Smart Lawrence Robot Review, Features, Is it Fake or Scam & How to Buy

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Today, we are living in the world of science and technology and there is huge competition where everybody wants to surpass the other in technological advancement. And when we talk about automation in science, we encounter the term artificial intelligence very often.

The purpose behind artificial intelligence is to introduce human intelligence in the form of machine, such a machine can be able to listen to the command and not just that it can produce an effective response according to that demand just like a human.

The Smart robot is also an example of artificial intelligence. It is a machine that picks up the basics of human behavior and then helps the man with his chores. Although there are many robots that are manufactured to assist in big and small industries and they are performing quite well at different levels but apart from that, robots are also being produced as toy robots so that our kids can be introduced to this new technology at an early age. And such robots are also called “smart robots”.

The most frequently searched robot on the internet today is Lawrence Smart Robot and you must be here on this page in the search of that. Right?

Well, let’s have a look if Lawrence Smart Robot is really that smart or is it just a myth? Where is it being sold and how to buy it? What are the reviews given by the buyers? To get answers to all these questions, just keep reading the following review.

What is Lawrence Smart Robot?

lawrence smart robot for kids

Today every kid dreams of having a toy robot of his own that stays with him and becomes his play-partner. Smart Lawrence is one such robot that has been programmed very intelligently to satisfy the kid’s needs.

The reason behind such massive popularity of this robot is its incredible 07 senses which include seeing, feeling, moving, speaking features are definitely worth praising. It also comes in two colors that are red and blue.

The singing and dancing feature of this robot is another amusement for the kids. It also has a special feature called gesture control that controls movement of the robot.

The remote control and USB charging feature also available in the packing.

The feature of speech recognition enable the robot to understand the commands and create a response.

To enhance the communication skills of the robot, the memory recognition feature has been added and it comes with a set of 20 languages pre-installed in it. This makes the robot communicate in 20 different languages. Isn’t it amazing?

Not just that, to keep up with his intelligence it can automatically connect with the internet and can find appropriate responses according to the command given.

Apart from that, the one feature that proves to be an eye-catcher is its ability to see things. Two high pixel high cameras are already included in the robot that enables the robot to identify different objects and shapes.

To get more details about these features, you can also visit the below-given link.

Smart Lawrence Robot Features

Smart Lawrence Robot Christmas Offer?

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lawrence smart robot discount offer

As we all know, Christmas festival 2019 is expected to come this month and on this occasion all the kids get excited about their gifts. On this occasion, Lawrence Smart Robot has brought special discount promotion for its customers. On the purchase of 2 robots, you will get free shipping facility. This amazing offer saves you $20 on every purchase.



  • Automatically connect internet for interaction
  • Comes with different programming options and game modes
  • Affordable as compared to other robots


  • Not advanced sensors
  • Short battery timings

Lawrence Smart Robot is Fake Toy? Or Scam?

smart lawrence robot fake toy or scam

It is difficult to answer this question with authenticity because we are not to able to reach the manufacturer of this robot yet.

Whenever we try to google about the robot, we get to see a number of stores who sell these robots, but to find the legit stores out of them is also an uphill task itself.

There are also no legit reviews or scam reports that can be found on any of these sites. But there seems to be some legit stores from where these robots can be bought such as,


Some sites have come up with the claims that such smart Lawrence robot doesn’t exist in reality and these rumors have emerged just from a Facebook or Youtube video. They also claim that it is not possible to have a robot with such satisfied features in just $49. But we deny such claims. Here is the video below,

Firstly, because the sites that are coming up with such claims have not listed any authentic proofs. And secondly, if you search smart robots on Amazon or eBay, you will see more featurific robots available at very cheap prices. So it is not a very fair statement that such robots cannot be available at such low prices.

Where to Buy Smart Lawrence Robot?

So far, there is no official website declared to buy this robot. But it is available on many other stores and is listed in their sale offer section. It is also available on amazon with many other robots having similar features. So we recommend you buy it from Amazon an alternate robot with more features.

57 Reviews

  1. We bought the smart robot and received the smart reboot ,my boy was gutted ,he doesn’t understand how they can do this and neither can I ,we are in the process of going through PayPal to sort this out but moouzi first offered us 10% refund when we refused then offered 5% ,tellmall of guandong province seem to have its fingers in a few pies in the distribution of these horrific knock-offs and they have not heard the last off me

  2. What a rip off! I am so angry that Paypal is not putting their foot down with these fake robots. Bait and switch! Our robot spoke and played music in Chinglish. Monotonous! It is a cheap clone of Nao which is more advanced. It showed on the video how if it fell it got up, fist-pumped, etc… but of course it did nothing at all like that. I was so excited to give it as a gift this past Christmas. Junk from Keruicke shop that cost $28.00 to return to China. Thank goodness I had my Paypal guarantee but even that took so long it was ridiculous. So now I wait for Paypal to reimburse me………………………………..

  3. these. robots i got. through online. is gardage. there are not laurance. and there only as big as a min. i have 2. that i wasted my money on. each was 50 oo

  4. I ordered this on December 5th, 2019. Just received it in the mail today. Today is Jan 21, 2020. Its about the size of a barbie doll. On the advertising for the one I picked out and paid for, stated it was 21 inches tall. There ought to be a law against it. The only good thing about this situation is that I bought for $89.99 a valuable lesson in ordering on line. And the website I ordered from is You can never get a hold of anyone at their phone number 929-515-5509.

  5. Scam! Bought one from, package was damaged and looked completely different than on the picture on their website. I just filed a complaint on We got to their website via an add on Facebook.

  6. I had the same situation!! I purchased 2 Smart Lawrence robots from Lexi Smart Technology, or so I thought. I paid close to $100 for Smart Robot Lawrence. I got 2 very small “robots” both with the name “Rocket”. When I took one out of the box, it was approximately a foot tall. Have not tried to use them yet but my advice….DON’T WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY!!!! There are people in some basement office making millions off of innocent people who want to give a loved one something awesome for a gift. SCAM!!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!

    1. I have been scammed too as to the Smart Lawrence Robot!! Place i bought from is “WarPaths”–PAID $49.99 AND GOT A $29.99 ROBOT NAMED “Rocket” ages 3+ Lawrence Robot is for ages 8+—–of course notified i had got weong item and unless they could send Smart Lawrence Robot to issue a credit of $49.99 back to my credit card. Their reply back was “send photo”! told them I would return product–so they should be able to see for themseves, they sent wrong item!! Dealing with CHINA as in USA when I have got wrong or damaged item was told to keep damaged item and would be sent a replacement and with wrong item being sent was told correct item would be sent–so they “took my word” in what i said and never asked for photo to be sent. Dont think there is a Smart Lawrence Robot out there that functions like the video thats being shown with the offer. Lots of other people complaining on same issue i am

  7. I ordered two, 1 red and 1 blue. I was charged $59.00 to pay pal and never received them. Unable to find company where I ordered them from. TOTAL SCAM!!! How can I get my money back? Please advise.

    1. Kathie, it takes about a month for it to arrive, but you can file a dispute through the PayPal resolution center. (You have to go online, not available through the app)

      1. I ordered a Nao robot with the picture confirming it is the Nao V6. I received Cady Wida robot aka “Laurence” instead. This is false advertising! All over the internet I see the same situation with vendors showcasing the Nao V6 for $30 to $80 but I guarantee you when they order it they will get the Cady Wida robot instead. It is a much downgraded product, you have to use a wireless remote to use it and does not function like the Nao. They cleverly made it look similar to the Nao V6 and I find this not funny at all. I sent my vendor a request to send mine back with no response yet.

  8. Here’s the skinny, the robot being advertised as “Lawrence The Smart Robot” is, in actuality, Nao by SoftBank Robotics. The retail price is $10,000.00. The videos and photos you see of it interacting with people have been pirated directly from the SoftBank website. If you order this product, you will, most likely, receive the Caddy Wida robot which is shown in the YouTube video above. The Caddy Wida is not “smart”, the arms do not move independently, it will not pick up objects. All of it’s actions are preprogrammed (aside from the forward, backward, left and right movements that you can program). From what I can gather, the $40-$50 “Lawrence” does not exist. Please pass this information on to anyone you know who may be considering purchasing a “Lawrence”.

  9. There is fake smart Lawrence robots I have bought one on Facebook from claiming it is smart Lawrence and when I got it in today it was nothing like smart Lawrence it’s fake . It just makes me cry seeing this little boy on ur page so happy and I wanted to make my grandson happy having the real smart Lawrence.

  10. I am surprised trading standards are not involved as they clearly show in there advertising the advanced NAO6 robot costing around £6,000 I paid for the upgraded version can any one tell me the difference if any between the two ? Clearly uk trading standards have been broken regarding this product.

  11. Ordered the robot for my grandson much smaller than the advertisement and doesn’t do much apart from a few things also tends to fall over. Why do Facebook allow this scams on their platform to deceive people.

  12. I ordered 2 Lawrence robots as Xmas presents – got 2 on wheels that keep falling over – what a rip off. Paypal is no help.

  13. It took a month to receive. Obviously shipped from China. Box arrived and it was obvious it was a return. Packaging torn then tapped together, no instructions, no remote. Major rip off. I don’t intend to pay for this cheap, broken garbage.

  14. I ordered two of the Smart Lawrence robots. It took six weeks to get here and instead of Lawrence, it was a cheap little plastic robot that rolls back and forth. Complete rip off.
    This is a scam and I am sad to say I fell for it. The company names on this were, Jiadi and
    and lonelylife. I have managed to get one fourth of my money back. They only accept returns if you pay to ship it back yourself. This was to be a Christmas present for my 10 year old niece..

  15. I bought mine from the Facebook ads that kept popping up. I received two of the three, and they aren’t the Lawrence bots. They are some weird robot that has Arab instructions and is literally called the Warfare robot.

    Friggin scam.

  16. I ordered one for my grandson for Christmas, cost me £36 dollars, I received a tiny little robot that does not resemble this robot in anyway, looked on eBay to find the robot they sent me and there £5, please do not bother ordering them as it’s a scam, I paid through PayPal so trying to get my money back at the moment x

  17. I ordered 2 of the Smart Robot Lawrence for Christmas and still haven’t received them, although they keep saying they are ready to ship. I had not seen your site before I ordered them. If I had–I probably wouldn’t have. The ones I ordered do not look like the one you are showing. It was much cuter and could walk (not roll)–could pick itself up if it fell–could give high five and fist bumps. Really cute ! I don’t think I’m going to be satisfied with this robot if indeed this is the I’ll be getting.
    What can I do if this is incorrect ?

    1. Ingrid, the one you are talking is not the one you will receive. The one that does the high five and pick itself up and even sits is NAO and I learned now it cost between 6,000 to 10,000. I got the ship version I could have ordered thru Amazon, having hard time Paypal stopping these scammers unfortunately.

    2. This is exactly what you will get. Mine does not do anything they showed. It has a program button with no instructions on how to program it.

  18. The problem is that it’s a bait and switch scam. The robot they use for the pictures and videos is a highly advanced and articulated robot called NAO. The robot you receive is called Cady Wida and is NOT anywhere near the advanced level of NAO. “Lawrence”, or Cady Wida as it’s called on the box, is a cheap toy that’s been designed to resemble NAO. If you pay attention, the differences are easy to spot. “Lawrence” is simply not capable of performing the feats that NAO does on the videos.

    1. Vince is absolutely correct – NAO is a $6,000+ robot and is the actual robot in all the videos these scam companies are using to promote their “lookalike”. Sadly, if you Google “NAO”, in the shopping section, this new fake robot is listed all over the place, for the very cheap price it is. If you ordered one, you will most likely receive a similar looking robot that rolls on wheels under it’s feet rather than walk. It will also not contain any features remotely close to what NAO has.

    1. Same here but I bought with pay pal but as of right now we r waiting to hear back from seller which is Lawson shop.From where I read this store is legit let’s see if it’s the same robot or some cheap robot u can buy at Walmart

        1. I got the same thing.
          I had also read reviews of people not getting their robots. So I just figured I wasn’t getting anything. When I finally did receive my package, a different robot was in it. The other one that kind of looks like a power ranger. Not sure how well it will work, but the controller that came with it has 20 different buttons on it.

        2. So did I. I ordered 2 upgraded smart robot Lawrence’s off of an advertisement from Facebook. I paid extra for 3-7 day delivery and a month later. I receive anything but what was advertised. It’s all false advertising. I received some RC programmable piece of crap and I think all of us that’s been scammed simply needs to gather all proof and file a class action lawsuit against these companies for false advertising. Period.

      1. PayPal has not been very good on following with this scammers. I bought 2 for 75.00 and received the ship version you can buy in Amazon but not the one advertising. Paypal is insisting I pay 45 dollars to return them to China to get my 75.00 back, what a waste of time with Paypal. By the way, the one advertised is called NAO and the real price is between 6,000 to 10,000, the one that will do all they falsely promote.

        1. All of us that has been scammed by false advertising. Me included can start a class action lawsuit against these companies that are false advertising these robots. False advertising is agsinst the law.

    2. I ordered 3. For Xmas and still don’t have them. Also can’t get in touch with company!!!

      1. It took 2 months nths to get mine. Very disappointed does not do what they said it would do. It fell over and did not get back up. Arms do not move so it can not carry anything.

    1. How do I know that I have a smart Lawrence robot. How does the program button work and what can it do??

      1. A fast way is to notice it is about 11″ tall with fat feet containing small rubber wheels. It can’t stand itself up, walk, pick up stuff etc. Then you know —-

    2. Did you get the one that was advertised? What was the company’s name it you don’t mind my asking?

      1. NO! AND I’M MAD! Vvvhoo or Tyme is the name of the store on Amizon. I bought one and after recieving one , I thought i ordered wrong and reordered. Got the same thing. I am giving up my prime. I didn’t need this to screw up my grandson Christmas@

      1. Because it’s a scam. I bought 2 at different stores and they delivered 2 smaller robots. Dancing I think. I gave one for a gift and haven’t opened the last one but I know it’s the same as the first one.

        1. Same thing happened to me. And , I paid expedited shipping in the beginning of DECEMBER for one from Flowershave as a Christmas present, which we didn’t receive until January 9. It was much smaller. This is a scam. That youtube video they use to sell the product on different sites is nothing but false advertising…they both portrayed that they were selling “Lawrence the Robot” and the first place, sent a much smaller robot for about a 8 year old…..and the second place I purchased a “Lawrence Robot” was from Amazon and it was for a six year old, small and didn’t do much activities or programming. Total waste of Money….SCAM!!! SCAM!!! SCAM!!!

          1. I bought two from two different sellers and the robots I got look absolutely NOTHING like the robots in the video ads! I’m FURIOUS! And then to make matters WORSE, I can get a complete refund from the company through PayPal…that is IF I am WILLING to pay $6 MORE for shipping back to China than I paid for the thing to start with! WTHeck?!?!

        2. I bought two of them also. PayPal is getting the first one returned and paying return shipping. What fraud we find on the ‘net. Mike

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