Neatprojector Reviews – Is it The Best Portable Pocket Projector?

neatprojector review 2019

In the modern-day world, because lack of time, busy schedules and on top of that expensive options entertainment has become such a hard nut to crack.

And understandably we all look for easy alternatives to get ourselves relaxed from the hectic monotonous routine but with that we look for such sources which doesn’t fall heavy on our pockets. And today’s this review is about the similar gadget.

How many of you don’t like a weekend movie at a peaceful cinema with your family, but hassle of getting tickets, reaching up there, traffic and expenditure makes you drop the idea instantly?right?

But now that won’t be the case. Because there is an amazing alternative in the form of neat projector that can bring the cinema experience to your bedroom and you can enjoy your favorite shows, movies and streaming anytime and anywhere and that too in the best quality.

So today in this guide we will have a detailed neatprojectors review so you can see for Yourself what the hype is all about.

Let’s have a look at some attractive features of neat projectors that makes it a must buy item.

Neatprojector Portability – Easy to Carry or Not?

neatprojector size

The first feature that is definitely an eye catcher is the neatprojectors has introduced portable projectors that provides a complete source of 24/7 entertainment at any place you are.

The portable neatprojector is so compact, being 5*3.4*1.8 inches in size and 60oz in weight, that it can fit perfectly in the pocket or any handbag so you can carry them with you anywhere you are traveling and can watch your favorite shows on the go. Isn’t it the most fun experience that any mini projector can offer?

Connectivity And Compatibility – Does Neatprojector Work With All Devices?

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Another amazing feature of the neatprojector is its connectivity and compatibility that allows it to connect to all of your devices instantly and you don’t have to face any compatibility issues and no need to download any servers or apps.

It is compatible with all the devices be it laptop, TV, mobile phone and with windows, mac, iOS and Android.

Not just that you can also connect the mini projector with video game console via USB cable or HDMI. Also, although it has built-in speakers that work amazing but still it can be connected with any sound system you have at home for even better experience. So, streaming and gaming can be double fun with big screen now. Amazing, nah?

Display Quality – Neat Projector Big Screen Size Experience

When it comes to portable mini projectors, it is assumed that the quality of the display would be compromised but what makes neatprojector the best portable projectors is the high-quality display that it offers.

It comes with 600 Lumens that not only allows the accurate color display and 800:1 contrast that gives rich contrast even in the dim or completely dark room. Apart from that the diagonal image size is up to 60 inches which gives massive cinematic feels at your home.

Accessories With The NeatProjector

Neatprojector comes in a package that includes some accessories in it to enhance the experience and make it easy to use. The accessories include:

  • 1 neatprojectorsUltra-Portable pocket projector
  • 1 power adaptor
  • 1 3.5mm to RCA AV cable 1 Remote Control
  • 1 User manual

What Are The Power Options?

It comes with a power adapter but one thing that makes it the best choice is that it can be powered with just the power bank. That means no running out of power ever and never-ending experience. What else we need?

How To Use NeatProjector?

Unlike other projectors out in the market, the portable mini Projector doesn’t include any complexity and is very simple to connect and use. Yeah right, no unnecessary hitches attached.

All you need is the neatprojector and a wall to project that it. Unbox your projector, make sure it is powered properly. Connect it with the device you want to stream on and switch on the device. That’s it! You are good to go.

The remote control enables you pause, play, forward, rewind the video and control the picture quality, as well as the sound and other settings. Could any technology be that simpler? A clear No!

What Are the Guarantees & Services Offered by NeatProjector?

Apart from all the features regarding the projector itself, the purchase policy and the guarantees offered by net projectors are definitely worth praising. On every purchase you get:

Refund policy: This gives you the option to return the product and take the money back if you feel unsatisfied.

Tracking number: To track your order and keep a check on the delivery, a tracking number is given for every order that keeps you updated about your order until it reaches your destination.

Shopify payment: The payments are made through shopify that makes the transaction safe and secure.

Money back guarantee: The purchase policy comes with the money back guarantee that ensures if the projector doesn’t work or stops working unexpectedly without being damaged by the customer, it can be replaced or returned with complete money going back in the customer’s pocket.

Helpdesk customer service: A special helpdesk is available to help the customers with any kind of query related to the product all the time. Online helpdesk is also available so that no one is left unattended.

No secret fees: As occurs with many purchases, the hidden charges add up in the actual amount and makes the total cost double of that originally mentioned. In neatprojector purchases there are no such hidden charges and you have to pay only what you have been told earlier.



  • It is portable that makes it easy to carry anywhere
  • It is light weighted and compact in size and fits anywhere
  • It is compatible with any and every device
  • High resolution and high quality display
  • Big screen with rich contrast
  • Comes with multiple accessories
  • Money back guarantee
  • Effective return policy
  • Simple to connect and use
  • Tracking the order and payment method is easy and efficient
  • Supportive helpdesk
  • No hidden charges and extra fees


  • Built-in speakers are although good might not satisfy many customers
  • Order delivery takes longer time
  • Lens lifespan could be longer

Wrap Up

To conclude the review and to sum it all up, if you are looking for a projector that is easy to carry, easy to handle, gives best in minimum price and that too without compromising the quality, this NeatProjector review must have solved your problem.

So, get your hand on one of them as soon as possible and enjoy unlimited days and nights of ultimate fun filled watching experience with your friends and family. And yeah you can thank us later! 🙂

49 Reviews

  1. I ordered this via a facebook add in early December. Just got in on March 10. I regularly emailed them this whole time – and always got an “its on its way” response for 3 month. After all that waiting only to find out the projector is a POS: images are heavily pixelated…. very dim projector bulb…c Case gets very hot – thinking fan isn’t working properly. Will try to get my money back.

    1. I ordered in june 2020 and its September 2020 now. Still waiting, no response to emails and phone number has changed . If not compensated now, let them know I will take my compensation on the day of judgment. Their family will suffer

  2. SCAAAAMM!!! placed an order, they CHARGED my account before anything even shipped. I kept getting emails saying They had too many orders and shipping was delayed. I told them SVERAL times i didnt want them to send my item anymore and I wanted a refund. They stalled and stalled and then suddenly sent me that it shipped. I tried to refuse the charge with my credit card company but they couldn’t since the company had proof that they eventually shipped the item. Absolute BS.

    1. I had the exact same experience!!! So frustrating!!! Social media needs to stop running their ads as it gives a false sense of reliability!!

  3. Horrible product! It took months to receive and once it arrived I was very disappointed with the quality. So BAD! I tried to return it and they said they would not refund my money.

  4. yup, same as all of above, ordered 12/6 /19 and have not received and it’s 2/19/20. I do get bs responses from my emails to them. I have not checked to see if I was charged, but per the above assume I was. How is Amazon still selling this?

    I ordered a projector from this so-called ‘specialist’ site, which promises high-quality (1080p) videos. The first warning sign was the delayed delivery after payment. This prompted me to contact Neatprojector via email to ask for a status update. The tracking number (which was provided after purchase) did not align with any specific carrier and no information was provided. Once delivered, I opened and tested the product and found that it was defective. The projector is very poor quality and its aspect ratio was incorrect. They claimed that the product shows 1080p (HD) images and yet it displays this signal in a square frame. The edges of the picture are heavily distorted, and it is not possible to focus the entire picture, only parts of it. The company’s primary website appears to have been taken offline. Each time I turned it on, it would overheat to the point when it was too hot to touch. I was deeply concerned that the in-built fan was not doing its job. They tried to reassure me that it was normal, but I knew it was a hazardous object to have in the home. I emailed them, asking for a return. The Facebook link that was present on Neatprojector did not contain a legitimate Facebook page. On Instagram also, Neatprojector has very few posts, but a good number of followers. On the Trustpilot site as well, many people have rejected Neatprojector claiming it to be a scam. I am pursuing a refund since the website no longer exists and I have no contact details. There is no phone number to reach the company and email did not resolve the issue. I HOPE THAT NEATPROJECTOR WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE!

  6. I ordered mine mid Nov for my daughters birthday in Dec. I just received it yesterday Feb 7,2020. I did keep asking them when it will arrive and they did respond. I was getting nervous it wasn’t going to arrive but 3 months later it came. I have not yet figured out how to make it work but hoping someone in the family will be able to. I am confused because I thought it was good for viewing on the ceiling but cannot see at all how that is possible.

  7. Would love to tell you how this product works except, I ordered it for my daughter for Christmas on December 1, 2019 and here it is February 4, 2020 and it still hasn’t arrived. Emailed the company last month asking for my money back and all I got was the order was excepted and should ship soon. Very disappointed. I will never order from this site again!! Merry Christmas, Happy Valentine’s Day, and maybe even Happy Easter to my daughter 🤬

  8. Mine took about a month and a half to arrive. I can’t get it to project anything so I am looking for some assistance.

  9. Same story, purchased early December. Finally arrived mid January. It’s crap. Very late and pointless present for my parents. Really pixelated cannot get good focus on a small lever, no sound. Feeling stupid i was scammed by fake reviews. Too good to be true springs to mind. Now trying to pester them for a refund/return.

  10. I bought this in beginning of November 2019 and just received it today (end of January). They were in contact with me every two weeks giving me updates. I knew it was going to be late. Now though, it isn’t as easy to set up as it says it is. Instructions are terrible. Anyone know how to make it work?

  11. I ordered the neatprojector and tri•pod stand on 12/2/2019. After numerous emails, I was told my order was leaving the warehouse to be shipped. It has been “processing” since 1/16. DO NOT order this product. I’m calling my credit card today and hopefully can cancel the charge. Hopefully I won’t be out $85 because they charged my account the day I ordered. Very disappointed as this was a Christmas gift.

  12. Do not buy! The projector i received does not work well at all and they have a no return policy.

  13. I made an impulse purchase of a neat projector at the beginning of December. I was going to give it as a Christmas present but it only arrived this week. They won’t take it back👎👎☹☹. I should have read the small print….

  14. Agreed this is a SCAM!!!! I ordered mind Dec 6th. I’ve been informed twice now that it would be sent out “this week”, lastly on Dec 29th – both emails were the EXACT SAME. I told them to cancel my order. Their response was “This is to confirm receipt of your request. I’ll forward this to our escalation department. Please be advised that it is subject for approval. ” What approval? You haven’t sent the item (I’ve asked for tracking number & they just say it’s coming…), there’s nothing to dispute…. I’m reaching out to my bank to request they reverse the charges tomorrow.

  15. DON’T BUY!! This review was obviously sponsored by the company because a lot of what it says is FALSE! I know, I have the projector.

    STAY AWAY from the product and don’t listen to reviews from this site.

  16. This is rubbish I thought I read up enough about it before buying it but obviously not. There are so many 1 Star reviews from Xmas period they sucked a lot of people in. This must be a paid advert as there is no communication, no tracking number. Paid US$ but came from China. It took about 2 months to arrive. I’m one of the lucky ones apparently because at least I got something. However it doesn’t work at all. Disappointed doesn’t even begin to describe it!

  17. I have been in Contact with the support a few times now. I have still not recieved a projector. I have been in Contact with the delivery party that says that it is missing and I should Contact NeatProjector for Money back or new delivery. Howerver the stuatus where you track the package does not change. A month ago I got a text that delivery will take place within 2 days. I am very disapointed. You are only referring to the page where you track the package. I have sent them all the Contact information to the delivery party and after this not heard anything back from NeatProjector or other parties.

    SCAM! Do not buy!

  18. Same issues here. I asked to cancel the order 2 days after I made it. They responded to my request saying it needed approval. 1 month later I get an email saying it shipped! I will be asking my credit card company to fight this 😠

  19. I don’t think anyone speaks English. When you email they say they have updated your order (which was requesting it be canceled due to the delay) and then 3 weeks later saying it shipped

  20. I ordered this on 11/22/2019. I JUST GOT IT today. 1/9/2020. Ridiculous. My daughter is at college and I took it to her (as it was SUPPOSED to be a Christmas present) and she and her friends can’t seem to get it to work. I do NOT recommend buying this at all!!!!!

  21. I ordered this 3 weeks ago!! No responses from the email they provided for customer service!! Im gonna have to report this as a scam!!

  22. I ordered this neat projector two weeks ago. The company say they oversold, but don’t give any idea of delivery time. Sounds like a scam to me, too.

  23. I bought one on 11/27/19 and it has not shipped, yet my credit card was charged on the same day of the order. I have emailed them multiple times with no response. It looks like I will be filing a report as well. How can businesses get away with this???

    1. Same now it is 2020 and I STILL dont have my package with no response from their “support” email. total SCAM

  24. It’s a SCAM no one gets their Neatprojector – filed police report and visa is reimbursing me – don’t BUY

    1. Cathy, You filed a Police Report ??? How do you do that? I have Never been scared before. This makes me sick. Thank you . Email me Info please. I am Sick to my stomach :((((. Caroline

    1. Ordered one mid july 2020. Account charged immediately. It is now The end of September. Still nothing. All emails I send are undeliverable. And the “help desk” is non existent!!! SCAM!!

    1. I’m starting to think this is a scam. I ordered one almost two weeks ago and was told I would get an e-mail when it shipped. The company has not responded to my e-mails. I have seen similar stories to mine on Twitter. I will never order anything I see on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook again.

      1. DO NOT BUY NEAT PROJECTOR IS A SCAM it has been 2 months since I ordered and the company keeps telling me they are backed up on orders and they will ship it out to me soon. But I was not provided any tracking info and now two weeks later its still not here.

        1. Ordered mine in November, received it yesterday Jan 29th… It’s just a long shipping time. So far my only concern is the compatibility… Says it is good up to iOS12, we are now on 13 and are having connectivity issues. May just be a firmware update or something but it did arrive, so far so good as long as it works with the iOS devices on 13 or greater… which it should.

        2. I ordered on December 8, 2019. I ave not received my projector either. I also have not received any responses to my inquiries for a status update. If it is a scam, how do we go about getting refunded?

      2. This product is a scam! They advertise you can watch Netflix but Netflix blocks the product. I’ve sent over a dozen emails trying to get reimbursed but they want a video and proof it doesn’t work. My IT guy at worked even looked at it and said it was a huge POS! I’m so mad they are making this so difficult to get refunded


    2. Mine took about a month and a half to arrive. I can’t get my phone to project so I am looking for some assistance.

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