Legmaster Reviews: Is It Too Good To Be True

Legmaster Reviews

Spending year and month in toning your body but all in vein. The fats on the thighs are the toughest thins to deal with. You work out daily for 30 min to one hour, but the results are not overwhelming. You can say more input and less output. In the market, you have seen various brands selling gadgets to tone the muscles of the thighs and leg and legmaster is one of them. But is it safe to get this item? Is it really helpful for the users? In the legmaster reviews, we will discuss all these items in great detail. We will study the pricing, quality, usage, and much more.

About legmaster 

You do not have sufficient time to exercise and tone your body. But every one of you wants a perfectly shaped body, but your busy lives make it tricky to achieve the goal. Hence, staying fit, exercising regularly, and eating right are complex things for busy individuals. To simplify people’s lives and get the desired results, Legmaster is here with the perfect gadgets that claim to offer the decibel outcomes.

So what is legmaster? It is the annually powered fitness gadget made is USA that is made to permit people to work on the following:

  • pelvic muscles
  • glutes
  • abdominal muscles
  • legs muscles.

Once the user assembles the machines (read the instructions from the manual), one of its specifications is that the user can use it anywhere while sitting or standing. It makes you sweat in the comfort of your home. The best part about this machine is that it comes with digital and physical workout videos. Also, with the wall chart and a suitable user’s guide might help the user lift their metabolism.

So who created the legmaster? Neil Summeres made it to make his better half and mother of kids, Fiona keep healthy. He has four beautiful kids but not a charming body. 

This gander never offered cardio exercise and would not do anything with the upper body tone up. This machine’s primary focus is the leg’s lower portion. It is the effective and fund means for shaping things. Many users do notice the difference in the lower portion, but for this, you need to be consistent. 

The best part about this machine is that you require one min to tone your legs. Now come to how much space does it requires? This device takes a notable amount of space. It is 6 feet at the full extensions. So this device is not the best pick for the flats. 

Now let us find out about the features of these products.

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Features of legmaster

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17 pounds weight

So the legmaster is about 17 pounds, which shows that it makes it easy for the user to move it at the place without facing any issues. At the widest area, it measures about 28 inches, so the gadgets would not take notable space in the living areas like the bedroom or small dorm rooms.

 Adjustable Handlebar

The second notable feature is that it has an adjustable handle. If you do not feel comfortable with the default setting of the handlebar on the machines, you can reset it. There is an option of adjusting the height of the handlebar. You can lower and higher it as per the need. Why is his the best feature? It makes useful when many people in a house use it. No need to get a separate one for each member of the house.
The padded handlebar is also detachable, which may save you storage space when you’re not using your Leg Master.

Manually Powered

The third most prominent feature is that it would need any battery or electricity to run these devices. This device is manually powered, and you can use it anywhere, like in the yard. So there is no raise in the electricity bills because it is manually powered.

How do you use Legmaster?

Legmaster Review 2

Assemble it first:

This device comes in pieces, and you require to assemble it. So first, read the manual and put the piece together.

Pick a place for the machine:

After assembling the machines, you require to select the location. It can be in-door as we all need a flat surface and nothing else. The base of the machine consists of padding that prevents the floor from scratching.


So wear suitable athletic socks and shoes. Hold the handlebars of the devices and step on the paddle. You can also sit on the chair and put your feet on the paddle.

Start Workout

While standing on the machines or sitting on the chair m, start the workout by moving the legs (in and out).

Dismount Machine

So, after users have used the device for at min 60 sec, stop moving their legs to get the workout to a halt.

Promotion and Discount

There is no sale, but you can get 30 days money back guarantees.

Is it Legit: Does it work


On the website, there is much positive feedback from the customers with a five-star rating. But how is it possible that all buyers experience great results? It is unrealistic, but its Facebook handle also has great reviews but not a single bad feedback.

Customer Review

There is a positive review of the buyers on their official websites and Facebook page



  • 60-sec workout
  • user-friendly
  • manually powered
  • you adjust the height
  • 30 days money-back guarantee


  • Not a single bad review that is unrealistic


Can you use it in pregnancy?

We would never suggest starting the LegMaster during the pregnancy.

When will you begin feeling a notable difference in the pelvic floor?

Many women mention that most of them can feel their muscles working, and those apparent results.

How much weight can it stand?

350 pounds while standing and 300 pounds while sitting

Final Verdict: legmaster reviews

We have searched the customer reviews from various sites, and there is positive feedback from the buyers. The 30 days guarantees make the customer give it a try.