KardiaMobile (AliveCor) – Take your EKG from anywhere anytime FDA-cleared & Easy to use


KardiaMobile is an FDA- approved electrocardiogram device that has proven to be a breakthrough for heart patients. It allows patients accurate EKG monitoring at their houses within 30 seconds and keeps you away from the hassle of visiting the hospital each day. 

Table of contents

  1. About KardiaMobile
  2. How it Works
  3. How to Use
  4. Price
  5. Pros and Cons
  6. Customer Reviews
  7. Is it Legit
  8. Conclusion

About KardiaMobile

Millions of people all around the world suffer from bradycardia, tachycardia, Arterial Fibrillation. These patients require regular testing and monitoring of their heartbeat to detect, and then throughout treatment to ensure that the road to recovery is going smooth.

In recent years, with the advancement of technology, we have witnessed jaw-dropping inventions that seemed impossible to be brought to reality. First, it was the smartwatches such as the apple watch and fit bit that use activity sensors to track all your physical activity.

The most popular device these days is the KardiaMobile. It is a device that you can own and check the rhythm of your heart anytime anywhere. Read more to find out everything about the Kardia mobile.

How Does it Work?

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How kardiamobile works

The device has sensors that connect to your mobile via the application. This then produces a similar diagram of what an external EKG machine produces. It doesn’t require any wires or gels. Also if there are any abnormalities in your heartbeat, you will be immediately notified about it and then you can consult your doctor accordingly.

How to use it?

Using the KardiaMobile is simpler than you can imagine. All you need to do is,

  1. Turn on the Kardia mobile Application on your phone
  2. Next, keep the KardiaMobile (the device) near your phone
  3. Now, gently place your index finger and middle finger (of both your hands) on the pads on the device.
  4. The EKG will begin showing on your mobile screen
  5. You may then check your results after a 30 minutes recording

What to keep in mind while using the KardiaMobile?

A few things to remember while you use the KardiaMobile single lead personal EKG monitor to ensure that you’re getting the most accurate results and monitoring your heart activity to the optimum are:

  • Make sure you have the most updated version of the Kardia mobile application on your phone
  • Keep the device close to your phone while recording the EKG
  • Take a deep breath and relax before you begin
  • Do not move your fingers while the EKG is being recorded

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of the KardiaMobile on Amazon is $99.00. Currently, the price is marked down to $69.00, so you get to save 30 bucks. The KardiaMobile, single lead professional EKG monitor is also available at a six-month interest-free easy installment method.

Pros and Cons

Even though for some people this device may seem like a miracle where you can monitor your heartbeat most conveniently, at your home, connecting the device to any smartphone available, there still are merits and demerits of everything that exists. Let’s have a look at what the pros and cons are for the Kardiamobile single lead personal EKG monitor.



  • One month free trial
  • The application is free of cost
  • EKG results are 95% accurate
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Efficient connectivity to your device
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android


  • It is not designed to check for myocardial infarctions (heart attacks)
  • A $9.99 monthly subscription fee is charged to view your EKG history

What are the customer’s reviews regarding the product?

Over 40000 people have reviewed the product on Amazon, which collectively gives us a rating of 4.4 stars on an average.

The EKG is 95% accurate and leading cardiologists have confirmed that the results produced by KardiaMobile are up to the medical standards. People are relieved and they say that they love this invention. Never did they think that they will be able to get such a breakthrough.

The price of the Kardiamobile single lead personal EKG monitor also fits in the budget of most

Some people found it a little difficult to interpret the graphs but eventually learned. They say that now they do not need to go to the hospital every other day to get their heart activity checked.

A few people also seemed annoyed because of the permissions the app requires. Moreover, after the free trial ends, you are unable to record, save, screenshot your EKGs, unless you pay the monthly subscription fee of $9.99, which many people find difficult to pay. They comment that it is insanely expensive. Even the disclosure of this policy is being conveyed in a twisted manner, they lack transparency with announcing their terms and conditions because of which people are utterly disappointed.

Is the product legitimate? How can we tell?

The product has been tried and tested over a long period before being sold in the market, online and in-store. The electrocardiograms of individuals from hospitals were compared with the results obtained from this device and compared. The results showed us that there is 95% accuracy in the results which works well for daily monitoring in normal people or patients with A Fibrosis.

Since the device has been approved by the FDA and allowed to be sold commercially, we know for a fact that it is legitimate; it works well and makes life easier for heart patients.

Final Verdict

KardiaMobile has been tested against numerous EKGs from hospitals. Many cardiologists have confirmed that the results given by the device are up to the medical standard set by the FDA. It is a great device to have if you suffer from any heart disease.

8 Reviews

  1. My Kardia has started “eating batteries”. I put 2 new ones in and it won’t work. I am going to start counting on my Fitbit for my heart afib indications.

  2. The 6 lead Kardiamobile on amazon indicates by the picture that a monitor comes with it. But in the print it says compatible with most phones. I ordered it but it was only 1 part, you have to use your smart phone. I tried to use it with my desk computer but they want my credit card number, so I returned it to Amazon

  3. I was on the verge of purchasing KardiaMobile but could not find my Smartphone Make and Model on the compatibility list. As a senior citizen, my (seldom used) Smartphone is an Alcatel Go Flip, and my provider is Consumer Cellular (AARP). I called Consumer Cellular to confirm my Make-Model and ask them about KardiaMobile (they never heard of it). Then I contacted KardiaMobile to see if Alcatel Go Flip was inadvertently omitted from the compatible list. They said it was not compatible at this time. Having read these reviews, I am glad I did not purchase a KardiaMobile, and now think it may be a scam or, at best, at less-than-optimal device. The concept sounds great, but … Hopefully the millions of senior citizens who are 1) logical candidates for this type of device and/or 2) are Consumer Cellular customers will not take the bait and order one.

  4. I bought one of the Kardiamobile devices just over a year ago. 27 days later the ability to printout the readings disappeared. The unit continued working, but over time the device became less and less reliable. Within 6 months my smartphone had difficulties reading the device at all and connection to it was spotty and only got worse. A month ago I decided to put in a brand new fresh battery, thinking that the battery might have been the problem. It wasn’t. Instead, the problems persisted, until finally, the whole goddamned thing quit working altogether. That was a waste of “$89.00” plus shipping, because that was list price at when I bought it.

    I would not recommend this device under any circumstance. For one thing, doctors don’t like their patients emailing them EKG readings that they take on their own with these devices. Laudable though it might be, doctors have enough on their plate to worry about, without having their patients sending them dozens to thousands of EKG readings just because they think they’re having a medical problem.

    This device has opened a door to every hypochondriac in the world. Doctors are already overwhelmed with genuine and serious, sometimes deadly and “real medical traumas” without the added strain of unwanted and unnecessary EKGs sent to them by their patients. If they had to deal with all of the patient EKG strips sent to them, they would soon be so overwhelmed with them that all they could do is waste time on EKGs, trying to determine if they are genuine medical issues or not. I’m sorry, but they just don’t have that kind of time.

    And now we have a device that gets spotty and then quits working altogether. I registered my device when I first bought it brand new. But I can’t contact the company to lodge or complain about it not working. Why not?

    I’m sorry, but there are just too many red flags here. I will NOT be participating in the purchase of further devices produced by this company. It isn’t worth my time and definitely not worth my money. I am retired and living on a fixed and an extremely limited income. So from now on, I will leave medical issues up to the experts, namely my doctor & his medical team and staff to take care of my medical needs and requirements.

  5. Mine quit working after 6 weeks and 27 EKG’s. E Mail communication with Kardia resulted in NO response.

  6. Bait and switch. Buy the hardware but it doesn’t tell you anything about abnormal rhythms unless you pay that much again.

  7. I purchased one for myself and one for my daughter. She loves hers. I told her I had not tried mine yet. She asked me if I was going to be able to get the app. I said “what app” nothing in the tv ad says anything about an app. Well, my cell phone is not compatible, and you cannot download it on a pc. I am not a happy person. So obviously I did not know there would be a subscription cost either. False advertising to me.

  8. The subscription cost was a surprise. The company is not transparent or up front about that when you purchase. I did not see any instruction on how to cancel the subscription if you are not happy with it.

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