Oarse Jewelry Reviews: Is It Legit Or a Scam?


Are you in love with jewelry? Is your passion for collecting the finest jewelry from the world making you order online? But, you are also searching for the trendy, elegant, and affordable piece for your collection? If yes, then you must have heard about ossare.com. Have not yet? The online store claims to offer the top-quality and finest jewelry at the best rates. But before placing an order on this platform, you must learn more about it. Be relaxed. Our oarse jewelry reviews help you buy the perfect piece of jewelry. In this section, you will find all things about their jewelry, from pricing to quality. What are their customer reviews and much more?

About Oarse Jewellery

Oarse is the online store that recently started trading in both men’s and women’s jewelry like:

  1. Necklaces
  2. Rings
  3. Bracelets
  4. Key chains
  5. Earrings 
  6. More

Here one gets to enjoy the special updates on items, discounts, and much more.
Oarse sells the jewelry online and does not have any stores or offices. What makes it best for others is that they are client-oriented. They have the team and the equipment that customize the jewelry per customer demands.

Their handwriting and names necklaces are the best, and their team customizes them as per the need and demands of the buyers. They also offer custom engraved coordinate necklaces for him or her. There is a long list of the jewelry they are offering. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Projection Necklaces
  2. Shaped Necklaces
  3. Locket Necklaces
  4. Handwriting Necklaces
  5. Name Necklaces
  6. Coordinate Necklaces
  7. Family Tree Necklaces


  1. Projection Bracelet
  2. Couple Bracelets
  3. Coordinate Bracelets
  4. Medical Bracelets

So, you require the medical bracelets or the couple bracelet where you want to connect yourself with your partner.

Here at this site, you can find magnet bracelets with initials that bring a smile to your partner’s face. They offer the best couple jewelry perfect for saving special moments by engraving. 

Do we advise you to buy jewelry from this website? Here are oarse jewelry reviews in depth that will help you in making the right decision

Feature of Oarse Jewelry

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oarse-jewelry-review 2

Many online sites sell the jewelry at the best rates, but what makes the oarse the best store in the town for the jewelry. Pricing, quality, and other are the top features of their jewelry that makes it best among others in the sector:
Pricing: Let us start with the price. When buying anything online, the main element is the item’s price. In the oarse jewelry section, you can see various discounts offers like:

  • On the purchase of dollar 89nyou can enjoy 10 percent off
  • get straight 20 percent off against 140 dollar
  • 50% off on the order of 240$

The prices are affordable, and the deals are great.

Product Quality

When you study the customer reviews and the buyer’s feedback, they are great! It shows that the quality of the jewelry is great. The customization choice makes it the best.


Here comes the next feature of their jewelry. Oarse knows the demands of the buyers and wants to make them special. Many online stores sell similar items f great quality. But this store offers custom jewelry to the client. You can for the handwriting or engraved necklace, the magnet bracelet with the initials, and much more. You only need to provide them with the text you want to print on the jewelry. It is the perfect item to save your special moment in words.

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How to use or order it?

Now you must think about how to order the perfect piece for yourself and your loved ones. All you need is to click on the item that you like ordered. Choose the following:

  • Color
  • Quantity
  • Single or double side (for writing)
  • You can also add the gift box of your choice (not free)

Now hit add to cart, and they proceed to the checkout.

They have a section where you can type the name you want to print on the pander, bracelet, and others.

The shipping cost is calculated at the time of placing the order. 

But before placing the orders, move to the next sections.

Promotion and Discount

They offer various alluring discounts and promotions to their customers:
Use Code: 10OFF on the first purchase.

  • You can enjoy a flat 10 percent off on the purchase of 89 dollar
  • enjoy 20 percent off against the order worth 140 dollar
  • straight 50 percent off on the order of 240 dollar

These are discounts that can make the item highly cost-effective.

Is it Legit: Can you buy the jewelry from oarse


This store offers a wide range of jewelry collections, from earrings to rings and necklaces to bracelets. You can even get here customization choices from this online site. It is the perfect gift for your loved ones. 

There are various customer reviews about their jewelry. This piece never oxidizes with time and is with you for a longer time. The quality is fine and hypo-allergic. Yes, it is a great item with the best discounts.

Customer Reviews

There is a great review about this item on their official website and loox.io. It seems that buyers are happy with the quality and service of the store. Some buyers reported a long wait, but it is worth it.



  • Available in various colors
  • You get any jewelry item, from bracelets to earrings
  • Custom jewelry
  • Discounts and promotions on the jewelry
  • The gift box is accessible


  • Delivery can take a little longer.
  • Gift boxes are not free.


Is the jewelry customizable?

Yes, their jewelry is customizable.

Is it of top quality?

They use quality material in the making of these pieces.

Is it hypo-allergic?

Yes, it is hypo-allergic.

Final Verdict

Our oarse jewelry reviews find that the jewelry from the oarse store is top-quality. Indeed the shipping takes longer, but the wait is worth it. The best part about these jewelry items is that buyers can personalize them by writing or printing the images on the bracelets and necklaces.