Ikaad com Reviews: Think Twice Before You Order

ikad.com reviews

Are you looking to buy an item from ikaad.com? Is this brand a scam or legit? Do not order until you read the ikaad.com reviews.

Online fraud is on the rise, so it is now crucial to do your research before purchasing from any online store. ikaad is an online store dealing in different product categories, including shoes, clothes, household items, etc. The firm claims to deliver satisfaction, but we cannot justify that until we do our research. That’s why today we are here with ikaad.com reviews to help us find the site’s legitimacy. 

All About Ikaad.com

ikaad is a booming online marketplace for different kinds of things, such as:

  • Mini fridge
  • Sunglasses
  • Radio 
  • Cabinet
  • Lantern 

and other dissimilar items. These contrasting item categories cast doubts about the site’s legitimacy. 

Furthermore, the business identifies itself as a women’s shoe brand in its About Us section. However, the website’s interface clarifies that other items are primarily available rather than women’s shoes. These warning signs about the site prompted us to conduct an ikaad reviews to determine whether the site is legit. Here are some things from the site that we reviewed to see if they are worth purchasing. 

Clarks Un Trek Part – Dark Tan Leather 10

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Un trek part is a men’s sport, hiking or trekking sandals. These sandals give your casual look an appealing and gorgeous look. On ikaad.com, you will get these Clark’s sandals for $62.48 in only one shade of dark tan. And the site doesn’t even have reviews for this product. 

However, you can get these same shoes from Clarks for 95$. The price is a little high, but people have purchased these sandals from their website and given positive feedback. Whereas ikaad.com only has one color of these shoes, Clarks offers two: dark tan and black leather.

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RCA 3.2 Cu. Ft. Mini Fridge in Stainless Steel, Silver RFR322

Here is another item from the site that is a mini fridge. This item is suitable for small places. The firm sells this for $66.23, dealing in only one color, silver. The firm reports that 417 people bought this item, but there were no reviews to ensure the product’s quality. 

However, you get the same item on Amazon in different shades at different prices according to color. Prices are high, but the verified 15,673 rating provides good value for money. And you will have the feedback of other buyers too.

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Is ikaad.com a legit website or a scam?

ikaad.com legit or scam

This United States-based firm, ikaad, is very recent. Additionally, this website raises many questions because it lacks a social media presence, has no reviews, and has an unknown owner. 

Furthermore, customers find it difficult to trust the site due to its low popularity. People tend to avoid this site because they can get the same products with good reviews from well-known websites like Amazon and Walmart.

 Their physical address, 757 Market Street, San Francisco, California 94103, United States looks fishy. Many businesses share the same address.

Customer Reviews: What Others Are Saying?

Let’s look at what other buyers say about this website and what reviews they have left for its products.  We found no reviews regarding the site on Trustpilot. There were no reviews, even on the official site. There was a video on YouTube regarding the site, but it did not justify any reviews. Hence, we do not advocate purchasing from this site because it lacks evidence of customer satisfaction and product quality.



  • You get a variety of items on one platform.
  • The site offers free shipping in the USA and Canada.
  • If you want to return something, they have easy refund policy.


  • There are no reviews of the products or the website.
  • There is no presence of the site on other social media platforms.
  • The site only delivers within the US and Canada.


  1. How long will it take for the order to be delivered?

It takes 5-8 days after the time of purchase to deliver your order.

  1. Can I return an item?

Yes, the firm accepts returns. But go through the return/refund policy for more assistance.

  1. How do I contact customer service agents?

You can contact customer service by filling out the Contact Us section or emailing us at support@unitylovebotique.us. 

  1. What is your physical location?

Their physical address is 757 Market Street, San Francisco, California 94103, United States. 


After a deep dive into ikaad.com reviews, we discovered that the site lacks validity. Since neither the website nor its products have received any reviews, it does not list enough information regarding the firm. We advise you to avoid this website and be cautious.

3 Reviews

  1. On 9 August 2022 I purchased Country Vet Fly Spray 12/pk & paid w/PayPal…stupidly not researching the site. It’s now 15 September & haven received my products or a refund despite multiple emails-no response at all. I filed complaint/case w/PayPal & within 12 hours PayPal denied claim stating transaction was done correct!! I DID NOT GET MY PRODUCTS OR A REFUND!!! Really PayPal…???

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