautiful cushion designs
  • Reasonable prices
  • Worldwide delivery


  • New store less than 6 months old
  • Shady and low-quality content
  • Wrong address
  • Out of service phone number
  • No owner information
  • No social media presence

Customer Reviews

As expelzr is a fairly new store, we couldn’t find any customer reviews regarding their products’ quality.

Customer reviews are to be taken seriously as people share their real-life experiences about the product.

No customer reviews mean we cannot trust this website as there is nothing to build the trust factor.

And it is better not to take chances with ypur hard-earned money.

Wrap up

I would not recommend shopping from expelzr as there are already many scam signs that I have discussed.

The website has been recently launched on 2020-8-01, which means it is not more than 1 month old.

It is always recommended to avoid such websites that have no authority.

We always try our best to keep you updated regarding the scam sites. You can also share your reviews of expelzr in the comments below.

And lastly, don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family to keep them safe.