Lean Beauty (Beauty Lean by Ariana James) Advanced Cellulite Firming Cream – Everything You Need to Know Before you Buy

Saggy skin and wrinkles are not attractive. Cellulite is also not attractive. Unhealthy weight is a big no. There are so many people around the world suffering from these unwanted skin conditions and are in a constant hunt for a product that actually works and doesn’t cost them an arm.

Making use of this information, many scammers bring unrealistic weight loss products to the market which people fall prey to. 

beauty lean by Ariana James

Let’s find out that the Beauty lean by Ariana James that claims to burn belly fat for both; men and women, serves as an anti-cellulite treatment and an anti-aging cream, takes care of your sagging skin, and aids in overall weight loss too, works or is just as the other products launched to make money.

About Lean Beauty

beauty lean cellulite cream

Lean beauty by Ariana James is a multifunctional product that targets cellulite, sagging, and wrinkles on the skin. It is an anti-aging as well as a fat-burning cream made and packed in the United States.

It works like magic if it suits your skin. Even though it is a bit pricey and demands a lot of consistency, many people around the world are using it. Since you require physical activity along with the application of this cream, it seems as if it actually works.

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How does Lean Beauty Work?

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how lean beauty work

Lean Beauty by Ariana James is made up using an advanced scientific formula that guarantees results if usage is proper and consistent, paired up with a healthy diet and exercise.

If you believe that just applying the cream and lying on a couch will help you lose weight, you’re wrong my friend. 

Lean beauty acts as a catalyst to your weight loss procedure and speeds up the process via heat-activated thermogenesis which heats the target area of the body, that heat travels through the body cells and targets the fat cells, breaking them down and the result is reduced weight.

Thermogenesis increases the blood flow towards fat cells, which results in better circulation and more sweating. The more you sweat the more you lose weight. The product also promotes rapid water loss so that you can get rid of the weight caused by water retention in the body.

Once the fat breaks down, you will also see a significant reduction in cellulite on your skin.

How to Use it?

Beauty Lean is a cream-based product that is super easy to use. You do not need to read out a manual or watch documentaries to understand how to begin.

  1. Apply a fair amount of product to the target area. It can be used all over the body.
  2. Rub the cream against your skin, thoroughly massaging so that it gets completely absorbed into the skin. Ensure that there is no product visible on the skin.
  3. The part of the body will begin to heat up within a couple of minutes. You will also feel a tingling sensation.
  4. Carry out your regular exercises or head to the gym for an intense workout session.

Things to keep in mind while using Lean Beauty by Ariana James

You need to be very careful when it comes to applying anything to your skin. Here are a few things that you should remember before you decide to massage the product into your skin.

  1. Always carry out a patch test so you know if your skin is suitable for the product or not.
  2. Keep it away from your face, especially the eyes. In case it makes contact with the eyes, rinse immediately and consult a doctor if it continues to burn.
  3. Always apply before carrying out a physical activity.
  4. Discontinue usage if it causes rashes or burning sensation. It is only supposed to tingle your skin and not burn it.
  5. You will not see results in one day, be patient and consistent.

How much does it cost?

Lean beauty comes in a cute little tube weighing 7 ounces which costs $99.80 as per the official website. 

Pros and Cons

All man-made inventions come with their fair share of pros and cons. No matter how efficient or great the product is, there are always both positive and negative sides. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of lean beauty by Ariana James.



  • Formulated using advanced technology
  • Multipurpose cream: burns fat, reduces wrinkles, anti-cellulite, lifts sagging skin, promotes weight loss
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Smells amazing
  • Cruelty-Free


  • Not suitable for all skin types
  • Requires consistency in usage
  • Unpleasant tingling sensation after usage
  • Expensive product

What do the Customers have to say about it?

customer reviews

The overall global rating for lean beauty by Ariana James is 4.2 which is considered quite decent. Even though the reviews vary greatly with 67% of the people rating them a 5 star, while 10% of the people have rated them 4 stars and another 10% have rated them a 3 star. There is just one 2 star review and the remaining 10% has rated them 1 star.

The positive reviews lead to the review section where people comment how hesitant they were before purchasing the product.

Once after the usage of a single tube, they have seen visible differences in areas of their body where they were using.

A lot of people seem satisfied with how their thigh and belly fat has reduced faster than they thought it would.

Customers added that they also love the delicious coconut-like smell. They also would recommend this product to their friends and family who wish to reduce fat, get rid of cellulite and sagging skin.

Users love about the lean beauty by Ariana James is that the product is not gender-specific. The only con is the price; however, it is worth spending money on.

On the other hand, a few customers experienced itching and irritation when the product was used and they also furiously complained that it made the skin red. A small percentage also believes that the product doesn’t do any good and is probably fake.

Final Verdict

The technology used in making the product is legit and scientifically proven also. Since on their packaging too, as well as the entire marketing campaign, Beauty Lean by Ariana James has reinforced the usage of a healthy diet and suggested workout along with it makes us believe that the product is genuine and will show the desired results.

Moreover, the customers that have purchased the product and used it also have great things to say about this magical cream.

If you have used Beauty Lean by Ariana James, let us know how it worked out for you and it’ll help us and many potential customers worldwide to make the right decision.