Hope Health Supply Reviews 2022 – Is it Legit or Just Selling Fake KN95 Masks?

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Hope Health Supply (hopehealthsupply.com) is a website that claims to sell face masks, health supplements by hope health, and some health accessories. The most hyped product of them is KN95 mask. Overall the company address is not available no contact number is available. From the beginning, people love their masks but now most of them are complaining about mask quality and company rude behavior on support.

Hope Health Supply is a company that sells face masks, supplements, and some health accessories.

The main product it offers is KN95 masks, which the website claims to be “good at blocking 99% of airborne particles and gases”. Don’t Miss: Orsolya Green Tea Mask Reviews

I know many people seem to think this company is just trying to scam everyone out of money with their KN95 masks, but I’m here to help you with my honest review of this website and its products so you can decide if it is worth your money.

Overview of Hope Health Supply

hope health supply website

Hope health supply is a relatively young company and was founded during the pandemic in 2020. Hope health supply has a website on hopehealthsupply.com and it is registered anonymously. Registration does not mean authorization, approval, clearance by the FDA.

Its product line includes mainly masks, supplements, and some health accessories. Products are heavily promoted on social media networks. Explore More: Footnanny Reviews

Best Items On Amazon

KN95 Face Masks 50 PCS, Multiple Colour 5 Layers KN95 Mask, Breathable Respirator Protection Masks Against PM2.5 for Men Women (Blue, Red, Black, Navy Blue, Grey)
KN95 Face Masks 50 PCS, Multiple Colour 5 Layers KN95 Mask, Breathable Respirator Protection Masks Against PM2.5 for Men Women (Blue, Red, Black, Navy Blue, Grey)
ChiSip KN95 Face Mask 20Pcs, 5 Layer Design Cup Dust Safety Masks, Breathable Protection Masks Against PM2.5 Dust Bulk for Adult, Men, Women, Indoor, Outdoor Use, Colorful
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Hotodeal KN95 Face Mask 40 PCs, White KN95 Mask, 5 Layers Cup Dust Mask, for Men, Women, Healthcare Worker, Essential Workers
Hotodeal KN95 Face Mask 40 PCs, White KN95 Mask, 5 Layers Cup Dust Mask, for Men, Women, Healthcare Worker, Essential Workers
25pcs KN95 Face Mask Black 5 Layer Cup Dust Safety Masks Filter Efficiency≥95% Breathable Elastic Ear Loops Black Masks
25pcs KN95 Face Mask Black 5 Layer Cup Dust Safety Masks Filter Efficiency≥95% Breathable Elastic Ear Loops Black Masks

What is hope health supply’s official website?

We found three websites with the name “hope health.”

  1. hopehealthsupply.com (being reviewed)(Facebook page deleted)
  2. hopehealthsupply.store (duplicate of 1st website)
  3. www.shophope.com (Supplements are common, not the part of our review)

Who owns hope health supply?

We did not find any information on the owner of this business. It appears suspicious. There is no about us page on the site, nor do they have a contact page. They published only an email address. This raises questions about the legitimacy of the website. Must Like: Meeroux Reviews

Where is hope health supply located?

This business seems to be located in China because there is no name or personal address registered.

Hope Health Supply Phone Number

There is no contact number available except this email address: hello@hopehealthsupply.store

How long has hope health supply been in business?

This website is registered in April 2021.

Hope Health Supply KN95 Masks Reviews

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hope health supply kn95 mask

The Hope Health Supply KN95 Masks are a 5-layer foldable mask with 95% filtration efficiency. The active filtration barrier protects the respiratory system, while the nose bridge is flexible, easy to fit, and comfortable for maximum comfort. The straps are secure and fit all sizes. Don’t Forget: Harvey Ross Miracle Retinol Reviews

Hope Health Supply KN95 Masks are lightweight and fit securely on the face. They can be used for a variety of uses, including routine use such as sleep apnea treatment or to help you get through an allergy season.

Hope Health Supply KN95 Masks are made in China and tested in a lab in the United States. All masks meet medical expert standards and have been proven to be effective by both clinical studies and consumer reviews.

KN95 Masks are very comfortable to wear, and by fit of the mask is easy for different people to use. It also fits better than other masks on the market. There aren’t any gaps that let in bacteria, so this product might be a good option if you have an existing respiratory issue.

It is available in 15 packages priced at $29.99 with free shipping over $50 and an afterpay option available for orders over $70 which saves your credit card information until delivery day. Related: Herbaluxy Reviews

The company sells 15 Pack for $29.99, 30 Packs for $54.99, 60 Packs for $89.99, or 90 packs for $129.99.

Are hope health supply kn95 masks FDA approved?

No, the masks are not FDA-approved.

Customer Reviews

KN95 Masks have a number of reviews online, with some people saying they’ve had good experiences with the masks and some saying they had bad experiences.

One said,

“I felt like I was breathing better after using these for about a week, but it didn’t make my allergies go away”

Another said,

“The company used to be reputable, but now they’re selling fake products with no customer service.”

Another also says,

“Hope Health Supply KN95 Masks Reviews has fake masks that are not the same as previously ordered masks.”

One user said,

“The customer service pushed back and promised to deliver the product but only delivered a fraction of what they had promised. They also made up excuses for why they couldn’t send out more masks or make any contact with the customers on their behalf, even though this was clearly stated in the contract that required them to provide regular updates so customers could know where their products were at all times.

This is an unethical business practice because it makes promises and doesn’t keep them, making people have trust issues with your brand.”

Are Hope Health Supply KN95 Mask Legit?

Yes, their KN95 masks are legit. While investing and sustaining in a KN95 Masks may seem like a risk-free decision, it pays off to do some market research before making the exclusive buy.

We found a customer named Audrey who is upset that the company of their products failed to deliver on their promised 2-day shipping and also when The website had no mention of the change in delivery times or communications between customers and members. Audrey, who is unsatisfied with her order, does not plan on picking it up.

The customer is worried about the quality of the masks. But Hope Health Supply sent out a replacement order for the defective masks.

Trustpilot’s website had a lot of one-star reviews about this KN95 mask.



  • It is durable
  • The mask has 95% filtration efficiency
  • This N95 mask is made for sensitive skin
  • It’s easy to put on
  • The ear loops are stretchy and fit over the face.
  • You have multiple options as to how many you can buy at a time!


  • Masks are not reusable.
  • Not portable.
  • Expensive
  • Not waterproof.
  • Not comfortable enough to sleep in.

Incomplete delivery of the product. No communication with the customer. No contact number. Poor quality. Unable to get a refund. The company does not answer emails or phone calls. Unethical business practices. The company is untrustworthy and will not respond to claims. All these multiple reviews from customers point out that hope health supply kn95 masks are fake and not legit.

Hope Health Supply Supplements Review

hope health supply supplement review

This website has five different supplements that are actually from hope health. It is clear that the owners of hope health are using their brand name to make these products look more socially acceptable than what they really are.

Supplement for Hair, Skin, & Nails & Mind Capsules is being promoted on Facebook by hope health.

Hair, Skin & Nails Supplement

The Hope Health Supply has a range of products that are designed to help reverse signs of aging and support the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. They have a tasty passionfruit flavor, are certified non-GMO, have no artificial ingredients, and help prevent premature aging by supporting hair growth.

Their HSN gummies are a popular option for healthy skin, hair, and nails. They contain nourishing ingredients such as biotin, antioxidants, collagen, and PABA. The manufacturer claims that gummies help promote strong and healthy hair follicles, skin, and nails.

With a range of products made to help reverse signs of aging and support the reduction of fine lines, Hope Health Supply is a great option for any skin type.

Mind Capsules

The Mind Capsules are a series of nootropics that claim to benefit long-term cognitive health. They promise to improve alertness, memory recall, and mental clarity and also have suggested use for 1 capsule taken 1 to 2 times daily preferably with meals or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Overall, the reviews on this supplement are mixed due to some people receiving benefits while others did not get any effects.

Hope Health Supply Accessories Review

This website also offers bath bomb, alcohol wipes, a non-contact thermometer, UV-Sterilizer wand at a reasonable price. Let’s review some of these accessories,


The Hope Health Supply is a brand that offers all kinds of products for the bath and body. They offer accessories like candles, soaps, oils, and more to help you relax and rejuvenate at the end of your day. The company also makes high-quality bath bombs that are made with natural ingredients. You can use them in your tub or they’re portable enough to take on the go!

Alcohol Wipes

The Hope Health Supply reviews reveal that it has maximum protection from 99.9% of pathogens, so you get peace of mind when using them in public spaces like the gym or car. Furthermore, they can be used for disinfecting surfaces at home or anywhere else in just minutes with no mess left behind.

Hope Health Supply also offers premium wipes that work quickly and effectively. Each package contains 50 75% Alcohol Premium Disinfecting Wipes. They are designed to be used right after you have cleaned your hands, and they can even be taken with you on the go in a convenient carry-on size package.

Non-Contact Thermometer

A non-contact infrared thermometer with an accurate response within 1 second can detect abnormalities in temperature and provide the most up-to-date measurement.

How much can I save at hope health supply?

If you have a valid coupon or some discounts or if there is any promotion going on, you can save up to 50%. You will see either a confirmation message of your savings or an error if the code did not work.

Is Hope Health Supply Legit?

hope health supply legit or scam

The first thing we noticed was the two domain names with nearly identical visual designs and different brand names. This is considered to be a suspicious point that needed investigating.

Secondly, the KN95 masks get a huge buzz and have 54% of consumers rate them positively but now only 45% give the company credit for quality. This is also suspicious.

Last thing but not least, these reviews can be misleading. Some say the hope health supply website is not professional and they are unclear of where they are located. These reviews do not point that this company is a legitimate provider of these products and supplements.


The company is new to the game with only 9 months in business meaning they don’t have an established reputation for quality. Second, the company is not accredited by any regulatory agency which is a red flag since it makes it harder to know if they are legitimate. Third, some reviews say that the company is a scam that sells fake products.

We recommend You to buy the same type of KN95 Masks and other related supplements from these leading platforms at the best prices, with the best quality.

16 Reviews

  1. I was sitting in my apartment, munching on heavily soiled edible panties that I purchase from the ugliest, fattest woman I have ever seen when I came upon this site. I enjoy to great pleasure when my bbw princess completely stops showering for at least a week before she mails me the heavily soiled edible panties and pay her hundreds of dollars to go months without bathing, the whole time she wears and does not change a single pair of the panties. I rub the soiled garment over my throb and Bobb, the smell us so strong I vomit and of course have to immediately eat the vomit while masturbating VIGAROUSLY while I insert large sewing needles directly into my pelvic region, aiming to land the needles into my beyond full bladder. I’ve also been saving my sperm loads, drying them completely. I then chop up the dried load with a razor blade into a fine powder which I snort daily. I also purchase menstrual blood online, mix it with sodium citrate and connect an IV to my vein and pump the menstrual blood directly into my body, quivering with masturbatory relief and quickly snort a thick line of my own powdered and dried sperm loads, all while inserting the large needles into my shaft and full bladder, frantically sniffing the most foul smelling heavily soiled used panties which were worn by a 509 lb woman who I pay (very well) not to shower for as long as she can make it! Just writing of this sordid fantasy has me so hard I just took a cheese grater to my shaft and I am simply a bloody, bloody mess right now! She mails her bowel movements to me daily. I have sustained myself on her movements ALONE for almost 3 and a half years! The upstairs neighbors even called the authorities many times due to “the smell.”. That smell makes me as hard as steel.

  2. I ordered by Credit Card within two weeks still no masks. Their emails jerking my order around I cancelled the order through Credit Card. Also Cancelled my Credit Card. Good thing because two months later I receive the masks! I replied immediately upon first notice they send that order was cancelled but never a reply! The masks arrived today without being paid for so I will just throw them out. Scam of the worst kind..

  3. They DO NOT stand behind their customers. No phone number or address. My third order was a completely different mask! It was manufactured with different material and sealing. It scratched all my family members faces making them unusable. The fabric was no longer soft but cardboard like. After photos of scratches on my daughter’s face and the comparison photo of the masks showing I received a mask different than I ordered they finally weeks later emailed me back stating I didn’t meet their 7 day return policy. Which I did one one order. I made an order for another family member. I absolutely DO NOT recommend buying from them at all!

  4. SCAM Horrible Company!
    UPDATE: These are FAKE they only have FOUR layers and are not stamped with the approved number GB 2626-2006″ or “GB 2626-2019.

    UPDATE: They finally arrived today 2-10-2022 after over a month! They are packed in groups of 5 per bag. Not individually bagged. Marked KN95. Nothing else stamped on the mask. So not sure if they are approved. The bags they come in are marked like Hope Health Supply made their own packaging?

    UPDATE: Just received a “order out for delivery” email. Over a month after I ordered. I’m expecting junk masks anyways. Credit card company already issued a “Conditional Credit” to my account a few weeks ago.

    SCAM! Ordered 90 KN95 masks on Jan. 6, 2022. Still have not received them. They charged PayPal $139.41 immediately. They won’t respond to my email and are not responding to my credit card company or PayPal.

    So I just received this generic email about how they are behind, blah blah..

    We are aware of the time it’s taking for you to receive your products, and we apologize for the delay.

    Our name is our philosophy, and our team constantly strives to deliver outstanding products. Despite our best efforts, it is difficult to anticipate when volume surges will occur. Because of a number of factors – the vast increase in demand for masks with the unexpected rise in COVID-19 cases, we have been inundated with an unusually high number of orders and emails. The high numbers, along with COVID-19’s impact on our own staff and our shipping partners, as well as uncontrollable winter storms, have led to unavoidable delays in processing orders.

    There is nothing to do on your part. We have 12 million masks, and we are working around the clock to deliver your order as soon as possible. You will automatically receive a tracking link as soon as your order ships.

    Please know that we are sensitive to the time it takes you to get your order, and we are doing our very best under these unusual circumstances. Thank you for your patience and for allowing Hope Health Supply to serve you.


    The Hope Health Supply Team ❤️


  5. I ordered KN95 masks on January 9, 2022. Still have not received our order, although our credit card was charged immediately. The company responded once stating there was quite a backlog but would be shipping the end of that week. That was 3 weeks ago, still nothing. No response to my emails since. I have to believe we have been scammed! Their positive reviews at that time of my order influenced my decision, as did the legitimate appearance of their website. No fool like an old fool, I guess.

  6. I checked out to see if Hope Health Company was legit. I thought after what I read it was Legit but now I believe all was wrong! Ordered 2 sets of masks on 1/10/22. Not received but was charged when email stated they were processing for shipping. Received a long email stating they were packaging now & very sorry for delays- blamed Covid. I too sent email to cancel order & expected refund.

  7. I ordered two sets of 15 mask only received 1 pack with 5 mask, still waiting for second set. If I do not receive will have my credit card get involved . I paid $70.15 for the two sets.l

  8. Hope Supply is a scam. Charge my credit card and did not send my mask. I had to cancel my card due to some people stated
    they will continue to charge your account. Hope they are soon caught.

  9. I ordered KN95 masks on 1/19/22, but have not received any notice of a backorder or tracking number. They tried to sell me something in order to chat, which I refused. I shall request a refund if this lack of communication continues.

  10. I noticed the masks do not have thd numbers they are supposed to have under the KN95 marking on the masks.
    I have tried to contact them twice with no responce.

    Hope Health Supply is a fraudulent company that takes your money but does not ship the product(s) you ordered. I have tried to contact the company by email as well as telephone calls but they do not reply or answer the telephone. I have reported them to the authorities!

  12. I requested a refund after Hope Health supply did not send the masks that I ordered. Nor are they responding to emails. I just want a refund. I am looking forward to the government getting involved & helping customers that are experiencing difficulty with this company. I will continue to speak out at every chance that I get until I receive my refund .

    1. I also think I’ve been scammed by this company. I ordered $129.99 worth of masks on January 5 and have not received or heard anything from them. They charged my credit card when I placed the order. I have sent several emails to them but still no response. I even tried leaving a review on their website. Unbelievable that someone would scam people at a time like this, especially for masks that we are trying to get to help keep us all safe. Pitiful and disgusting.

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