Does Milk Bone Calm And Relax work? Is It Relax Your Dog?


If you’re a pet lover, then you might know the struggle of claiming your dog with various techniques. But sometimes, it is all in vain. You struggle hard and visit various vets to get the desired results, but the outcomes are not great. While searching on the internet about how to calm your dogs and relieve their anxiety, you might come across the Milk Bone Calm And Relax item for them. It might look alluring to you and what to order for your pet. But your pet is a living thing, and can you try anything on it? Of course not, so we advise you to read the entire blog and make up your mind about it.

In this essay, we have discussed Milk Bone Calm and Relax. Our final verdict depends on various factors like specifications, features, pros, and cons.

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About Milk Bone Calm And Relax.

There is so much hype about these items, but are they worth the hype? Let us talk about the magical item that claims to offer the perfect solution to dog anxiety. 

This item from Milk-Bone comes in a plastic jar with a heart-shaped bone that claims to calm your pet after having one heart. This plastic container has a tight-enclosed lid that secures the thing inside it. Here, the makers are very particular about the packaging and labels. It has a red-colored label on the containers containing all the products’ data, from their MFG date to their EXP.

It’s a way they claim to help your pet manage and relax stress with these delicious and mouth-watering heart-shaped dog chews. So, each of the supplements for the pet consists of vet-formulated formulas. Why is that so? It is to aid in boosting relaxation and calming the mood for the cool pooch. If you talk about the taste, it tastes great.

The Top Specifications

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Milk Bone Calm And Relax comes in a chicken flavor, perfect for the gods to ease their craving for meat. This product is particularly for dogs; it is not for other pets. This delicious treat is good for all breeds and sizes. One bottle of this consists of 60 mouth-watering calming and relaxing supplements for your dogs.

  • The J.M. Smucker Company manufactures
  • The brand name is Milk-Bone.
  • The assembled product weight is 8.46 oz.
  • The Manufacturer’s Part Number is 791007644.
  • Animal Type is Dog

The Features Of Milk Bone Calm And Relax


Here are the top features of the Milk Bone Calm And Relax that make you go for your dogs. The supplement relaxes your pet with milky bone clams and relaxes items for dogs.

Milk Bone Calm And Relax is not just a heart-shaped chew for the dogs; it is much more. Let us find out about it.

It is vet formulated: the vet approves these canine supplements that aid dogs in managing their normal stress and relaxation.

It contains science-backed components: It consists of the following:

  1. Melatonin aids sleep and are best for the brain.
  2. L-tryptophan is the precursor of serotonin. It is the neurotransmitter that might enable moderate mood. (
  3. Chamomile that calms your nerves
  4. Valerian roots: An herb that may help reduce the normal stress level.

There is no artificial flavor: It has no preservatives, artificial flavor, or fillers.

It tastes amazing; it has a delicious and mouth-watering taste as it is made of milk and has an exciting chicken flavor.

Now you have all the features of this amazing product. You would like to know how it works and how much you need. In the next section, you will find great deals. 

How to Use Milk Bone Calm And Relax?

Once you get the item home, you must place it at room temperature. The area needs to be dry and away from direct sunlight.

The feeding instructions:

  • Dogs weighing less than forty pounds: chew one heart daily.
  • Dogs with more than 40 pounds chew two times daily.

Promotion and Discount

You can buy this item at the best rate.

  • ¬†Amazon: It is out of stock on Amazon.
  • Chewy: Enjoy 5 percent off on Autoship regular delivery.
  • Walmart: There is no discount on this item, but the rate is less than Chewy.
  • Target

Is Milk Bone Calm And Relax legit? Does it work?


It has great customer feedback on Amazon, Walmart, and Chewy. Yes, you can try it for your beloved pet.

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Customer Reviews

There are great reviews for this item on Amazon, and it has around 5-star ratings on Walmart and Amazon. Yes, it has great feedback.



  • Affordable
  • It has vet-verified components
  • This item goes with all breeds of dogs
  • It has great customer reviews
  • You can enjoy discounts on Chewy
  • It is tasty


  • It is usually out of stock on Amazon


Does Milk Bone Calm And Relax go with all breeds of dogs?

Yes, it is perfect for all breeds.

Can you give it to another pet?

No, it is only for the dogs.

It is made in which country?

It is USA-made.

Where can you order it?

You can order it from Amazon, Walmart, Chewy, and Target.

Final Verdict

Our Milk Bone Calm And Relax reviews state that this item is legit, and you can give it to your pets. It has vet-verified components that are great for all breeds. This product also has great feedback from the buyers on Amazon and Walmart.