Jdog Junk Removal Reviews: Is It Reliable For Cleaning Your Surroundings?


The air we breathe in justifies our health every day. The environment must be cleaner for us to live a better yet healthier life. You need to keep your external and internal atmosphere clean to reduce the risk of health hazards. A proper waste disposal system is mandatory instead of throwing garbage and waste on the road.

The proper waste disposal system helps to save underground resources. It protects them from any contamination. Your food, water, and air are filled with pollutants, and we must take extra care instead of adding further contaminations. We heard of a company helping to properly dispose of some waste. So, we bring you here with jdog junk removal reviews to find if they are worthy of saving our surroundings. 

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About Jdog Junk Removal 


Jdog junk removal is a company that aims to clean our roads and pick up any hazardous waste material. They work by recycling this trash and saving the day. However, 60-80% of the recycled amount is further donated to the communities. Isn’t this great? You are not only cleaning society but also helping out the people living in communities. 

Every state has a different disposal policy. You can book them online or call them along with the location. Also, inform them about any specific way required to haul the waste there. It seems to be a reliable company working for the welfare of others.

What does Jdog junk removal haul?

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There are certain limitations to the type of material hauled by jdog junk removal. Here is a list of items that can quickly be taken up and reclaimed. It includes refrigerators, appliances, carpets, mattresses, couches, television, yard material, scrap metal, tires, furniture, hot tubs, oversized items, and pianos. You can call the company instead of just throwing these things away.

A few require special dumping techniques, like propane cylinders, cleaning agents, caustics, etc. The company handles everything correctly. 

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What items are not disposed of by Jdog junk removal?

They are not liable for the articles like ammunition, car batteries, asbestos, paints, solvents, etc.

Characteristics of Jdog junk removal

Jdog junk removal has been serving people for quite some time. They are recognized for providing military-inspired services that are ethical. It works in America with the following aims.

  • It hauls all the appliances, such as furniture and other scrap metals. However, any hazardous waste is not taken up by the unit.
  • They are ambitious to donate about 60-80% of all these items after recycling. 
  • They set their time accordingly to manage work and other life activities correctly. 
  • You can hire them to increase the unemployment rate of veterans.
  • They will start working within eight weeks.
  • They work based on respect, trust, and integrity.
  • A Facebook page is also available.

Can you work with them?

Jdog junk removal company is willing to expand its business in different states. You can now reach them to open a franchise nearby. However, all the necessary items and tools are provided by the company. You must be able to handle everything properly.

They have further job options like crew members, general managers, and truck commanders. 

Customer Reviews: Are they working well?


The official website lacks any reviews. However, their social media handle on Facebook has a good response. It has 4.8 ratings there. One of the patrons said they needed to get rid of a few things, and Jdog offered reasonable prices and helped out with everything. Another one says that she did not require disposal. Instead, she wanted to move items with their help. Their Facebook page is authentic and verified.

Trustpilot has zero customer responses. However, other pages have good answers, as you can see a 4.9 rating on Home Advisor.

 A client says that Outstanding service! They accommodated my request on short notice, on a holiday weekend. The owner sent multiple texts giving me arrival updates. The two men who came were very professional and efficient. My late aunt’s furniture was out in the truck in 30 minutes! HIGHLY RECOMMEND JDog Junk Removal.



  • Company is environment friendly
  • They help you in every possible way
  • Jdog Junk Removal donate some amount to communities


  • Do not work with hazardous material
  • Their arrival may take some time
  • They lack reviews on Trustpilot

Bottom line

We have listed the details of Jdog junk removal reviews. It seems to be a completely legit platform. They work hard to haul the disposal material and recycle it for other welfare. The reviews seem to be quite authentic on different sites. We would recommend visiting the website for more details. Working with them or utilizing their services to improve the environment will be an honor.