Holiball Reviews: Is It Trustworthy?


Are you looking for the most exquisite ornaments this Christmas? Do you want to decorate the house with beautiful pieces? Then, holiballs can be the best option. Some good online platforms are offering these balls. Such online shops are sometimes hard to find.

Holiball gives you a good variety of balls. They are available in different colors and sizes. You can now grab them before Christmas. However, we all wonder if they are not selling authentic products. (https://www.stocktargetadvisor.com/) Thus, we bring you holiball reviews to find a good store.

We bring you complete product details. Furthermore, we will look at the features and benefits as well.

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About Holiball


Holiball is much larger than other inflatable ornaments present outside the house. The co-founder of this holiball and her cousin wanted to go a little extra. They created one and tested it about three to four times in early 2019. They added a lot of amazing features to make it perfect for use.

These holiballs are now present in more than 36 states around the world. You can have all the fun, and don’t hesitate to flaunt it. They have made these the perfect fun balls for all of you.

Specifications Of Holiball

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Let us have a look at the details of the holiball.


They are available in sizes likely as large as the one with a diameter of 30. These are pretty huge, but they look great.

Simple set up

You would not face any difficulty setting up these holiballs. You can use electric pumps to fill these up and hang them wherever you like.


These holiballs are made of a polymer that is UV resistant. You can also clean these balls with soap and water without fearing damage.


It will never take up much of your space. You can easily place them in 12in x 18 bags for easy storage.

How to set up holiballs?

The holiballs can be set up simply by following the method.

  • You will first order the color you like.
  • Fill them up by using any air compressor or electric pump available.
  • Then you will place them in the plug.
  • Then attach the holiball topper so that you can hang it.
  • Now, it is ready to decorate any corner of your house.

Holiball Price Range

All of the articles are available for $75. You will pay the same amount no matter what color or design you choose.

Other accessories

These holiballs also come with a fast inflator and hardware kit. These inflators help you pump the holiballs, and you can use the hardware kit for their attachment.

Features Of Holiball

Let us have a look at the detailed features that make them exclusive.

  • Holiballs are colorful.
  • They are durable.
  • They are affordable.
  • You can use them for a much longer time.
  • They come with other accessories.

Customer Reviews Of Holiball


The official website has not even a single review or comment from any previous buyer. Even Trustpilot shows no rating. But Amazon shows about 4.5 ratings for this product.

The buyers say that the packing is really beautiful and enhances the house’s overall look. Another one says that he has fallen in love with this holiball. However, one of the buyers says there were punch holes in the one he received. Another one claims that they are not good for outdoor use.



  • They are easy to use
  • They enhance the overall house look
  • You can see some pretty good reviews


  • There are no ratings on Trustpilot
  • Some buyers have an issue with the product

FAQs At Holiball


Are they available on social media handles?

Yes, you can get them through YouTube or Instagram. They are being promoted well on these platforms.

Does Facebook show good reviews?

The client’s review on Facebook is average compared to Amazon’s.

What are the benefits?

It is a highly durable product. It comprises an excellent quality polymer with the least amount of storage space.

What are the parts of a Holiball?  

These holiballs come with a topper, plug, and hardware kit. It helps you fill them out and attach them anywhere you like.

Can you clean them?

Yes, the best quality polymer allows you to wash it whenever possible.

Bottom Line

We bring you holiball reviews to help you find a good and reliable ornament this year. They are the best option to decorate your house this Christmas. They have really good features and are loved by everyone. Only 9% of the users faced technical issues, while others loved it. Thus, we would recommend you give it a try once.