Mdexam Reviews: Does It Work As Advertised?

MD Exam has emerged as a platform committed to transforming lives through accessible and effective weight loss solutions. With a mission to empower individuals with the tools, support, and personalized care they need, MD Exam strives to facilitate sustainable weight loss and improved overall health. But does MDExam live up to its promise? Let’s explore.

Mdexam Reviews

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What Is Mdexam?

MDExam positions itself as a transformative force in weight loss solutions. Their mission? To empower individuals on their weight loss journey by providing accessible and effective tools, personalized care, and support.

Domain Details

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  • Domain Name:
  • Registration Date: May 15, 2006 (claimed, but recently created)
  • Ownership: Associated with a company known for running scam online stores
  • Physical Address: Not provided
  • Contact Details: Only an email address (
  • Discount Tactics: Offers unrealistic discounts and closing sale promotions
  • Content Originality: Uses plagiarized content and product images from legitimate sources
  • Social Media Presence: Absent on social media platforms
  • Customer Feedback: No genuine customer reviews on reputable platforms; positive reviews only on the official website
  • Order Issues: Reports of customers not receiving orders or facing unauthorized credit card charges
  • Shipping and Refund Policy: Follows a common, generic policy often seen in online scam stores

Positive Side

  • Weight Loss Solutions: MDExam offers a range of weight loss medications, including the popular Monjaro. Users have reported positive results, shedding pounds and reclaiming their health.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigating the MDExam website is straightforward. From subscription management to medication orders, the platform aims for simplicity.
  • Semaglutide: Users praise the efficacy of semaglutide, a once-a-week injection that has yielded impressive results.

Dark Side

  • Billing Issues: Customers have reported being charged multiple times without receiving the medication.
  • Delivery Problems: There have been complaints about significant delays in medication delivery.
  • Customer Service: Users have experienced difficulties in contacting the company to resolve issues.
  • Refund Challenges: Obtaining refunds appears to be a problem, with some customers struggling to get their money back after service failures.
  • Medication Dosage Confusion: There are reports of incorrect dosages being sent out, with conflicting information provided by the company.
  • Supply Issues: Some customers have waited months for their first dose due to supply problems, and others never received subsequent doses.
  1. Lack of Physical Address: Legitimate businesses typically provide their physical address for transparency. The absence of this information raises doubts about Mdexam’s authenticity.
  2. Missing Contact Details: Mdexam only offers an email address for communication, a stark departure from established companies that provide multiple contact options.
  3. Unrealistic Discounts: Mdexam lures customers with unrealistically steep discounts, a common tactic employed by fraudulent websites to attract unsuspecting buyers.
  4. Absence of Genuine Customer Feedback: Mdexam’s positive reviews seem dubious, as they are only available on its official website and not on reputable platforms like Facebook or Instagram.
  5. Issues with Orders and Payments: Customers have reported not receiving their orders or being charged unauthorized fees, highlighting Mdexam’s questionable business practices.

Mdexam Reviews: What Are Customers Saying About Mdexam?

Positive Reviews

  • I did get my meds pretty quickly- it has been 6 days. I am still waiting for my meds from Zealthy, however, and that has been a month! So I do get the reviews below, I am experiencing it with a different provider.”By A Patient

Negative Reviews

  • I had been using this service for a while with no issues. However, I wanted to switch medications to the more expensive type. When I did this, they charged me $497 for semaglutide when I should have been sent the other medication. Then I was charged another $497 and never received the medication. I removed my credit card in order to not be charged again and I still haven’t received the medication. Buyer beware.”-By Deena Anibal.Source
  • If I could, I could give negative stars. They charged me twice then claim they mailed the package, I never got it. Worst company ever. I begged for their contact to legal and they refuse to give it to me.”-By Angel Smile

Pros And cons



  • Comprehensive telemedicine
  • Includes telemedicine visits
  • Accessible care


  • Customer service issues reported, including billing problems and lack of response.
  • Delays in medication delivery, with some customers charged without receiving medication.
  • Difficulty in obtaining refunds.

Is Mdexam Legit Or a Scam?

Considering the numerous red flags, it’s evident that Mdexam is a scam website. Customers have reported either not receiving their orders or receiving subpar products. Attempts to contact Mdexam for refunds or exchanges often prove futile due to unresponsive email addresses.

Trust Score And Ratings


  • Overall Trust Score: 2.6 out of 5 stars
  • Total Reviews: 5
  • Breakdown:
    • 1-star reviews: 100%
    • No 2-star, 3-star, or 4-star reviews
    • No 5-star reviews
  • Notable User Experiences:


  • Trust Score: 2 out of 5 stars
  • Total Reviews: 8

Scam Detector

  • The website is considered suspicious with a low rating. Caution is advised when dealing with this platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mdexam a legitimate website for purchasing weight loss products?

No, Mdexam is not a legitimate website. Numerous red flags, including its recent creation, lack of company transparency, and copied content, indicate that it is a scam.

Why is the creation date of the Mdexam website considered a red flag?

Scam websites often have a short lifespan. Mdexam’s recent creation date in 2006-05-15 suggests it might be created to deceive customers for a brief period before disappearing.

Are the discounts and sales promotions on Mdexam genuine?

No, the discounts offered by Mdexam are likely deceptive. Unrealistic markdowns of up to 70-80% are common tactics used by scammers to lure unsuspecting customers into purchasing low-quality or counterfeit goods.

Does Mdexam have a physical address or contact details for customer support?

No, Mdexam does not provide a physical address or a valid contact number for customer support. Legitimate companies usually share this information to build trust with customers.

    Why is the lack of social media presence a concern for Mdexam?

    Legitimate online stores use social media to interact with customers, showcase products, and build credibility. Mdexam’s absence from social media platforms suggests it may be hiding something or doesn’t prioritize customer satisfaction.

    How can customers protect themselves if they’ve shopped on Mdexam?

    Customers should contact their bank or credit card company to report the transaction, change passwords immediately, be cautious of phishing emails, avoid downloading any suggested apps, and report the scam to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

    Is there any evidence of positive customer feedback for Mdexam?

    No, there is no genuine customer feedback available for Mdexam. The positive reviews displayed on its official website are likely fabricated, and there are no reviews on external platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

    What To Do If You’ve Shopped On Mdexam

    1. Contact Your Bank: Report the transaction to your bank or credit card company, requesting a cancellation and refund.
    2. Change Passwords: If you’ve created an account on Mdexam or used the same password elsewhere, change your passwords immediately and enable two-factor authentication.
    3. Beware of Phishing: Delete any emails claiming to be from Mdexam, as they may be phishing attempts. Avoid clicking on links or downloading attachments.
    4. Avoid App Downloads: Refrain from installing any applications Mdexam might request, as they could contain malware.
    5. Report to the FTC: Help others by reporting the scam to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) with evidence and communication records.

    Final Thoughts

    In conclusion, Mdexam is unequivocally a scam website. With an abundance of red flags and customer complaints, it’s wise to avoid this platform entirely. Protect yourself by adhering to secure online shopping practices and staying vigilant when exploring new websites.

    Tips For Secure Online Shopping On New Websites

    1. Thorough Research: Investigate the website’s reputation and customer feedback.
    2. Secure Connections: Ensure the website has “https” and a padlock symbol for secure connections.
    3. Customer Reviews: Read reviews to gauge reliability and product quality.
    4. Understand Policies: Familiarize yourself with the website’s return and refund policies.
    5. Secure Payment Methods: Use trusted payment methods offering buyer protection.
    6. Safeguard Personal Information: Provide only necessary details during the checkout process.