Full of Expect Jumpsuit Review: Is This Jumpsuit Lightweight and Comfortable?

Jumpsuits have been a fashion staple for decades, but recently they have been making a big comeback. One jumpsuit that has caught the attention of many fashion enthusiasts is the Full of Expect Jumpsuit. This versatile piece has been praised for its comfortable fit, flattering design, and trendy style. This review article will examine the Full of Expect Jumpsuit and explore why it has become a must-have item in many fashion-forward wardrobes.

Full of Expect Jumpsuit

Full of Expect Overview

The full of expect jumpsuit is the right match for your light workout days. Also, it is best for layering on post-sweat sessions. Why is that so? It is because its soft and comfortable onesie features a relaxed-fitting style with a slouchy fit, a dropped crotch, and suitable side pockets.

It has a racerback style with dropped armholes and oversized patch pockets with an oversized pocket at its back, making it the best pick.

Full of Expect Jumpsuit Review

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Full of Expect comfortable Jumpsuit

This wide-leg jumpsuit with pockets has become the talk of the town. Most of you must have planned to buy it, but before that, many are looking for the full list of expected jumpsuit reviews. Is this bad? Do they deliver what they claim?

If we talk about user recommendation, their official website mentions that it’s “been recommended by 2.7K people on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.”

The brand makes sure to offer these jumpsuits in a variety of colors. You can pick it from the following color range.

  1. Toasted Coconut
  2. Washed Black
  3. Pine Green
  4. Heather Grey
  5. Orange-red
  6. Purple
  7. Light blue

When you talk about jumpsuits, the size matters a lot. The brand makes sure to offer the full-length expect jumpsuit in the following sizes:

S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL

From our size range, they have a jumpsuit for everybody, from the small to the plus-size frame.

What are The Features and Materials used?

So, the following are the top features of the full of expect jumpsuit.

Wide Leg Jumpsuit:

A jumpsuit in a flattering cut can make the wearer slimmer and taller. It is perfect if you want to look tall.

Sleeveless Loose: 

It is a one-piece sleeveless jumpsuit with long pants. It has a loose fit with a casual baggy style. Further, if we talk about the material, the stuff is polyester.

Full of Expect Jumpsuit Benefits

The following are the top benefits of the full of expect jumpsuit.

  • It is the right pick for layering on spring days.
  • It is multipurpose hence making it the best for lounging around the house.
  • The ebst aprt is that it is light inweight.
  • It makes the wearer slimmers and taller.
  • These jumpsuits are available in a variety of sizes, including plus size.
  • It offers the perfect style statement.

Why Should I Buy This Jumpsuit?

Full of Expect Jumpsuit legit or scam

So, why should one buy this jumpsuit when you can find many on various websites? Let us look at what makes it the best among the others.

  1. The jumpsuit is 70 percent off. USD 79.99 after the discount is USD 28.98.
  2. The 2.7K people on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook recommend this.
  3. Available in various colors.
  4. The best thing is that it has options for plus-size body shapes.
  5. It is comfortable.
  6. The full of expect jumpsuit is multipurpose.
  7. It has a style statement.

Price and Where to Buy?

Are you planning to buy it? If so, you can get it from their official website full of expect jumpsuit. The price of a single piece is 79.9 dollars. There is a 70 percent discount on the item, now USD 28.98.

But you can save more:

  • Buy 2, save 5%
  • Buy 3 and save 10%
  • 4 Buy, save 15%

Is It Affordable?

So, is it affordable? Can you trust the 70 percent off? Unfortunately, we have found the same article at much lower rates on different websites. On Ali express, you can get it for half the price. On eBay, it’s on the costly side.

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Full of Expect Jumpsuit reviews: What Customers Are Saying?

Full lenght Expect Jumpsuit

Customer feedback is required to tag any brand or product. If we talk about the full-length Expect jumpsuit, we have found many great reviews on the official website. Let us have a look.

One of the buyers stated, “SO CUTE! I am going to live in this. Got a Medium because it was all they had left remotely close to my normal size, and it turned out super cute! It’s a little bag bagger, I don’t mind it with a cute tank under.”

Another mentioned, “I really do love this onesie. I am petite, so I thought it would be too big, but I love the fit! You can roll the legs a bit as it is a tad long, but I think that makes it even cuter. I would not wear it to a dinner date, but definitely, my new favorite outfit when running errands!”

Also, “OMG, this is the most comfortable piece of clothing I own! literally living in it this summer. It’s so soft, cool, and comfortable. I had 2 friends recommend them, and I finally ordered one-then I immoderately ordered 2 more. I have gotten lots of compliments wearing it out and about. And I wore it for a   and it was cool and airy. I have worked it to coffee, lunch, and lounging around my house. And it doesn’t really wrinkle. Do yourself a favor and buy 1 (or 3)!”

One more buyer mentioned that “The reviews are so right. I didn’t think I needed this but I did. So freaking soft like butter and would fit anyone and look adorable. I love it.”

The best thing about the reviews is that many people supported them. 

Pros and Cons



  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • It has plus-size jumpsuits.
  • There is a great review from the buyers.


  • The website is not registered on the Site jabber and Trust pilot.
  • We are unable to find any social media handles.


Here is our final verdict about the full of expect jumpsuit. The full expect jumpsuit reviews shows that it is great. As for the material, it is of top quality. There is various good feedback from wearers about the item.

You can find the feeds of the users on the official website. But some drawbacks make us a little conscious. They have mentioned that Instagram and Facebook users recommended these jumpsuits, but we need help finding evidence. 

Further, this website is not registered on any platform like SiteJabber or Trustpilot. So, if this product is of top quality and legit, someone must have reviewed it.

If we move to prices, the same article on AliExpress is half-price and a little more costly on eBay. Do we recommend this to you? You should wait for more reviews on another platform, as the prices are confusing.

20 Reviews

  1. Ironically my experience was exactly the same as Debbie above. It took forever to arrive and when it did it was nowhere near gray it was beige. The fit wasn’t good. I took the picture as she asked me to do and of course they couldn’t offer me a refund because they claimed it was what I ordered. They claimed they would work on the warehouse people to get a better picture. for future advertisement They too told me to gift it to someone and I don’t appreciate at all being told what to do with an ill fitted wrong color order. The rep always responded to my emails but seemed very condescending and rude. I just wanted to return it, but they wouldn’t allow it. Please don’t allow yourself to get scammed as I did. Also, the fabric is a thin cheap ultra sued like material not what I expected. Also in their responses the name of the company was never mentioned I had to go to an old email to find it. I’m sure we couldn’t post any of these comments in their so-called reviews. In the trash it goes.

  2. I ordered 2 jumpers. The video i watched on facebook had a link attached. So i ordered from the link. The video showed the jumpers being stretchy and comfy. What I received were still and had no give whatsoever. There is nothing stretchy about these jumpers. I sent an email telling them my issue and received a response that they would refund me $3. I PAID $71. So when i turned them down and expressed that I want a full refund, they came back with a $5 refund. How insulting!! I will make sure to tell everyone i know not to order anything from your company!!

  3. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!!!!
    I ordered the jumpsuit, when I received it, it was mot as advertised, the material is not stretchy and does not fit at all, it is odd shaped and does not have the length in the mid section for a taller person, so again material does not stretch, in order to wear it I would need to be hunched over all day……..I sent an email to return it, they requested pictures,so I sent pictures, they responded with “I’m sorry you had a bad experience, but upon evaluating the pictures, it is the product you ordered. So they will not give you a refund like it is stated above. They told me to give it too a friend……
    Do not waste your money or time with this company, product does not come from the US or Italy like it says. And it is nothing as advertised!! Pos people just scamming

  4. This product and company is a scam. it is not at all as advertised. I have been trying to get a refund and so far nothing. Do NOT buy this product or anything from this company. SCAM!!!

  5. They delete your review right off the website and continue to keep fake reviews on fullofexpect.com website. I have written twice and does not stay. Absolutely a scam, crooks, continue to say I should take compensation of $5, and returning item will be expensive.

    1. They have said the same thing! I’ve been going back and forth with them for days. There has to be a way to report them or have the website taken down.

  6. This company is a joke. False advertisement, sends you a tent fly instead of the super elastic material they are advertising. First charged me in UK dollars when it says USA all over the company website. Then offers $5 compensation when I spent $57 for the wrong material, wrong colour, overall garbage that was sent. They continue to say it is correct indeed and that if I want to return it will be very expensive to me, as I now have to ship to China. Very convenient for them. Do not buy if you are looking for a comfy elastic jumpsuit, you will receive part of a tent fly.

  7. Totally agree with the other posters. Not at all as advertised and a total scam. Can’t reach anyone for a refund. They aren’t even good as rags. Horrible purchase don’t be fooled like I was.

  8. 10000% a scam. Customer service is not what I would call customer service. Refused to cancel my order after they tried to charge me $12 more than the total. I checked my bank and it was much higher than the receipt. They did refund that due to a “technical error.” I believe since I caught it and said something is why.
    I’m going to dispute at my bank.
    Scam scam scam.

  9. Terrible company. Terrible Service. I have had issues since day one. I requested a cancellation of my order 2 hours after placing it. I was refused. Even though their site says you can cancel within 12 hours. They told me to trust my first instinct wait to get it then I can reach out after. They now are refusing to return my money saying I got what I ordered. I have been going back and forth through pay pal and the site email and both are refusing to refund me. This is a scam. Please do not buy these.

  10. The size is terribly wrong! Tried to return and not able too, nowhere to contact a person to speak too .. costs more to return !! Horrible experience 😩!! Not worth it !!

  11. Jumpsuit is garbage and weirdly shaped. You can’t adjust the straps. I wanted an exchange. Here’s their reply:
    We ship to you according to your order size
    If it doesn’t fit, you can give it to someone else or buy another size
    After all, returning the shipping cost you have to pay is not very cost-effective.
    Yours sincerely,

    Customer Service Team

    Same as first reviewer. Totally misleading ads, no stretch, sizes are inaccurate, poorly/cheaply made. When I asked for an exchange I had to first send them a picture (just a hoop they make you jump through) and then I was told I could buy another one and give this one away.

  13. They are false advertising! Do not buy from them. It is a complete scam.
    They show a stretchy fabric, and the one I got was this cheap material with zero stretch at all. If i did a small squat it would rip in half.
    Then when I try to message with customer service they say it is the right product and wont offer a way for return or refund. I should’ve looked at reviews before buying this as everyone is saying the same thing.

  14. Horrible! The worst! Through PayPal I purchased two of the 70% off baggy stretch jumpsuits. I’m typically a size 8 but went with a large as I was looking for something comfortable to wear on an upcoming hiking trip. These jumpsuits are poorly made of polyester with absolutely zero stretch. The straps do not adjust which brings the crotch up so high that I was afraid it would rip the bottom out if I bent over. After completing the purchase my total came to $58 and change. I was shocked to see that an additional $14 + was taken out for taxes bringing the total to over $70. Received numerous inaccurate tracking messages reporting that this item was coming from Sweden when it was actually shipped from Illinois. Scammers!

    1. Lisa – Were you able to dispute with PayPal? I am going through the same thing and I wish I would’ve done more research. Scam company! I cant wear mine.. The fabric is NOT stretchy at all, more of the polyester dress material that you stated.. AND it took a month to get here from “Italy”. The packaging was obviously relabeled with a different return address once it got to the states.

      1. OMG this is Garbage. I don’t understand how they get away with this crap.

        The ship from states Italy which I believe was probably China. Buyer beware DO NOT order this item. Remember the quote “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”

    2. Same here! I was charged an additional $14 US and when I told them they said it was a “system error”! Not stretchy material, very cheap material. Sizing way off. We should all screen shot these reviews and just keep sending them photos of the bad reviews.

      Mine said it shipped from Atlantic City.

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