The Hakura Patch (Best Weight Loss Patch) – Does it Really Work? or Scam

The Hakura patch is a Japanese weight loss product that claims to help you lose weight effortlessly. You can see visible results in minimal time. There’s nothing to worry about any side effects as these patches are made up of 100% natural ingredients.

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All About Hakura Weight Loss Patch

hakura patch

Working out consistently and regularly along with a balanced diet has proven to be the best way if you’re hoping to shed a few pounds. However, this process may take months, or even years for results to be visible.

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Imagine if you didn’t have to carry out super intense exercise and follow a strict diet to lose weight? Imagine not having to wait for months, or sometimes years for your diet and workouts to show significant weight loss results? Sounds unreal right?

Not with the super cool and trendy Hakura patch for effortless weight loss that we’re sure you must have heard of. Hakura patches use 100 % natural ingredients exclusively in their purest form, from Japan.

These substances include essential oils, natural minerals, Japanese Banzai mint commonly known as Shiso, Coptis Japonica, and Salicornia.

You must be wondering, how can a small patch made up of a layer of herbs spread over a plastic sheet help you reduce weight? Let’s read how.

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How does the Hakura Patch Work?

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The Hakura patch is made up all some really powerful and natural medicinal ingredients. These substances include Coptis Japonica that acts as an anti-bacterial and helps detoxify the body.

Japanese Banzai mint boosts metabolism by breaking down fat and increasing the overall energy expenditure. Besides that, the Japanese Banzai Mint along with Salicornia collectively helps in burning calories and losing weight by blocking sugar absorption and preventing weight gain. They also help reduce stretch marks and detoxify your skin. These patches work in such a way that your body feels more energized.

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Their working mechanism is quite simple. As soon as you apply the patch to your skin, these active substances start getting absorbed directly into your skin through pores and sweat glands. These patches are supposed to stay on for a couple of hours ensuring consistent delivery of these active ingredients in small quantities.

How to Use Hakura Patch?

how to use hakura patch

Hakura patches are handy and super easy to use. You do not require any extra accessories while applying the patch to your skin. All you need to do is to buy this super economical pack of Hakura patches and start your weight loss journey.

Follow the steps written below to apply your Hakura patch correctly

  1. Make sure that your skin is clean and dry before you apply the patch. If it isn’t, wash and dry it with a towel.
  2. Take the patch in your hand and gently remove the plastic to expose its sticky side. 
  3. Now apply the patch on your skin, preferably areas where excess fat has accumulated, e.g. Belly, and rub gently on the surface so the patch is firmly attached.
  4. Keep the patch applied to your skin for 3-4 hours. You can continue your daily activities meanwhile, the patch won’t come off. 
  5. Remove the patch after a few hours and clean the area with warm water.
  6. Use the patch daily for at least a month to see visible changes in your body.

Things to keep in mind while using Hakura patches:

  • Hakura patches are not to be used on pregnant women.
  • They are not to be used on children or elderly people.   
  • If your skin is wounded, do not use the patch, apply it elsewhere
  • If you feel itchiness after applying the patch or your skin turns red, remove the patch immediately and wash your skin with warm water.
  •  Even though the patch can be applied anywhere, applying it to your target area may show better results

How much does it cost?

The Hakura patch is available on Amazon in 30, 60, and 90 pieces packs.

The 30 piece pack costs $19.99

The 60 piece pack costs $26.99

The 90 piece pack costs $30.99

Every product that comes into the market has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Even though the FDA does not approve of such a patch having the ability to aid in weight loss, the biggest advantage claimed is that it helps you lose weight.

puralean weight loss supplement


  • The prices of the Hakura patch are affordable.
  • All the ingredients used are natural which minimizes the side effects.
  • A super quick and easy method of losing weight.
  • It is easy to use
  • You do not require a prescription to buy or begin using the Hakura patch.


  • The product lacks experimental evidence that proves its effectiveness in weight loss.
  • A lot of crucial information about the product is missing, which makes them a little suspicious.
  • They aren’t so popular.
  • Little to no clinical tests have been run on them.
  • Does not guarantee results.
  • It is not regulated by the FDA.

What do the customers have to say about it?

Customer reviews regarding the Hakura patch on big marketplaces vary greatly. While some customers have said that Hakura patches helped them decrease a considerable amount of weight within 2-3 weeks of use, the majority said that it’s a complete waste of money. Many have experienced severe rashes within a week of its use. Some even complained that the patches left permanent marks on the skin where they were applied.

Reviews on another website show that the customers were highly satisfied with the product. They even recommended it to others and claimed to have reached their desired weight within 1-3 months of usage.

Final Verdict

The Hakura patch promises quick and easy weight loss. All you need to do is put on the patch on the area where you want to lose fat from. Doing some exercise along it speeds up the process.

They are not regulated by the FDA nor does it verify the effectiveness of these patches. Also, there is no experimental evidence to prove that these patches actually help in reducing weight. However, the limited customer reviews provide us with a mixed picture. Some customers are really happy with their purchase while some think it is a waste of their money.

Whether they are legit or not, there is no sound evidence to prove either of the stances.

9 Reviews

  1. I have used these patches now for 30 days. I’ve actually seen a decrease in the size of my abdomen. I’m ordering more to see if this trend continues.

  2. The Regaltalentltd company was not authorized to take $161.97 out of my PayPal account. But they did. I cannot find a way to contact this company to complain and cancel my order. When I Googled the company it seems they are a modeling agency and no other informationis available. Their website has been closed. PayPal says they are a legit company and will not cancel my order.

  3. Ordered on 11/29/21, shipped on 12/2/21, and received on 12/18/21.
    Received emails for order confirmation, and when shipped.
    Now….to see if they actually work.

    1. Bonjour, j hésite à acheter les patchs hakura car beaucoup déçu de d autre patch, quels effet de perte de poids avez vous eu, et combien y a t il de patchs dans un articles, j espère que pour vous cela a fonctionné.

    2. Hello, I hesitate to buy the hakura patches because much disappointed with another patch, what weight loss effect did you get, and how many patches are there in one item, I hope it worked for you.

  4. This company is a scam. I ordered on Nov 4th 2021. This is Dec 6th 2021. Nothing. Will be reporting to the BBB. They sent a tracking diagram. It shows no movement till after 24 days of initial order. Supposedly shows it hit destination of order 4 days ago. Which is the US. This is bogus as all get out. US does not just sit on its shipments at all for any reason. Shows by plane not ship so can NOT claim sitting out in ocean waiting to harbor. Will NEVER order from this company or any subsidiaries of it again. In all my years of ordering online and dealing with thousands of companies Ive never had to wait more than 10 days for ANY order of any kind from anywhere in the world. This company is a scam.

  5. I ordered the product it says it shipped.
    I have not received it yet! No response when I’ve tried to email customer service.
    I will have to cancel and get my money back!

  6. I ordered these patches on September 18th I have not gotten a follow-up I have not gotten a way to trace my package because I have not received them yet. I have emailed them twice and still have not gotten a reply it does not say when they will be here but any time I’ve ordered anything they give you a way to trace it or a phone number or something a way to get in touch with the company. I am anxious to try them out but it looks as if I’ll have to call my credit card company and cancel it because I’ve gotten zero responses that should tell me something.

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