Juv Skin Cream Reviews: What to Know Before You Order?


Are you worried about your dull skin? Do you feel like losing that glow with time? Do you want to get some good moisturizer? You can always find good skin care products to deal with such issues. Our skin also ages with time. It is one of the most important concerns among women these days. Thus, you need to find a good product that suits your skin and is helpful.

Juv skin cream is a moisturizer for retaining that glowing look. The cream is specially manufactured for women in their late twenties. You need to ensure you age well with confidence; this cream is your savior. But does it work? Does it have any side effects? Here, we are with juv skin cream reviews to determine its authenticity. 

Let us look into the ingredients of this cream. Later, we will also look at reviews from various users, followed by pros and cons. 

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About Juv Skin Cream 

The juv skin cream comes in attractive packaging that attracts customers at first glance. It is specially manufactured for daily use. The cream can also be used as a moisturizer to maintain the skin balance. A small business store has recently launched this product. 

Avaivy manufactures Juv-Skin Cream. As mentioned, the consistency claims to be excellent and is also a best-seller. It is for people above the age of twenty. Thus, it can be a great help to retain your skin’s complexion and fresh look. Don’t forget: Poko Skincare Reviews

Ingredients of juv skin cream

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No such ingredients in proper detail are mentioned on the packaging. We looked a bit and found that it contains ceramides. This is the only information on the package.

Ceramides play an important role in maintaining skin health. It tends to hold the uppermost layer of your skin firmly. This prevents the formation of fine lines and wrinkles with age. People’s skin usually becomes saggy over time. These ceramides prevent it from happening. 

Benefits of juv skin cream


The following are some of the benefits of juv skin cream for users.

  • Juv Skin Cream improves your skin’s appearance and gives it a youthful appearance.
  • It promotes soft, smooth skin by providing moisture.
  • It enhances the production of collagen and elastin fibers in the skin. This will increase the cellular mechanism and help generate new cells.
  • It will increase the elasticity and density of your skin.
  • It diminishes the presence of wrinkles, dark spots, and other aging 

Price Range 

Skin care products are usually expensive, but this one is a reasonable one. A single jar of juv skin care cream is $39.99.

Discount Range

A good discount is live on the website. Now, you can get it at a more reasonable price. Thus, its price is $34.99. Thus, you can save about $5.99. This is a good deal to avail of you. 

Quantity per jar

A jar of juv skin cream contains 2 oz. of cream. This is a good amount and can be used for a month at least. The price and quantity are pretty good.

Dimension of Products

The package has a dimension of 2 x 2 x 2 inches. It is for the packaging, which is about 5 ounces. However, the jar inside contains a 2-ounce of cream. Explore More: Trybreeze.Com Reviews

How to apply juv skin cream?

You can use juv skin cream daily. It can be applied daily, before sleeping, or even in the evening. The effective results may appear within 15 days of consistent use. However, you need to apply it on a clean face. Thus, it is recommended to apply it at night before sleeping. 

Customer Reviews: Are they satisfied?

You can find reviews on Amazon. It shows a rating of three stars, and only one comment is present. We tried to check it out, but it wasn’t available. The comment from that user is hidden or something else.

So, we further checked other sites and found an account on Facebook. Their Facebook page has only three followers, which is below average. However, customer reviews are available there. One of the users says that “This is a scam. Do not order. They will charge you for items you did not order and will not cancel and offer a 50% refund.” Read More: Pedia Advanced Collagen Boost Reviews



  • It has ceramides that are good for the skin
  • You can use it daily
  • It works as a moisturizer and cream as well


  • There are no reviews
  • Only one review is present on the Facebook page, which is poor
  • They may also need more traffic

Final Verdict 

We bring our readers with juv skin cream reviews to find a good skincare product. The benefits are amazing, and the ingredients are also good. It can be a good change for every skin. However, they have low traffic. The review rating is also low. The reviews show that they are a scam. Thus, we recommend you wait for some good reviews before buying from them.

16 Reviews

  1. I did not even receive my 6.95 trial before they placed a subscription order thru my account! I stopped the charge & they keep trying every month so I closed that credit card & was issued a new account all of which has taken months to remedy! After 3 months clear of them they posed as different local numbers bombarding my business office will up to 3 calls per day! This has been going on the last 7 days now; it is absolutely ridiculous. I took the liberty of entertaining one of these calls & was astounded to discover they were calling with the purpose of obtaining a VALID CARD to charge my subscription to ! Seems they are aggrieved of all things because they have not been able to collect on this subscription……..I was further astonished to receive advise from this caller of my adversely effected credit when they go thru with legal action unless I resubscribe with a valid card but only now & thru her would this relief be made available !!! I just hung up I realized at that time how vulnerable & exposed we consumers really are to these commerce campaigners of quick hit thieves. They pop up hit hard & disappear leaving a secondary scam of after market collections maned in some foreign 3rd would country by the operators they also take advantage of setting them up with fake scripts to follow hoping to %^&ck us out of 1 more attempt at our pocket books!! And here is the disappointing blow in retrospect: OUR ADVOCATES IN LOCAL GOVERNING DEPARTMENT AGENCIES WILL DO NOTHING MORE THAN MAKE A REPORT; UNLESS REVENUE RECOVERY IS A POSSIBILITY LOL

  2. Same its a joke for the small jar $94 that i never agreed too buy when i called them they said non refundable! But will cancel future payments??? What for i never agreed to buy anything but the orignal shipping charge. There name is ongearidea on my bank statement i had to call to find out what the $92.49 charge was on my bank statement! What a scam

  3. This is a scam. Products do not work. To return for refund requires paying a third party which will result in unwanted solicitations. This is NOT a reputable company. Will report to Amazon

  4. With all of the bad reviews, there is no way I would order this product. Sounds like a big scam to me.

  5. Last evening I ordered the free sample of the face serum for a cost of the shipping charge. However, I was charged for 2 additional items I did not order and do not want. The company requires your credit card to charge the shipping fee and then charges the extra items on your card. I immediately tried to email the company, only to get an undeliverable email. Then tried to call the customer service number and got no where (the guy who answered told me that the number was an answering service and he couldn’t do anything). Finally I texted the email address and got a response to call 877-476-8619. I just called that number and the lady who answered told me all sales were final and that no refund could be issued. This company is a fraud. I notified my credit card company within a few hours of ordering the free sample and had them put a Dispute Charge on each of the 3 items. Surely there is some legal way to stop this company’s fraudulent sales.

    1. Same thing happened to me I didn’t know I had to do it 14 days and by the way I’m only one day off but I’ve been charge $130. I am disputing it . Plus it did not work at all nor did I ever say anything about 14 days.

    2. 15% plus…that I totally agree with the comment above to the “T”…👍 had the exact same situation and same out come. It is a SCAM no doubt about it. Let alone didn’t want really any of the products but 3 different screens one after another followed even if skipped but there was no way of getting let alone out of them but around them and never even tells you your *ANY total nor there is no phone number no nothing it’s a dead end untill I called my bank and yeah they tried hitting me with all 3 but I did the following as well putting a dispute charge on all three. which still sucks but NO way . Then when the product did arrive, but it actually did, there’s still no real information at all the sites going to sit number for each of them, and not one of them work it goes straight to a dead end…..

  6. I order the the “free” 6.95 for shipping only but then ended up immediately being charged for 3 more items, totaling over $90 and the charges were listed on my credit card as all different types of sales…”buildgarden”, “carparts”, and “sewingitems” all were from the same company…A total scam!! I reported the fraud, had all the charges reversed, and canceled my card! DO NOT ORDER!!

  7. I have a similar response to post. I ordered the free jar for just S&H at $6.95, then immediately after, they charged my credit card another charge of $212.72. These were both scam charges and my credit card company recognized the fraud and texted me. They have wiped off those 2 charges and do an investigation. Total fraud!!!

  8. Yes, you must be careful or you will get charged for other items that you did not order. Luckily I was able to catch those charges before the transaction was complete. The items I did purchase were the Juv Skin Cream and Juv Skin Serum. The total purchase was under $18 which was suppose to be the shipping charge. As for the products review, I decided to test both on the back of my left hand. I noticed some mild tingling that last approximately 20 to 30 minutes but I did not notice any redding of the skin nor a rash. My skin felt soft and smooth after only 2 days use. I will keeping testing on my left hand for 3 more days to make sure there are no other side effects. After the testing is complete I will apply a small amount to my forehead for one night to make sure my facial skin can tolerate the tingling sensation and if there are not any complications I may continue to use the product.

    1. Yes! They tried to put more charge on my account too. I quickly called and told them don’t give them my money! & I also told them I did not order the serum & I wasn’t paying for it. The skin Cream & Serum both arrived but I only paid for the shipment for the skin cream. So SICK of SCAMMER’S 😠

  9. I wish I had seen this earlier, because they just scammed me out of almost $80. Of course, I will turn them in to the BBB and AG’s office, not to mention disputing the charges that they automatically took out of my account. Intention was to purchase one $6.95 skin cream, and ended up with 4 separate charges totaling slightly under $80. Have already reported it to the bank, and will follow next steps. Stay away from this cream, stay away from their FB page, the website….it is all a scam. 100% scam.

    1. The very same thing happened to me! I ended up canceling my card, have to wait 10 days for a new one and disputed the charges! It was very stressful! Will never buy anything off of Facebook again! I’ve read this has happened to quite a few ppl. Only intending to pay $6.95 and end up spending almost $100! Won’t answer their 1-800 # either! Just crazy!

    2. Same for me. I used a credit card so my bank accounts were not involved. Received emails today “confirming” shipments which I did not order. I emailed the “admin”, stated I had not authorized the orders, for them to cancel the orders and refund my card. I know that will not happen. I came to the conclusion the easiest thing for me to do was eat my loss and requested the card/account be cancelled and new issued.

  10. The first thing I do when looking at these kinds of miraculous skin cream ads is look at the terms& conditions at the bottom. Up pops a bunch of if this, agree to no class action, etc. But under terms about the free trial,you have to call a # within 16 days to cancel or you’ll automatically get signed up for monthly jars $126.87 a month!& must pay the return shipping by the 16th day of purchase,about $6.95 ,so not really free at all& how’re you supposed to tell within that time period of time,the reviews talk about results at 2 weeks,so have to return it before the results even start to show, because for $126.17 a month, gotta make sure it works,but unless you want to be signed up for monthly jars,gotta call& cancel before you see results & I took couldn’t find any real reviews or any I could respond to! On the ad page it shows Jennifer Aniston & a bunch of reviews, but when you hit them, you go to a FB page with 1 guy on it,the rest R bust, but do find them on FB but zip about they’re supposed reviews about juv skin cream! So ripp!

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