Is Verihend Legit and Safe for Shopping? Read Customer Reviews

Is Verihend Legit1

Are you looking for an e-commerce website that offers fashion with some vintage styles? If so, you’ve probably heard of the verihend. Is Verihend legit? Is that the main query? It is an online shopping place where one can buy outdoor sports equipment, kitchenware, glue, and whatnot. It is a one-stop shop for all you need. Also, this website has great shipping and return policies. Contact them via their “contact us” sections if you have any questions about the order. If you are worried about the website’s security, it has a padlock at the URL bar. It is a nice thing.

Many online stores in this part of the world offer great household, outdoor, and other items at great rates. But sometimes, one encounters a firm that delivers low-quality items at high rates. It might help if you stayed out of such problems. For reviews, go through the studies and then purchase.

In this writing, we have discussed customer feedback, the articles at the store, their policies, and much more. So, can you trust the feedback from the buyers? What are the policies of this store? Is it legit? See Also: Reviews

What are the risks of online shopping?

There are many risk factors involved when it comes to online shopping. Here are a few examples:

Potential online shopping safety risks consist of the following:

  1. Identity theft. It usually concerns cybercriminals hacking into your e-commerce site. By doing this, they steal users’ credit card info and details. 
  2.  The risk of Fake online sites. 
  3. The Unencrypted data.
  4. There is a high chance of Data breaches. 
  5. There are many fake and paid reviews on the official website.
  6. Fake apps. 
  7. There is an unsecured Wi-Fi. 
  8. Adware.

 Does Verihend offer the same risk factors? 

How do I track down a scammer?

While most crooks will never give buyers their real names, they often reuse pseudonyms for various scams. By connecting their pseudonyms, one can potentially link them to various frauds. Must Like: Testergigs Com Legit

Search engine research

  1. Email addresses.
  2. Phone numbers.
  3. Addresses.
  4. Business names.

What is

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Is Verihend Legit2, also known as the following:


 Verihend us 

It is an online site that claims to market a variety of things:

Samsung mobile phone at a lower price. Unfortunately, the deals on the website are not real. Currently, the site is trending. Why is that so? It is because of the prices of the fashionable items they sell. Sadly, the offers on the site are not genuine. During the investigations, we found the site has a handful of liabilities that should be addressed. Don’t Miss: Curiosity Stream Tv Scam


Is Verihend Legit or scam

Is there a discount?

There is a 50 percent discount.

What is their return policy?

Within 14 days of receiving the product

Do they offer free shipping?

There is Free Shipping on Orders Over £40

Is it a U.S.-based brand?

There needs to be clear data about it.

How do you contact them?


Telephone Number: +1(817)567-8206

Address:3114 Wheeler St, Austin, TX 78705, United States

Which items can you return?

We also do not accept returns for hazardous materials, flammable liquids, or gases. Would Like: What time do staples open today?

Do they offer a free return?

There is no data about it.

What is their mode of payment?

  • Pay With Credit
  • Debit Card        

What are buyers saying?

There needs to be feedback from the buyers on the official website, and the other handles are like Site Jabber and Trust Pilot.

Pros and Cons



  • There is free shipping
  • 14 days return policy


  • There is no feedback from the buyers

Is Verihend Legit and Safe?

Most of you must think this website is legit. But we have found many red flags, like the following:

Fake Business Address:

The business address on this site, “3114 Wheeler St., Austin, TX 78705, United States,” is not real. The address is a single-family home. It is concerning because buyers will be scrutinized if and when an item must be returned.

The Website Has No Customer Support

The website’s email address, which is, is not available. Moreover, the contact number given as “+1 (817) 567-8206,” never works. Many fraudulent online stores have used these sites. All attempts to contact the customer service representative were futile.

Absurd Discount:

Verihend is marketing items at too-good-to-be-true rates. The discount margin is large and unreal, even on the sale. What this site does is utilize the low price to engage buyers. In reality, no legit store can offer such rates.


Verihend, located at, is a viral scam online site luring buyers with its affordable, fashionable items. Never let the value offer trick you! The site failed the authenticity test, so we never suggested it.

  • The address is fake.
  • The discounts are unreal
  • The phone number is wrong

Having seen the buyer’s complaints and weaknesses of the website, it’s clear that is not a legit or reliable online store.