Geymy Review: Is Legit Website for Women’s Clothing?

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About Geymy is an international online fashion clothing store that focuses on the very latest in women’s fashion styles. They provide Dresses, Tops, Bottoms, Blouses, and Shirts for their customers to choose from. They claim to provide fantastic service and have a return policy of 30 days. The brand accepts Paypal and credit cards as forms of payment.



  • leading online fashion store
  • offers chic products from around the world
  • focuses on latest fashion trends
  • ample amount of choices for customers
  • free and fast shipping
  • 1-7 business days processing time
  • 30 day return policy
  • accepts Paypal and credit cards


  • only way to contact customer service is via e-mail
  • brand is not registered with BBB
  • website does not have professional look
  • fonts are very narrow and difficult to read
  • website looks better on laptop than mobile phone
  • some fake reviews available on website

Is Legit or Scam?

To answer this question, Let’s dive into some statistics which we have gathered from websites and social media.

Best Items On Amazon

Tralilbee Women's Plus Size Short Sleeve Dress Casual Pleated Swing Dresses with Pockets
Tralilbee Women’s Plus Size Short Sleeve Dress Casual Pleated Swing Dresses with Pockets
EUOVMY Women's Short Sleeve Loose Plain Maxi Dresses Casual Long Dresses with Pockets
EUOVMY Women’s Short Sleeve Loose Plain Maxi Dresses Casual Long Dresses with Pockets
Cosonsen Women's Dress Deep V-Neck Long Sleeve Waist Tie Ruffle Mini Swing Skater Dresses
Cosonsen Women’s Dress Deep V-Neck Long Sleeve Waist Tie Ruffle Mini Swing Skater Dresses
PRETTYGARDEN Women Boho Summer Side Split Deep V Neck Short Sleeves Maxi Dress with Belt
PRETTYGARDEN Women Boho Summer Side Split Deep V Neck Short Sleeves Maxi Dress with Belt
KIRUNDO Women’s Summer Dress Sleeveless Ruffle Sleeve Round Neck Mini Dress Solid Color Loose Fit Short Flowy Pleated Dress
KIRUNDO Women’s Summer Dress Sleeveless Ruffle Sleeve Round Neck Mini Dress Solid Color Loose Fit Short Flowy Pleated Dress
CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON is a leading online fashion clothing store that offers chic products from around the world to its valued customers. The store focuses on the latest fashion trends in women’s clothing and provides an ample amount of choices to its customers. Geymy offers cheap prices in comparison to other brands. For example, a dress costs $19.99 as opposed to other brands which can go up to $80.

When looking at the product quality, Geymy appears to be a new brand, so there are no reviews available as of now. We will have to wait for reviews to surface in order to get a better idea of the product quality. However, from the images on the website, it looks nice. The website look and feel is a bit of a mixed bag. On laptops, it looks professional and easy to navigate but the fonts are very narrow and difficult to read. Additionally, it does not look as good on mobile phones. It also has some fake reviews available on the website.

Geymy is not registered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as of now. Additionally, it has free and fast shipping with processing times of 1-7 business days, as well as a 30-day return policy. It also accepts Paypal and credit cards as payment methods. There are, however, some fake reviews available on the website. It will be interesting to see how it develops in the future.

Please leave your experience with this company below to help others.

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26 Reviews

  1. Wow – thank goodness I checked this site before ordering from Geymy. I was starting to get suspicious when commenters on their site would say things like “the neckline was good so I didn’t need to wear a tank underneath” and yet the item being reviewed was a turtleneck!
    I’m angry that they say their products are made in North Carolina. There’s no way. How can they get away with lying like this … where’s Ralph Nader?

    1. So many scams out there they just can’t keep up with them. Consumer has to ‘due diligence’. I was viewing for quite some time and them I googled if it was legit. As they say, to good to be true. There went 2 hrs I’d my day i won’t get back ! damn!

  2. I placed a order with this company about 1 month ago. I read the reviews and decided to cancel my order with in 24 hours. Their cancellation policy says full refund within 24 hours. I write many emails as requested to them, but no response. Finally there was a response asking why I wanted to cancel. I told them and they still did not cancel!! This company is not legit and they do not do what they promise! Buyers beware of purchasing from them. I know I will never do this again!!

  3. The worst customer service. Agree with above reviews. A size small fits like medium to large. They will not send me “authorization” to return the blouse. They offered me $9.00 to keep the product. I don’t want it and even more so now that I believe they are scamming customers. I have written three emails with no response. No way to contact them other than email address. They also charged my credit card immediately after placing the order and my blouse arrived one month later.
    Do NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE. Spread the word and keep up the bad reviews!! UGH We’ve been scammed!

    1. Jean,
      I agree with you. Nothing fits as it should. After 4 emails, they told me i can return the items to Dubai to their warehouse at my expense and then they will reimburse me for the costs of the items. I spent $185 and they offered me $100 to keep the items and just go away. This is definitely a scam if I’ve ever heard of one. I will NEVER do business with this company again.
      I’m not sure where else to go with this except maybe the Better Business Bureau. Do you have any ideas? Their website is totally misleading about being able to “return” items. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE EVER!

  4. I ordered $94.00 worth of clothes and none of it fit. It took a couple of times to contact them and finally they got back to me and said they would refund $15.00. I will never be ordering from this company again! The quality of clothing is not worth the hassle. You get what you pay for and it is not worth the frustration.

    1. I had the same exact issue. I have never had such lousy customer service. It is obvious it’s from China as the English is poor. I have decided to ask again or I will dispute it with my credit company.

    2. I ordered three shirts ($107.32) and didn’t like the feel and fit of two of them. I immediately tried getting a hold of them. No phone number, no invoices in package, so my last option (only option) was send an email. Over a month later and an exchange of a few emails…they write “We are really sorry that you are not satisfaied with the item(s). We can refund you USD $16 as compensation, you can keep the item(s),is that ok?”.
      This so called company is a SCAM!! I took screen shots when I ordered the shirts and there wasn’t anything about no refunds, exchanges etc. Actually quite the opposite as the website says…”30 days easy returns and exchanges” (saved pic).
      Attention Customers…. Beware of Potential Scam!! I highly DO NOT RECOMMEND ORDERING FROM THIS COMPANY!!

      1. I’m still fighting with them on allowing me to return my shirts.
        The latest is ; they are now offering me $35 (previous offer was $16) and I can keep the two shirts.

  5. I ordered two T shirts in a small and they are so big on me, I have emailed them 3 times to try to get an address to return these items and they do not respond, I cannot find the so-called return form they need to be completed, anywhere on their website, I cannot find a telephone number to contact them on, they say they have a 30-day return policy, they are dragging it out so by the time you mail it back, they will say it is too late. When my purchase did not arrive initially, I looked up their web site and there were many complaints about them being a scam, I can no longer find that website, it has changed somewhat.

  6. I agree!! No one responds to you. And sizing is way off! Ordered XL and it fits my sister who is a M. Took a month to get order. Not bothering to return because no one answers email. BIG TIME SCAM!!

  7. I placed two different orders with this Geymy Company, because the clothing ads looked so cute and inexpensive! I received both orders about the same time and was very disappointed in the fabrics and the fit! I have been trying to contact them for an address to send them back, but no luck. There is no phone # for this company and I fear I have been taken! I strongly advise you not
    to place any orders with them, even tho they say there is a 30 day return policy. So I ask where does one return??? Wonder if I’ll ever get my $$ back!

  8. This appears to be a non legitimate site. No real reviews and lots of posts of not accepting returns. Duh. I almost fell for it but realized I needed to do my due diligence. Lies and fakes. Sad.

  9. Ordered two shirts and the sizing is wrong. Cannot get anyone to respond to my email for a return request.
    DO NOT get caught up with this company.
    Learned my lesson!

    1. The website seemed suspicious in that the prices are low for the purported quality of their products. The reviews are 100% glowing, so there’s that. I won’t buy from them until real reviews are available. Thanks.

      1. I agree, I ordered T shirts in Small and they are huge. Attempted to email twice in order to return and no response. They also charged my charge card on 4/10 but the merchandise did not arrive until 4/22. There is no telephone number associated with this company. I’ve submitted a dispute to my credit card company.

  10. I ordered 3 shirts; one is defective in its dye coverage. No response to my email about returning for refund, no other way to contact them. Very disappointed; will not purchase from them again.

  11. I also need to return an order for sizing issues. They offered me $15.00 for over $100 in clothes. Unacceptable. I asked for the return form that they claim is available but can’t be located on the website. I am highly disappointed and will never order from them in the future. Total scam.

  12. I’ve been trying for the past week and a half to get an address to exchange/ return two blouses. I got one email back saying it would cost me $16.99 to exchange/return product. So I emailed them back asking them for an address and I have heard nothing. I keep checking my emails every day and it’s like they are just ignoring me. Very very frustrating… i’m beginning to think I’m stuck with these blouse that don’t fit.

    1. I also am trying to find a return address and information on returning three blouses that don’t fit. I cannot find any return email address for this.
      I also may be stuck with these.

    2. You probably are! I almost spent $1600 on clothes. I thought of checking on them only because the prices are low and all reviews were too positive to be credible……

      1. I ordered two dresses and I am thrilled with them. The size medium was a perfect fit for me. I am 78 years old, 5’ 5” and weigh 150. The dresses look great on as they hang well. The fabric is silky feeling and looks very dressy. I think you have to find a style that suits your body type.

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