Jerriburke.Com Reviews The Quality Of Tees.

Online shopping is getting more popular day by day. People are looking for vibrant tees that have colorful graphics and are made of high-quality materials. Many brands are selling tees, but all of them are not good. So, to find the legitimacy of any new website or brand, please read the review. Keeping all these things in mind, we have worked on the reviews. In this review, we will try to cover everything from customer reviews to shipping policy.

What is It is a USA-based online store that claims to offer quality tees at the best rates. On their home page, you can find various styles of tees like Carrabiean Tees and more.

In this review, we will find out whether this brand is legit or not. Can you trust or not? We will be focusing on customer feedback and shipping policies.

Which brand is best for T-shirts?

So, when it comes to online shopping, there are many brands. But you cannot trust any random name. Are you ready to go shopping? If yes, then do consider the following names that offer quality tees.

Top eight T-shirt brands:

  1. Redbubble. 
  2. Threadless. 
  3. DesignByHumans. 
  4. SnorgTees. 
  5. 6 Dollar Shirts.
  6. TeeFury. 
  7. TeePublic. 
  8. Busted Tees.

How can you tell the quality of a t-shirt?

So, here you must be thinking about the names to find out how to check the quality of the tees. Indeed, many sites are selling the same article at low rates. But are they offering quality items?

You can check the quality of the tees by looking at the post-wash color fades. The fading of colors often happens because of low-quality dyes. Many makers selling the item at a low cost skip the fabric bleaching step. Why is that so? One can save time and money by skipping the bleaching process.

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What is the highest quality material for t-shirts?

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So, what kind of material is best for t-shirts? Remember that all stuff is not great for the tees. The finest material for the tees is Supima/Pima Cotton.

This kind of cotton is one of the top-quality cottons globally. Why is that so? It is for the following reasons:

  • It is soft
  • durable
  • resists pilling
  • It also resists stretching and fading.

 If the brand claims to be high-end, it is your top-quality t-shirt.

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About Jerriburke

Our story started in 2012. At that time, the internet was not as active in user life as it is now. At that time, online shopping was not much in style, and it was when they first worked on the online e-commerce platform. claims to offer all things under one roof. But when we visited their website, it just had a few styles of tees.

Furthermore, the About Us section mentioned that today this brand has achieved its motto. They have also shared the story of their brand. Two people started this business, and now it has become the leading brand in the USA. 

The best thing about is that there is no go-between. Hence, the prices are low. The website owner states that they have worked hard to create quality items that meet their buyers’ demands. He further added that this brand principally has the following pillars of success:

  • Integrity
  • Creativity
  • Quality.

The About Us section of looks promising, but are they offering quality items? Let us find out about the terms they are offering.

Their official website has one section named “Featured Products.” Under this part, you can find a variety of tees.

  • A wolf in sheep’s clothing Zipped Hoodie.
  • Celebrate Juneteenth 2D T-Shirt For Men And Women Full Size 1833
  • Bae Nurse Life 2D T-Shirt For Men And Women Full Size 2586. mentions on their website that they use high-quality 100% cotton for the tees. Also, the price range of the tees falls between USD 7 – USD 60

FAQs legit or scam

Is there any discount?

There is no discount on the website.

What sizes do they offer?

They offer the following sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium 
  • Large
  • XL

 What are their return and refund policies?

  • They have a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  •  Buyers will be automatically refunded using the original payment method.

Do they offer free shipping?

There is no data about the shipping.

 Is it a USA-based brand?

As per the contact data, it looks like a USA-based brand.

 How do you contact them?

  • Phone number: (567) 245-9414
  • Email:
  • Physical address: 422 Chelsea Way, Fairfield, CA 94533, United States

 Do they offer a free return?

There is no data about the free return.

What is their mode of payment?

  • VISA
  •  Mater Card reviews: What are buyers saying?

On their official website, we could not find any feedback from the buyers. There is no review on another platform from the customers.



  • There is a 30-day return policy.


  • There is no shipping and delivery section.
  • It is not a one-stop shop, as per their About Us Section.
  • There is a small variety of things.
  • There is a limited payment mode.

Is it legit?

As per our research, this website is not legit. Why is that so? It is because it does not have any feedback from the buyers. Secondly, there is no data about the shipping and delivery.

2 Reviews

  1. Site is totally a scam.
    First off there’s no PayPal option so no one click claims against them
    Bought a 40$ item from them says they’re located in California but if you Google the address you’ll get a street view of a suburb
    Yet the item shipped from Texas and went to New York even though I live in Oregon
    The websites claim system will just load forever and the contact us email is fake
    I hope other people check it I didn’t cause I wasn’t spending that much but I would like to see them burn

  2. SOMEBODY either posing as JERRIBURKE or they’re a fraud in any case….I don’t know which right now…. but they SOLD me a camera for like 80 bux a Canon EOS 7D 18MP high end DSLR camera. Supposed to be REFURB and comes with the kit lens 18mm-55mm with image stabilizer. Anyway, it looked legit. Even had a TRACKING #. HOWEVER, when I tracked it, it was for a DELIVERY in HOUSTON TX. I’m in NY. So this company or whoever it was who copied their website or cloned it illegally etc… ??? They had the PAYMENT applet for credit cards and all looked nice and smooth. But it’s obviously false and I just got ripped.

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