Lulutox Detox Tea Reviews: Is It The Best Detoxifying Tea?

Lulutox Detox Tea
Lulutox Detox Tea Reviews detoxifying body and mind

There are many means by which one can detoxify their body and mind. The one detoxification drink that is the talk of the town is the lulutox detox tea. Is it work? Let us find this out in the lulutox detox tea reviews.

What is this tea all about? It supercharges weight loss, minimizes bloating, and burns fat with 13 slimming superfoods in one easy detox. It is simple to use, and all you need to do is drink it once a day or as required.

People spend hundreds of dollars when it comes to detoxifying the body and mind. Yoga and other exercises can help you achieve inner peace and calm. Some drinks claim to offer similar results. Detox teas or herbal teas are not new. It has been a long time since people used them to treat various illnesses. In the digital era, these herbs come under the various brand names of detox teas. These are primarily herbs that help cleanse the body.

In this lulutox detox tea review, we strive to cover every aspect of the item. What are the benefits? Is there any drawback to using it? What makes it the best? What are the ingredients and much more? See More: Tori Repa Wall Pilates

What Is The Best Tea To Clean Out Your System?

The teas are the best means to clean out the system. It works as the best detoxifier. So, here are some top picks for you.

Here are some homemade detoxifying and healthy teas that you can try

  1. Ginger and Turmeric Tea. Turmeric has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. 
  2. Peppermint Tea. Peppermint has several health benefits. 
  3. Green Tea. 
  4. Tulsi Tea. 
  5. Lemon Tea. 
  6. Plain Ginger Tea

So, what is Lulutox Detox Tea? What are its components? Does it consist of any of those? Let us find this out in the Lulutox Detox Tea Reviews.

About Lulutox Detox Tea 

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Lulutox Detox Tea Review
Lulutox Detox Tea Reduce Fat & Weight

It is the herbal tea that claims to supercharge weight loss, reduce bloating, and burn fat with 13 slimming superfoods in one easy detox. You can buy it from its official website with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

There is a special price of $85.90 and $25.95 (70% off). So you can get a more significant discount while ordering more.

What makes it the best?

  • Healthy Weight: Their blend consists of the natural metabolism boosters
  • Natural Energy: Lulutox allows you to boost energy levels without jitters or crashes.
  • Traditional Wisdom: it is a combination of strategies learned over generations 

Why Are the Ingredients Famous?

The following are the results that is composition offer and make it the magic drink

  1.  Weight Loss Help
  2.  Reducing Bloating
  3.  Increasing Energy
  4.  Boosting Immunity

What Are The Features And Benefits?

The benefits and features of detox tea are the following:

It’s goodbye, stubborn weight. The tea flattens the stomach and promotes weight loss. It also beats cravings with the use of 13 long-used, unique elements from nature. This tea fights to bloat. Lulutox reduces the belly bulge caused by bloating. Hence, users begin feeling lighter and more confident. 

It improves well-being. So, take advantage of components commonly utilized to decrease inflammation and boost the immune system. Also, stress can ruin weight loss! Recenter yourself and spend some quality time alone with a tea that will help you relax and clear your mind.


Lulutox Detox Tea Reviews Legit Or Scam
Lulutox Detox Tea is it Natural?

Is it all natural?

Yes, it is all-natural.

Is it vegan and gluten-free?

Yes, it is vegan and gluten-free.

Is it soy and dairy free?

Yes, it is soy and dairy free.

What are the components?

  • Yerba Mate
  • Sencha green tea
  • Oolong tea
  • Goji berries

Lulutox Detox Tea Reviews By Users

Here are some great lulutox detox tea reviews from the users on their official website.

One of the buyers stated, “I kept seeing ads for Lulutox Detox tea, so when I saw a 50% discount and 30-day money-back guarantee.” I ordered some.” I decided to try! I can happily say that after about a week of drinking it twice a day (I know it says once, but I like the taste:D), I feel AMAZING! “No more bloating, and my skin improved!”

Another buyer mentioned that “And I am back to my size!” After 2 pregnancies, I gained some weight. But with Lulutox Detox Tea, I went from a size 9 to a size 4! I am so happy now and feeling great. Thank You!”

Pros and Cons



  • It is herbal.
  • This tea is all-natural.
  • It is gluten-free.
  • The herbal tea is vegan.


  • We have not found any.

The Final Verdict (Lulutox Detox Tea Reviews)

Here are our final thoughts on the Lulutax detox tea. This tea is 100 percent herbal and vegan. It is gluten- and GMO-free. You can use them safely. It has no side effects. There are many great posts about this tea on the website. Yes, we recommend this product 100% to you.

34 Reviews

  1. My experience is similar to most people who have been scammed or charged for a new order which arrived today. Six packets, I am struggling to see who it was paid to and I tried to send a complaint to them and it goes to an automated system, which directed me to another page which doesn’t work. If anyone has the business name so that I can track the payment, I would most appreciative.

  2. My first purchase was ok. The tea is good-and is actually effective in replacing coffee. My second purchase -they added to my order and deducted money before I could even review the order. Trying to amend the order after they have deducted money has proved difficult. i HAVE ASKED for a refund for part of the order as I did not order. Their correspondence states they have amended the order, but they have sent not proof of this adjustment. I have lodged a complaint with Choice- consumer watchdog. No mention of refund, no acknowledgment of my issues. I am in Australia- so the cost is a lot more in AUD. There is no contact number. I they do not issue me a partial refund for my order-This will indeed be the last order I make with them. What a pity their payment process is flawed. The CONSUMER MUST ALWAYS HAVE THE RIGHT TO REVIEW THEIR PURCHASES BEFORE MONEY IS DEDUCTED.

  3. I order just now! But i only the 70% discount 3bags but don’t understand i have to other order.and it’s expensive..and there’s no contact number i thought this is real. Shit i need my money back

  4. You have heard it all. The biggest rip off ever !! Charged extra in the first place . Then didn’t deliver it to the post office and the post office wanted to charge extra .. I mean, seriously?? Been fighting for my hard earned money. They dnt even respond any more . Pls stay away from them

  5. Ordered my too ordered one bag but it automatically entered another three boxes. Immediately emailed them and asked for my order to be adjusted. They said it had already been processed and couldn’t change the order. All in a matter of five minutes ordering the product. Emailed again asking for 100% refund as advertised but only offered 30% off. Advised them I’d accept it but now after numerous emails they have not responded. DEFINITELY A SCAM. And I tried calling no luck as soon as I realised what had happened. After numerous emails still no luck was told to give to family members.

  6. I too ordered one bag but it automatically entered another three boxes. Immediately emailed them and asked for my order to be adjusted. They said it had already been processed and couldn’t change the order. All in a matter of five minutes ordering the product. Emailed again asking for 100% refund as advertised but only offered 30% off. Advised them I’d accept it but now after numerous emails they have not responded. DEFINITELY A SCAM

  7. I ordered this product thought it was in Australian dollars actually turns out is in American dollars then as I was adding to the cart it started adding other products to my credit card not impressed I asked for a refund nope they won’t give. This tea doesn’t work I have bad stomach pains and haven’t noticed a difference and been taking it for a month they keep contacting me asking to purchase more no thanks ripped off

  8. Omgosh! The same thing happened to me. I ordered 3 and then it takes you to a page you can’t get off of offering a 70% discount on kore products. I didn’t want more, but couldn’t get off the page. I get a confirmation with the additional charges. I’ve emailed 3 times with no response!

  9. I had the same problem placed an order for 2 then got 5 !!!! Extra money taken too. On the plus side I quite like the taste !!!, on the negative side I was told to please give the product a chance maybe somebody should report this company to the trades description people for them to deal with. They do need to be stopped before somebody looses lots of money, it wont be me I hope I wont order anymore.

  10. It’s to do with with the dollar rate exchange. Has happened to me a few times at different places

  11. This is an outrageous rip off. You place the order for two but you can’t finalize your order without adding more and by the time you realize it , your card is already charged. Requested for the refund immediately but they send you annoying elaborate emails as if they really care but they don’t like to give you back your hard-earned money. Please think twice if you are reading this and have not purchased it yet

  12. 1 ordered one bag and paid NZD54. Checked my bank statement and an additional charge of $84.30 has been added. Have emailed to ask for a refund no response. DO NOT BUY

  13. I placed a order and was charged a different price from the ad seen on the website. I email them they told me they could not refund my MONEY BACK because the order was done already. Bullshit it was less then 5 minutes when I contact them. I contract my bank about them so they well take care of it. Also when the tea arrive it will be SENT BACK . And after reading its ingredients it carries a lot of CAFFEINE. This is not good for me. The ad sounds good but who every is behind it didn’t mean NO GOOD. THEY SAW A WAY TO MAKE $$$$

    1. Less caffeine then coffee. Didn’t have any issues with my order. Enjoy the tea but no weight loss or added energy 😞

  14. Same thing had happened to me I ordered 3 packets for £42 then up came these adverts I couldn’t get them off the screen then my PayPal account they charged me for another three costing £85 I contacted this company immediately to refund one of the orders to which they replied that the order was processed this company is scamming people out of their money I am going to let PayPal be aware of this company I couldn’t care less if I receive the product or not now

  15. I also ordered on the special offer and got 5 bags instead of 2 and double payments taken out my bank account – which I just noticed now!

    I know u would not have ordered 5!!’

    I tried one cup as did my partner. I got a migraine attack within an hour of drinking the tea – haven’t had one for months!

    If anyone likes it and wants the other 4 full and un opened bags, you can send me a message. I am in the UK!

  16. I Ordered one bag and was charged for more than what I wanted, total scam so not order this ever.

  17. I ordered 2 packs, at the check out they offered a further 2 packs for a good price. Tried it for 3 days & I took a bad reaction, sickness, diarrhoea & nausea. I asked for a full refund but they only offered me a 30% refund on my total spend. I feel I’ve been scammed.

  18. Ordered on pack it would let me of the screen that says 70% off if your order more so I just swiped my screen close only to get an email my order went through , phoned immediately and they said too late already processed said I just ordered it now can it processed for shopping flight back and forth . I have no words to say. Made sure to check my pay pal so no future orders are being charged

  19. I too was scammed by this company!! I clicked one pack, pressed when I clicked my pay source in paypal it automatically generated to 3 and put me on autopay!! I reported them to paypal! I at least was able to take of the auto pay!

  20. OMG, where do I start. This is a SCAM. When I was ordering 3 for $49 and hit checkout it took me to another page that I couldn’t exit out of, making me order 3 more. I contacted them immediately and they told me the same thing that they couldn’t refund my money back because it had already been processed. My total was $106, they only refunded me $21.00.
    I should receive a total of 6 bags, but I only got 3.
    I haven’t tried the product yet. I hope this was all worth it.
    I will be using a prepaid card from here on out when ordering from these sites.

    THEY ARE SCAMMING PEOPLE LIKE CRAZY. They will not be in busy long.

  21. I hope this helps: To the people who whose order was repeated.: I had a similar experience with a similar company of ordering 1 item., one time only. The company continued to send and bill. If you live in Canada and paid by Mastercard, contact your bank. It is illegal for a company to do this in Canada. The bank phoned the company, The people at Mastercard stayed on line when I spoke to the company,then informed the spokesperson it was illegal and aa criminal charge would be brought against the company, if my money was not returned. My money was returned to my MC immediately.

  22. Yes I had the same ordered 1 packet and when I paid it was for two packets and to late for me to amend it they’d already taken the money. Complained to them and they said was to late for a refund! It had better work!

  23. Been fighting with them for 3 weeks for a refund this company is a scam be aware people.

  24. I’ve just ordered 2 packets and it said 2 for 40 something but I just checked my bank and there’s been $76.90 and another of amount of $76.90 I can’t afford that I want a refund thanks

    1. I was the same ordered 1 checked out and my PayPal read 3 payments totalling £79 ..sent them an email explaining i only ordered one pack they said it was already despatched and could only be refunded by returning 2 of them, package took a week to be delivered and I’ve only received 2 packs..feel they are scamming people

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