Kelsidress Reviews: Best Place to Buy Women’s Dresses Or Another Scam Store?

kelsidress review

As fashion changes every year, it is very important to keep up with the trending mania to look good and classy when you go out. Summer dresses must be light-colored to maintain a cool body temperature in scorching heat to prevent you from bad hygiene and unpleasant odor. One must wear cotton clothes as they can easily absorb sweat from our bodies and make it evaporate faster.

At the same time, winter clothes must have a good fabric that will keep you warm even during snowfalls. We all look for a brand that provides us with the best clothes according to the current fashion and even protects us in any season from weather conditions. Here, we will look at Kelsidress to see if they are setting the trend or just a scam for online buyers.

About Kelsidress

It is an online clothing brand that pledges to have an environmental impact. They provide you with items that go with you daily tonight, and the trend may last longer, so you could easily utilize them. Their vital concern is to provide customers with good quality at a price that would not cost you a fortune.

They provide their customers with various materials, including organic cotton, linen, Tencel, model, cupro, ramie, dead stock, etc. They claim to provide eco-friendly fabrics to keep you comfortable anywhere.

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Is Kelsidress a trustworthy website or a scam?

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kelsidress legit or scam

Usually, people get scammed by online shopping, and they lose trust in such brands. One must pay attention to all the aspects of the brand to confirm whether it is legit or just a scam where you might stick yourself.

They claim to provide their customers with various designs such as short dresses, tops, bottoms, half sleeves, V-neck shirts, etc. The vital point is that those pictures claims are true, and one should trust them for online shopping. Let us look deep into certain aspects to clear our doubts.

Product Quality

Kelsidresses offers a wide range of dresses in various materials and fabrics. The fabrics are manufactured and the chemicals are 100% recycled for next use. Kelsidress uses organic cotton that is grown without pesticides. They even use deadstock fabric when limited stock production is required. Kelsidress claims to provide 30–40% eco-friendly fabrics, and the color does not fade after every wash; rather, it remains the same even after many washes.


They offer you clothes in the price range by keeping customers’ monthly budgets in mind so that they may easily buy clothes. Very affordable price ranges are being offered, along with a sale on certain items, which is a steal. Little dresses have a sale going on, so you can choose your favorite dress at a more reasonable price.

It accepts payments mainly via PayPal, so you will get a confirmation of your order after paying.

Website quality seems to be very efficiently managed with detailed information about their site, but let us dig in deep. The website was registered on March 10th, 2022, so it is only three months old.

  • was registered on March 10th, 2022, so it is only three months old.
  • The expiry date of the website is March 10th, 2023.
  • The website uses authentic HTTPS connections.
  • The spam score is zero.
  • The threat profile is more than 50.
  • The malware score is 49.


The details of the person who registered the website are hidden on WHOIS. The point is, why would someone hide their identity if they sell genuine and high-quality goods?

Contact information and address:

you can contact them through email to clear up any confusion or if you have received a damaged or wrong product.


You can also contact them through their social media pages.

Instagram: kelsidress_official

Facebook: Kelsidress

Shipping policies

Their parcel processing time is 1–5 working days. As we provide and customize our top-selling product because there might be a delay in the parcel, which we will inform the customer of. Shipping time is affected by public holidays and destination countries’ time zones. Some of the orders may be delayed by COVID-19.

Shipping charges for the USA and Canada are $8; for other countries, they are $20.00.

Refund and return policies

You have to contact them through email within the first seven days after receiving your parcel to have a refund or return. After seven days, this return policy will not be available to you.

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Customer Reviews

The website has a customer review column under every dress. Satisfied customers can see very good reviews.

The promotions and discounts

They are offering various discounts on the very limited stock and new stock has no off, but the old one seems to be available at a lower cost than it used to be.



  • Good customer reviews are present.
  • All details are available on the website.
  • The website is well managed.
  • Discounts are being offered.


  • The scam detector shows a low trust index.
  • The malware score is low.
  • The threat profile is average.


After a detailed analysis, we have provided you with all the information about kelsidress, which shows that there is a pretty good chance to trust the site. But we suggest you look at it by yourself too before coming to any conclusion.

2 Reviews

  1. Scam or Just no respect for the customers. Anyway, don’t waste your time and money.
    It took 6weeks to get a package which looked like garbage. A part of the plastic bag was torn, and of course, 1 item was missing. It was from China via California.
    When I asked them to return, they asked me to pay $20 for the return, I rolled my eyes but I said okay. But they didn’t think I said yes. They emailed me the address in Shanghai, not the label or QRcode.
    I googled how much it costs to ship to Shanghai, as you know, you can’t ship it to Shanghai for $20. You need to pay $95 at least, I emailed them and they asked me to pay practically, I was like ????? sometimes $25 sometimes $27. Just….No plans.
    I told them that ship to back it the address which came from, as soon as you get it, paypal me. I shipped. And now, I stopped hearing from them, haven’t got refunded yet, total $163.60 USD.

  2. This site is something to stay away from. After attempting to return an item I was repeated emailed offering me $6 on a $42 transaction. They seemed to misunderstand me, on purpose, that I wanted a refund according to their posted return policy. Very bad experience. This was never resolved and I gave the item to Goodwill. Do not buy from them.

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