Guysmithand Reviews: Is It A Legit Store?

Guysmithand Reviews

It is usually rare to find everything in a single place. We all love to shop at a single place where we can find the maximum number of things. It makes shopping easier rather than buying from different and many websites. From clothes to gadgets and accessories, a single place feels like heaven, doesn’t it?

Online shopping has become a ritual since COVID-19. No one wants to leave their bed to buy things at various places. They usually tend to prefer a one-stop shop. Here, we bring you guysmithand reviews. It is also an online store for buying different items. Let us have a detailed analysis of whether the website is trustworthy. Related: Mattibom Flashlight Reviews

About Guysmithand 

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Guysmithand is an online store whose main aim is to provide the best discounts for customers. It introduces itself as a discount shop, just like you’re at a thrift store, and can access reasonable clothes and things. 

They offer different T-shirts and gadgets, including drones, racing cars, scooters, robot toys, bicycles, vacuum cleaners, and more. You can contact them through email for details or queries about these cheap products, which seem unrealistic.  Don’t Miss: Taclight Max Reviews

Is it a discount site?

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Guysmithand considers itself the best place to shop as an extremely discounted shop. If you consider the products, then it is unbelievable. Here are some of the prices of various items. Don’t Forget: Exceptui Reviews

  1. Most of the T-shirts are in the 18 to 19-dollar range. The available sizes are up to 6X and in many designs.
  2. You can get a drone for only $49.
  3. They are offering a raspberry laptop for only $52. This is a catch if it is authentic.
  4. You can get bicycles for less than the $50 range.
  5. They also have yoga mats and accessories in a good range.
  6. You can also get paddle boards and other swimming costumes in this range.
  7. Most of the available gadgets range from $40 to $55.

You can now get your desired product in the cheapest range possible.

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Is the website legit?

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The price of these electronic devices and rides is something one can never believe. It is hard to say how long you will be able to use these products. The WHOIS shows the domain name as invalid. However, we can see it being used on various trust index sites. However, now it is not showing any details about the website. 

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Address of Guysmithand

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The website of the store given on the website is:

“GuySmithand, 9427 Pecan Avenue, Hesperia CA 92345, United States”

However, the Google map shows the location of Pecan Avenue Road. The address points to the middle of the road. Thus, it is hard to say if this store exists there. Are they intentionally providing the wrong information?

Shipping Policy 

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 It takes three days for the order to be processed and a further ten days in which you will receive the parcel. The shipping charges are none if you are a US resident. However, delivery charges are applied if the parcel is shipped out of the US. Further, the discount is automatically accessible as you check out after shopping.

Parcel return and exchange policy

guysmithand review

You can cancel an order before processing, but a refund is provided if it’s canceled later. You must return everything in the original condition, boxes included, and collectively to avail of a refund. However, the return charges are applicable, which the buyer has to pay on their own.

The return process involves the following steps:

  1. Contact customer service.
  2. Insert the receipt and fill out the forms
  3. Send the package via courier. 
  4. You will get a refund through the original payment method. 

Customer reviews: Are they satisfied?

Guysmithand Reviews legit or scam

The official website lacks the presence of any reviews. Furthermore, Trustpilot also shows nothing. The buyer has not left a single rating or comment. The trusted reviews also show nothing. We cannot find any patron response on any website. However, YouTube displays a review stating that a website is highly likely to be a scam due to a low trust index.



  • It has a valid HTTPS connection.
  • It offers a money-back guarantee.
  • The DNS Filter considers it a safe website.
  • Everything is available at the cheapest rate one could think of.


  • It shows a trust index of only 17.
  • The address provided does not seem real.
  • The website is not very old.
  • It has low traffic.
  • There are no customer reviews on this or other websites.

Bottom Line

We bring you guysmithand reviews, which is an online discount shop. You can get various t-shirts and cool gadgets at good prices. They claim to return the parcel if you do not like it and offer a money-back guarantee. However, the website has low traffic, a trust index, and no reviews on other websites. It is hard to say if you should trust it. The prices are also unbelievable. We would recommend doing research on your own before buying from them. 

6 Reviews

  1. I placed 2 orders on the 19th of September and I have not received either package yet !
    They were being shipped from China I do believe!

    1. I really believe that company is a scam. The same thing happened to me. I placed my order since September 23rd. I never received anything from them. And when I try to contact them. Nothing works. Email address, phone number adress ect.

  2. This website claims to be a company that aids with money recovery. It asserts to simplify the refund procedure. However, a lot of comments label it as a fraud and unreliable. The website seems strange and might be a phishing and Scam website. This article discusses how they fool people, so be careful before taking their services. To know more, click on this link.

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