Fantasy Pillow Reviews: Are They Effective?

Fantasy Pillow

Do you love decorating your house? Are you looking for some attractive accessories for your sofa and bed set? There are many different designs and prints available on the market. They have different designs on them. However, fantasy pillows now offer more specific designs and colors.

Fantasy pillow manufactures a huge range of pillows. They understand how important they are in enhancing the look of your room. Children love to sleep with such cute pillow sets. But do they give you customized prints? Thus, we bring you fantasy pillow reviews to determine if their claims are true or just a scam.

Let us have a lock on the website’s details and what they offer. Further, we will also shed some light on the pros and cons.

About Fantasy Pillow 

Fantasy Pillow Reviews

Fantasy pillow manufactures a cute range for their beloved customers. They have launched a wonderful collection this Christmas. They can be one of the best gifts you can give your friends and family. 

These pillows are manufactured with love and sincere feelings. The main reason is to give your home an alluring yet inviting appearance. The team consists of innovative and professional designers for the manufacture of fantasy pillows. 

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What does a fantasy pillow offer you?

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They have a good range of pillows available. You can get the following designs from them:

Specific age group pillow 

You can get pillows for your mom, dad, and children. This can be a cute gift for your siblings as well. See More: Reviews

Minime pillow

Minime pillows are basically your miniatures. It means you can get small pillows with your face and body on them. It includes the complete shape of the pillow in the form of your body with your picture on your head. You can get them for any person who is dear to you.

Custom Pillow

This pillow can be customized according to the client’s demands. If you have a pet, you can have an image of them printed on this pillow. Don’t Miss: Huikshop Reviews

Throw pillows

You can use some soft pillows to play with your children. You can get them here that will be harmful in any way. They are filled with a soft material to avoid any incident.

Beach Towel

You can get beach towels with pretty images on them. They also have customized towels with your images printed on them.  Would Like: Daceyl Reviews

Website details

Let us have a look at the details of this website.

  • The website got registered on March 17, 2021.
  • The website will expire on March 17, 2023.
  • There are only a few months left for the website to expire.

New articles available at fantasy pillow

Fantasy Pillow Reviews legit or scam

They recently added puzzles, stickers, and other ornaments to your images. You can customize them depending on the person you want to give them to.

Social Media Handles

The fantasy pillow has accounts on social media handles. Most famous platforms like Facebook have a good number of followers. You can find about 5k followers on Facebook. However, the Instagram handle needs to be reachable.

Price Range

The fantasy pillow has items that range from $9 to $30. These are economical, and you can use them as gifts this Christmas. 

Christmas discounts

The fantasy pillow is offering you a great deal. Now, you can get a free pillow. Isn’t this great? You can get it by:

  • Shop for $99 and get a free pillow.

Free shipping

The website offers free shipping if the order is at a minimum of $59. It most likely includes two beautiful pillows, and no shipping charges will be applied. See Also: Is Dealsday Store Legit

Fantasy pillow: Comparison with Others

We checked on Amazon and some websites to find a good pillow comparable to fantasy pillows. However, no one has human images or prints on them. These pillows are cheaper but with specific prints. In contrast, fantasy pillows provide you with a huge range of options from which you can choose.

Customer Reviews: Are they satisfied?

The official website has not yet received a single review or comment from previous buyers. We also checked on Trust Pilot and tried to find something there.

However, YouTube shows some cute videos uploaded by customers. A person has posted cute videos of these pillows showing how fluffy and cute they are. The picture clarity is really good on them.

Pros and Cons



  • They have a huge range of options.
  • The prices are good.
  • They have a good Christmas discount.
  • They even have promo codes for more discounts.
  • The material and quality are palpable, according to the reviews.


  • There are no reviews on the official website.
  • It is hard to say if they are legitimate.
  • The website will expire pretty soon.

Final Verdict

We provide fantasy pillow reviews to our readers to assist them in finding the ideal gift for their loved ones. We bring our readers with fantasy pillow reviews to find a gift for your loved ones. This is a recently established platform with a good following on Facebook. The prices and discounts are unbelievable. The picture quality on the pillows is great. However, reviews are only found on YouTube. There are no specific comments from the previous years. Thus, it is hard to say about the quality. However, you can avail of the Christmas discount and try it at least once. 

18 Reviews

  1. NO STARS!!!!! Stay away and save your money!!!! I read the fine print and I understood the busy time of year!! I ordered 12/5/2022 it now 1/13/2023 and still nothing contacted CS and they said because of a STORM that it was running late…. You’re joking right!? I got two notifications of labels made…. One on 12/28/22 and then another 1/5/23….. this company is beyond sketchy and their CS sucks 🥎🥎 do yourself and your wallet a favor and take your money elsewhere!!

    1. Yes- same here!! No stars… I needed my pillow by feb 3rd. It’s been over a month, tracking link says it’s in sorting station in china? I talked to two marketing agents, one apologized and the other said I can call- but mysteriously there’s no phone number…. I’m so enraged. This is totally a scam!!

  2. These are shipped from China and are vacuum sealed so that they come very wrinkled and the kids look like 90 year olds instead of toddlers. They are also smaller than expected. If I had know they were coming from China, I would not have ordered them. I think we need some laws that require sellers to post where items are coming from. Everytime I order something from China direct, I am always disappointed at best and down right mad at worst.
    These sites offer no support if you’re disappointed either.

  3. I ordered a pillow a month ago. Needed it by Xmas. Still haven’t received it and it’s Xmas. It’s apparently showing as not being picked up by usps. My bank receipt shows them in Hong Kong. I didn’t find negative reviews and I didn’t know they were from Hong Kong. I wouldn’t order from them.

  4. Ordered on 12/11/22. five to ten days production then will get a shipping notification. I paid for “VIP service” extra $3.99. They also have option to leave a tip. I did not. As of 12/23 no shipping notification. Reached out and got auto reply that they’ll be in touch. Seems like a scam. Don’t do it.

  5. Don’t do it!!
    I ordered a pillow back on Nov. 21 for a Christmas present and sitting here on Dec. 22 with nothing!
    Forget about customer service all you get is an email saying they’re looking into the matter.

  6. I purchased on December 5 and received yesterday. Very much horrible items. Paid 63.00 for 4. They came yesterday, bunched up and stuck together, and are HORRIBLE!!!!! They are about 6 inches tall and the pictures look awful. DON’T waste your money.
    I will be putting in social media. Terrible customer service as well!!!!!

    1. when did you order your items, a lot of post I read said it took a month before they received their pillow. I ordered mines December 8th; I haven’t gotten anything saying it was shipped so I’m guessing I won’t get it before Christmas

    2. Ordered Christmas pillows in November. Now it’s Christmas day and still no pillows. I would not recommend ordering from them. Very disappointed.

    3. same…I ordered from fantasy pillow on December 3rd for Christmas gifts for my grandkids…here we are December 26th and nothing arrived, no response to emails and phone has been disconnected.

      1. I ordered mine way before Christmas and they just came today (1/13/23). They are so wrinkled from being shrink wrapped that the kids look like little old people instead of toddlers.

    4. I ordered a pillow on 11/26. I knew that getting it by Christmas might if iffy- that is not the issue.
      The issue is that I was told that my pillow was done on Dec. 9 and on Dec 21 I received a tracking number and here it is Dec 27 and the package has not moved.
      I begged customer service to let me know if I would get this by Christmas so I could make other arrangements.
      The bottom line is DO NOT ORDER FROM FANTASY PILLOW.
      Customer service is non-existent.
      Apparently they just printed out a shipping label to get me off their backs.
      Horrible company – stay away

    5. same! ordered in November way before Thanksgiving and still nothing on December 31. Sent an email to contact them and no response!

    6. I agree. I ordered 3 pillows for my nieces and nephew on December 5. It is now January 2….no pillows. Ridiculous.
      No Christmas gifts from family who could not be with them due to distance.
      They managed to charge me for them real quick. Would never order again or recommend to anyone.

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