Ignovys Nail Kit Reviews: Is The Nail Extension As Good As It Looks?


The manicured hands looked lovely. It is the beautiful nail tips that add beauty to the hands. But not all of you are blessed with thick and healthy nails. But today, the beauty sector has introduced some revolutionary items to help you transform yourself. One notable thing in the beauty sector trending on the internet is nail extensions. It would help if you spent hundreds of dollars to have the perfect nails for the party. But it costs you an arm. But now, you can get an affordable nail kit at your doorstep. One of the kits we will discuss today is the ignovys nail kit. Explore More: Seint Makeup Review

 The revolutionary nail kit by Ignovys makes it easy to use the nail kit and get lovely manicured nails. The best thing about this kit is that it is super easy to use yet affordable. Is this brand offering the item at a low rate? Is this kit effective? These are the queries that we will discuss in the upcoming section.

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What is the best nail kit?


In the market, many nail kits claim to offer the best results. But not all of them are good or easy to use. To make your search easier, we have listed the first nail kits of 2022. Learn Extra: Bliss Blackhead Breakdown Reviews

  • It is the best overall: the Modelones Poly Nail Gel Kit.
  • For beginners, the best nail kit is Gershion Poly Nail Gel Kit.
  • If you focus on the price, the best affordable nail kit is the Beetle Poly Gel Kit.
  • The Makartt Poly Nail Extension Gel Kit is one of the best long-lasting kits.
  • What about an in-one nail kit? The Astound Beauty Polygel Nail Kit covers everything.

So, the new revolutionary nail kit by Ignovys, Revolutionary, is the game changer. This item’s getting on the internet is insane. Most people are eager to know about it. So, here are the reviews of this item in depth.

About ignovys nail kit 

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What is iGnovys? It is an online retailer that offers top-quality, affordable merchandise to its users. One of their most hyped items is the REVOLUTIONARY NAIL EXTENSION KIT.

So, as this item claims, it is not easy to grow healthy and shiny nails, and getting nails done at the salon is like breaking the bank. So they claim to offer the buyers a nail kit that is easy to use and saves their hard-earned money. Also, you can get the perfect manicure in the comfort of your home. Don’t Forget: Mystic Flower Lipstick Reviews

This item comes in lovely, secure black cardboard packaging with a clear window. This box consists of the following things:

  • one clip
  • One Nail File
  • One painting brush.
  • One Multi-Purpose Tool
  • One Revolutionary Nail Extension Gel, and it is a 30ml volume.
  • One nail mold box. It comes in three shades: nude pink, white, and DK. Pink

So, it is the perfect kit that one needs to get professional nails. Unlike other brands, there is no need to get other tools because this kit has everything you require from nail extensions.  

Features of Ignovys nail kit 

Here are the top features of the most hyped nail kit of 2022. 

It is all in one system.

So the best thing about this item is that it is not gel or acrylic. It has a combo of both, and that makes it the best. See Also: Ordolava Reviews

It is odorless.

This item has an odorless formula and makes you work as long as you wish.

Durable and long-lasting

This item has long-lasting formulas that can make your nails look perfect for months. If you follow the right method, then it can even last longer.

“Strong and long-lasting,

It has the perfect formula that makes it the best for your nails. These nail extensions are durable and light in weight. So it offers the feeling of natural nails.

Safe to use

It consists of nine toxin-free components that are healthy for the nails. It doesn’t consist of harsh formulas or adhesives that can damage the nails.


What makes it user-friendly? This polgel is thick, and it makes it easy to color and shape without any professional help. You get a lovely nail in five minutes only.

The Benefits of Ignovys nail kit 

  • It has a combo of acrylic and gel, which makes the nail hard and non-brittle.
  • Its formula prevents the nails from falling, cracking, or thinking.
  • It is toxin-free.
  • This nail extension requires no professional help.

Ignovys nail kit: Is it too good to be true?


Here are some reviews from the users of this item on their website. One of the buyers stated, “Worth it!! I adore this product. It’s super easy to use. I will be ordering some more. “

Another buyer mentions that “I just used it.” The nails are amazing. The product is very easy to use!!”

But we have not found any reviews of this item on any other forum.

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How do you use this kit?

  • Take the mold of your nail size,
  • Fill your nil, and buff it
  • After that, apply poly gel a small amount on the mold nail bed.
  • Place the mold with the gel on the mold bed on the nail.
  • Trim the mold or file as per your needs.

Is it an affordable item?

So, we have compared the price of Ignovys nail kits with kits on Walmart. The price of Ignovys is notably higher than that of Walmart. The same items with the same image were $10.49 and $14.17. But on Ignovys, it is $49.99 and $24.95.



  • Safe and healthy for the nails
  • Easy to use
  • It is non-toxic
  • It offers a natural nail look


  • No review about the items on another forum than their website
  • prices are high

16 Reviews

  1. Disgusted what a joke !!! Waited ages for it to get here from CHINA don’t bother waste of money. Tried so many different ways to use it it hahaha each & every one tried & failed. ĎONT BUY BIGGEST RIP OFF EVER

  2. I order this crap on the 17th of January and I got it last night. I was so excited. Tried to do one nail and it took forever and never became solid. Not sure if I needed a light or what but it did not work for me. Should have know better when I saw it was from China.

    1. This is a scam, no product and no refund.I even have the confirmation the package went back to the seller and still no refund.
      Do you know how can we report these loosers?

  3. Bought and rip off wont stay on needs base coat and top coat and light I imagine..same as other no instructions complete rip off

  4. This company is a joke.. I have not received my kit and all I get told is it takes up to 20 business days to receive it .. I don’t even have a tracking number and it’s been over 2 weeks .. I’m contacting Pay Pal to let them know but idk if I’ll get my kit or my money back .. so think about another company before buying from these people .. they do bad business

    1. I have NEVER dealt with such an unprofessional company in my life, and I am 60 yrs old so you know I have dealt with ALOT of companies! It has been 2 months and I have not received my product yet. I have emailed them, called them, and I begged them to find out why my package was sitting in Los Angeles for 2 weeks at the airport. They did finally respond, but with a form letter that had absolutely NOTHING to do with my email. Never again! I looked on Amazon. They have far better kits with EVERYTHING needed to do these nails, and the price is 2/3’s the cost of these outrageously priced one’s from a company that only wants your money once, but receives no repeat customers. I have filed a complaint with BBB but since they are based in China they can do nothing. I should have known it would be q joke coming from China.

  5. omg i order this back in early oct. and it dec 1 and it still hasnt come in yet, i also asked for a refund and they refuse to give me one saying oh here is the tracking number. this company is bs and a scam please do not spend your money on this product.. i have contacted the bb and also contacted my bank.. this item is a fraud. please heed the warning

  6. Bought it ..😠 the tube of Gel is so thick it is a battle to get it out of the tube…and when I did, it did not adhere to my nail bed..yes I filed and cleaned my nail!
    I tried a UV light I have to see if that would help!
    No it did not! One stuck out of 3…then the nail snapped off and was the same length as my own nail…waste of money…I fell for it…buyer beware!

  7. Waited over 3 weeks. No instructions. Tried with the little help I could find online. Don’t know if I needed a uv light. Didn’t mention that in promo. It was hard to work with and didn’t harden. Scam!!!

  8. Received my kit today. Looks ok, but there are no instructions and it is not clear if you need a UV light to cure, or a primer before using.

    1. i receive mine too and i ask if we need UV lamp but no answer… do you finally know if we need ?

  9. I ordered mine on October 18th and I just received it in the mail yesterday. I have not tried them yet, as they didn’t come with instructions but videos I have seen from researching directions shown that a gel base and gel top coats are needed for better results as the acry gel can’t dry quickly on its own you will also need a gel nail dryer. They don’t tell you that these other 3 items are needed to do the nails. So I have to get the polish and a gel nail dryer now before I can try them.

    1. Same no instruction and base and top coat? I have tried it on one nail and the mould keeps on falling off.

  10. I have ordered this nail products over a month ago and have yet to receive it, have asked for a refund of my money and they keep going back and forth with me.

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