Flexstand Portable Desk – Ergonomic Laptop Desk of Modern Times – Get the Perfect Position you’ve Always Wanted

flexstand desk for laptop and tablets review

Nowadays laptops are not just tech accessories but are more than that, as for many persons it is a complete workstation either at home or in office.

Currently, going pandemic situation has restricted the persons to work from home. While having a portable system of work is handy, at the same time, the lower screen can distract the working. Fortunately, flexstand.co came up with the solution for this problem.

A few months ago, it introduced a desk setup table for portable laptop devices, which reduces the muscles’ tension and makes it easier to work, putting the screen at the eye-level. This read will assist you in deciding the legitimacy of the product.

When it comes to the flexstand.co website, there are very dubious comments you get to see. It was considered the authentic platform at the initial stage; however, it is said that aesthetics are deceiving day by day.

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Numerous reviews are uncertain making it challenging to rely on the website. We delved in depth to figure out if this product by flexstand.co is a scam or legit to buy. Go with us to find out the answer.

Flexstand Review

People worldwide spend a lot of time sitting in front of a laptop to work efficiently. Laptop desks are bringing out the leisure to work remotely. Most buyers in the United States spend hours examining the perfect desktop setup for their working environment, supporting and strengthening the work quality. Flexstand claims to serve this purpose effectively. Let’s evaluate its features and make a worthy decision.

What is Flexstand?

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Flexstand is a multitasking laptop desk holder, which can also be used remotely.

This product is designed to perfectly support the laptop or tablet in any direction covering an angle of 360 degrees.

Most users look for the features, including adjustability and handy usage, along with extra space to keep the mouse or a phone or any note pad.

The 13″ long in size laptop holder is created by the United States in a sleek design with free adjustability retaining the strength.

When using any laptop or tablet, the ergonomic laptop counter makes the working convenient and satisfactory in all positions. Either you are sitting in the lounge or lying down, the ergonomic desk is designed to comfort you at any place. Deep down are the detailed features of flexstand, have a look to build your knowledge.

Flexstand Specifications

The ergonomic desk has various features that make it unique to stand in the market competition.

  • Introduced on: 01-09-2020
  • Product type:  ergonomic desk for laptops or tablets
  • Product weight in Kg: 1.2 kg
  • Product weight in Pounds: 2.64
  • Weight with the stand-in kg: 10 kgs
  • Weight with stand in pounds: 22 lbs
  • Product dimensions: 20.5″× 10.5.”
  • Compatibility of product: smartphones, laptop, books, and tablets
  • Adjustability: moveable legs at a 360-degree angle
  • Available color: Only Black
  • Accessories: ventilation holes and a Mountable mouse pad can be attached or detached as per the requirement.
  • Installation: it is easy to install; take it out from the box and press the button- on the side- to set the angle for work.


  • The ventilation slobs help to release the laptop heat, makes the laptop processing efficient.
  • It is suitable for outdoor working and indoor working.
  • The lightweight makes it easy to handle.
  • It has a high strength to hold the weight of 22 lbs.
  • It can be used in any position- giving ease to work.
  • The mousepad can be attached if needed.
  • It is compatible with various devices.
  • The installation is easy and quick.


  • It comes in only one color
  • It is not suitable for the left-hand workers if they use the separate mouse.
  • The brand name is similar to others, which can create ambiguity while buying the product.

If it is worth buying?

It is necessary to have an in-depth look before buying any product. The manufacturer has designed it to support the device in all positions excellently, without creating discomfort to the neck or back.

It’s time to say goodbye to the bad postures and squinting eyes; enjoy your work at ease. Moreover, the heat shield stands it out in the competition.

Other than the mentioned flaws, the site is rating 5 stars to the product, which can be suspicious as it is new. However, the product is safe to use. It can be relocated anywhere, being light in weight, and has high potential to come in the queue of top-selling products

Customer’s point of view

The site doesn’t show a rating below 4.5, which sounds fishy as it is new. But, the Instagram and Facebook page of flexstand reviews has user followings, which makes it trustworthy.


For any product, the site’s credibility and the deliverable is always the top concern of the buyers. We made this effort to open every aspect of the flexstand in front of you. Besides the product, undoubtedly, it needs to be a safe platform to make any purchase.

The product has high potential to serves the best in quality, as claimed. But the lack of customer service along with the brand’s name similarity popup the credibility concern. Although it is potentially safe to use, we would suggest buying the product with a bit more inspection for our readers.