Grotrax Grass Turf – the Ultimate Solution to Revamp Your Lawn

Grotraxt Grass Review

Do you have bare spots in your garden? Or want to decorate your balcony with some greenery? Or are you looking to hide the eye-sore of your terrace?

Gone are the days of traditional grass seeds. Innovation is the need of the hour and that is exactly why you should save yourself time and trouble by installing artificial grass mat in your lawn or on your terrace.

While there many options available in the market, it can get pretty confusing to choose the best artificial grass mat that is suitable for your garden or lawn.

After some serious research, we have found the best solution available in market for you: Grotrax Grass Mat!

grotrax grass mat

What exactly is Grotrax Grass Mat?

The grotrax quick fix roll is an All-in-one grass mat which includes both immediate and time-release fertilizers. Grotrax is an easy rolling out medium which offers fertilizer, mulch and Seed in one mat. Moreover, grotrax grass seed roll reviews show that it is not only disease resistant but also fights weed invasion.

So, with grotrax big roll, you can now grow your own natural lawn in just a few weeks! How cool is that?

how grotrax grass work

How does Grotrax Grass Work?

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Simply roll grotrax quick fix roll, water it and watch the grass grow! Yes, as simple as that!

Grotrax grass mat works well for both plain land as well as hillside areas, and is perfect for all weathers and locations. It also features year-round green mixture which includes fine, fescue grass!

For best use, it is essential to wait till the fall season when the temperature falls below 90 degrees in the day time.

What more does a grass lover need? Its low maintenance with great quality and it is also the most innovated way of adding greenery to your place.

How to Prepare Soil for Grotrax Quick Fix Roll?

Before planting any type of seed, it is essential to prepare the area. Follow these tips to get grotrax grass seed germinated in a short period of time:

  1. Lay grotrax grass roll on clear land.
  2. Do not lay it over any existing patch of grass of vegetation.
  3. Loosen 2-inch surface with a rake for the area to make the land free of debris.
  4. Correctly water grotrax patch with a spray nozzle.
  5. Spray the patch lightly 2-3 times a day.
  6. After 3-4 weeks, the grotrax grass seed begins to grow
  7. When the grass blades reach 3 inches length, you can mow the lawn

Besides, the bio fabric material of grotrax grass matt makes it 6x lesser in weight as compared to tradition sod.

Here are some pros and cons to help you make a better decision.



  • Provides fast thick and lush grass growth
  • Ideal for repairing/patching lawns
  • Easy to install
  • Fire Resistant
  • Excellent color and density all year round


  • Time Consuming
  • Takes High Effort to Grow

4 Important Factors to Consider While Purchasing a Grass Mat for your Lawn

With the advancement in industry, many companies have introduced artificial grass mats. But how to judge which grass mat to buy?  The following 4 important factors must be taken into consideration before you make your purchase:

  1. Fire Resistance: Before choosing the mat, make sure whether the grass roll is fire resistant or not. That way you will have peace of mind knowing that the flames will not spread through your grass roll mat.

  2. Type of Plastic Used in Fibers: Typically, there are three types of plastics used in Fibers for artificial grass mats: polyethylene, nylon and polypropylene. Each of these plastics has its own weaknesses and strengths. It is important to take pros and cons of each type into account before making purchase decision.

  3. Thickness of Grass Roll: The thickness of grass roll matis also an important aspect to consider. If you prefer freshly cut looks then go for 25 to 30mm thickness. However, if you like a more natural looking lawn, I would recommend going between 30 to 38mm.

  4. Color Choice: Some lawns may appear to be in different shade of green as compared to others. This depends on both the angle and lightening conditions of the patch. Such situation occurs commonly with artificial grass fabrics since they are reflective in nature. Thus it is highly recommended to choose the color of you grass very carefully and consider grass mats designed specifically as per your requirements, such as grotrax quick fix roll.

grotrax grass before and after

Is grotrax legit? Or Does it Really Work

Well, grotrax has been used widely in prestigious sports fields and golf courses for over a decade!

Now being introduced for homes, grotrax big roll is an easy all-in-one roll which offers a combination of grass seed, mulch and fertilizers in just 24’’ x 50’ area!

Why should you choose Grotrax Grass Mat?

  1. Best Product Gold Award (2018) winner at the National Hardware Show
  2. Lighter, easier and cheaper than traditional Sod
  3. All-in-One Roll: includes Mulch, Grass Seed and Fertilizer
  4. Year Round Mixture – works well for all weather conditions
  5. Contains bio fabric which prevents seeds from washing away
  6. Ideal for repairing and patching lawns
  7. Comprises of fine, chewing fescue grasses
  8. Can stick to ground with no staking required
  9. Increases your curb appeal.

The bio fabric material of grotrax lawn prevents the seeds from washing away. Not only this, grotrax patch offers easier, cheaper and lighter nature-friendly solution as compared to Traditional Sod!

Besides, the bio-fabric used in grotrax grass mat usually biodegrades entirely into the soil within time of 30 – 40 days. By this time, the grass is growing fine and flourishing as well. So if you plant it by mid-summer, grotrax quick fix roll can be totally biodegraded into the soil way before the grass grows quiescent and will not be visible.

Search no more as grotrax grass mat is here to make it work for you!


We recommend grotrax grass mat because it offers fast growth to fix yard areas and ensures high-quality turf whether it’s sunny or shaded, cold or warm.

Seems like a great product to add beauty to your garden, right?

So what are you waiting for? Enhance your garden’s beauty with grotrax – the all-round choice for attractive turfs!

12 Reviews

  1. Purchased the Grotrax as a last result where grass just would not grow in a mostly shady area. The grass started to appear after about 4 weeks. we delayed the first mowing until early spring as it appears that the grass is starting to really fill in the area. It works. Planning o buying more for other hard areas now that we have proof that this works.

  2. I found this “grass” to have an awful lot of weeds in it. More weeds than grass. If I could upload my pic I would show you.

  3. Grass is coming up , but after 3 months (April,May,June) is only 1/2 – 1 in tall. Watering regularly. Why growing so slow? Anything different to do?

  4. we ordered 2 rolls, just a few grass blades came up. Sorry to say, we cannot tell where these complaints are coming from. We live in southwest Florida. The Mat is a great disappointment and a lot of money!! It’s not working here in FL.
    You should tell people in FL. not to put this down until Fall. It is the rainy season here now.

  5. This product does NOT work. Only got a few seeds to grow. I would not recommend it. I would have been better off to put the money I spent on sod. At least I wud have some grass.

  6. This worked very well in a shaded area that I have had trouble growing grass in before grotrax is light and easy to put in place.

  7. I ordered my roll of grotrax and was amazed finally I have grass growing where I could never grow before. I’m thrilled. I highly recommend grotrax.
    Darlene G,

  8. I ordered my roll of grotrax and was amazed finally I have grass growing where I could never grow before. I’m thrilled. I highly recommend grotrax.
    Darlene G,

  9. This “review” looks like a company created product. Try to disguise your ads better.

  10. I am very interested in this product, have installed artificial grass in the past, for sports surfaces, and badminton courts, please send brochure and price, and I would be looking to be a supplier to the trade,

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