Is a Legit Clothing Brand? Read Linsets Reviews

Are you looking for linsets reviews to determine if the brand is worth your money? Look no further! In this article, we’ll talk about the legitimacy of the Linsets brand and share customer feedback on shipping, clothing quality, pricing, return policies, and support.

We’ll also provide details on how to contact linsets for inquiries or complaints. All of this information will be based on real customer reviews, giving you a complete picture of what Linsets has to offer. So let’s dive in and explore linsets reviews!

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Overview of Linsets Store

Linsets is a new online store that specializes in selling high-quality clothing for both women and men. They offer a wide selection of products, including cotton dresses, high quality coats for women, women sweaters, men’s suits and more.

Brands Mission: The brand prides itself on providing excellent customer service as well as affordable prices without compromising quality.

Brand Owner: Linsets, a mysterious brand that appeared in late 2022 and was registered from China, has left an air of intrigue around its ownership. Despite much searching, the owner remains unknown to this day.

Social Media Appearance: Linsets is rarely seen on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Don’t Miss: Ulciy Clothing Reviews

The Reviews on Website: Linsets reviews on its website from customers are mostly positive, praising the store’s commitment to delivering great value and top-notch products. Customers also appreciate linsets’ return policy and support services when needed. ( With linsets, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be getting the best possible product at the lowest price available!

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Clothes Quality and Prices

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The Linsets store showcases a beautiful selection of apparel online, but those looking for more detailed information than pricing and discounts may need to look further.

With unbeatable prices, this brand has a competitive edge for fashionable clothing on major marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.

What are customers saying? Some customers have recently shared how much they love Linset’s clothes! Let’s dive into some of their reviews and see what they have to say.

As soon as it was delivered, I rushed to check out the new clothes. They felt like a dream – high-quality pure cotton fabric that didn’t skimp on quality! Best of all? This whole package came at an unbeatable price; getting great value for money is always worth celebrating! KimberlySue

The clothing is made of fine, pure cotton that will not fade and will remain wrinkle-free after washing—a great deal with coupons. With two uses, it’s like wearing something new each time! George Berkia Explore More: Imagleisur Bra Reviews

As per the reviews discussed above, customers are happy with the quality of the clothes and the prices are unbeatable.

Shipping and Return Policy

Linsets clothing might appear to offer consumers an obvious shipping and refund policy, but there’s something off about the text.

It appears to be copied from another store, and there’s a lack of linsets reviews to suggest its reliability.

Many popular companies offer customers a 30-day window for refunds if they’re not satisfied with their purchase, but linsets does not appear to provide this guarantee. As such, it can be difficult to ascertain whether linsets is a dependable business or not.

Customer Support

Linsets mentions a company name, FADEL-BEATTY LIMITED, on their contact us page that appears suspicious.

The address they provided is located in Ireland, further adding to the suspicion. Would Like: Desire Happy Bodysuit Reviews

Additionally, is the only way for customers to contact the company and it does not pertain to linsets itself.

Compounding these issues further is the apparent lack of linsets reviews available for customers to reference before making a purchase from the store. All of these factors leave customers uncertain about linsets and its worthiness as an online dealer.



  • Affordable prices
  • Quality products


  • Unknown ownership background
  • Unreliable shipping and refund policies
  • Lack of linsets reviews for customer verification
Overall Rating
Clothes Quality
Customer Support
Refund Policy
Customer Reviews

Bottom Line

Overall, linsets seems to offer a wide selection of fashionable apparel at competitive prices. However, linsets reviews are hard to come by and its legitimacy as a store is questionable. Customers should be wary when making purchases from linsets, especially considering the lack of customer support or return policy they offer. It might be worth looking elsewhere for clothing deals and discounts if linsets cannot fulfill your needs.

12 Reviews

  1. 🤬Let me just say that when I ordered my stuff it was early winter~I ordered things to help keep me warm, Blah X3. It’s freaking MAY now & haven’t gotten ANYTHING. No one has contacted me, answered any of my emails {20 or more !} AND NO “Sorry, We Suck!” RING either. Lesson Relearned~
    If it seems TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, it usually is.

  2. This company is a total scam I ordered a shirt and a dress and two months later contacted the company that I still had not received them they told me it had been delivered I told them there had not been a delivery that someone was at the house every day nothing had been delivered they said check to see if it had been delivered to a neighbor by mistake nothing had ever been delivered I asked for a refund they said they would reship it that there must have been some issue told me they had resent it and it would be arriving I waited another month still nothing told them to refund my money they said they would give me a discount on shipping for future it’s been almost 2 months again still nothing when I track it it says delivered but then says out for delivery do not order anything from this company

  3. Haven’t received any info on my order other than my card was charged. No shipping info at all. And right after I placed the order I started seeing suspicious activity on my card. Had to report it and get a new one. Totally got scammed for 26$. An expensive lesson learned. I’ll stick with Temu when I want cheap crap.

  4. This company is a fraud. I ordered clothing in January and it is now April. I was sent a ring instead with no explanation and with no return address nor a way to contact sender.
    I would like my money back.

  5. I placed an order in early March 2023. I sent them at email asking about tracking my shipment. I still have not received my tracking number or my order.

    1. I ordered on February 13, 2023 – it is now April 7, 2023 and still have not received items ordered. Am reporting as fraudulent billing to my bank account.

  6. Linsets is a scam. Owned by Irish company. I ordered off of a YouTube advertisement. Order never came. Instead they sent a ring. This is tied into the Tavis James scam and the Kerry Noon scam.

    1. I too was told my w order was delivered. Went to post office. Two small boxes each with a cheap ring in them. No clothes, no shoes, no boots, no purses. Nothing I ordered.
      I emailed them. They said they were happy that I received what I received and that now that they knew that they had the correct address they wanted to make sure that he got to the correct address before they sent the real order. !!!!! Duh 🙄 I am so gullible 😡

      1. I received notification that my order was delivered by USPS on 2/18. No order in mailbox or by front door. Went to post office to inquire where my delivery is and she told me I need a USPS tracking number which I don’t have nor am able to get from website inquiries. I am very disappointed 😞

        1. i did receive a tracking number, but information on it is unavailable. product has not arrived and at this time i don’t expect it too. i hold facebook complicit in this deception as they advertised this company, apparently without vetting. i feel ridiculous for falling for this hoax. i believed this was being shipped from the us as the original date i was given was 7 days to receive the order. as soon as i hit send on the order, it changed the receipt date to early march.

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