Pink Laura Clothing Reviews: Is It A Legit Store For Women Clothing?

Pink Laura Reviews

Are you planning to buy some clothing for the summer season? If so, you’ve probably heard of the pink Laura clothing. Can you trust this online name? We recommend that you conduct detailed pink Laura clothing reviews

What is this store all about? It is an online women’s clothing store. Here you will find various articles like dresses, tees, and more. You can buy anything from top to bottom; it has a variety of dresses. You name it, they have it.

Furthermore, they have a huge collection of socks. The best part is that it has separate sections for each item. It offers travelers the best shopping experiences.

Various clothing stores offer a notable collection of attire. There, you can buy quality clothing. Some offer their services at the best rates, but others are expensive. Of course, people go for the brand that sells the articles at a low price. But here, you need to be careful about the quality of the product. For this reason, we advise you to read the reviews. 

We focus on customer feedback about the products in the pink Laura clothing reviews. Do they offer a huge variety of clothing? What are the prices? So are you eager to explore this site?

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What is the most important feature of an e-commerce website?

So, certain things make the site trustworthy, whether it’s the women’s clothing and accessories store, the Pink Laura clothing reviews, or any other e-commerce website. We have noted the points below that make the site look alluring and build trust among buyers and the firm. So do read the points discussed below.

Here are some vital elements every e-commerce website must include in 2023.

  1. Responsive Website Design 
  2. User-Friendly Navigation. 
  3. Multiple security features 
  4. Shopping Cart and Checkout Buttons
  5. Offer multiple payment options.
  6. Detailed Shipping and Return Information
  7. High-quality photos and videos

So, these are the points that make any website the best or the worst. Buyers always look for a website that has great policies. Especially for new brands like Pink Laura clothing, detailed customer care, and shipping policy data must be provided. It will help buyers learn about the brand.

In this pink laura clothing review, we have worked on various aspects of the brand. So are you ready to unveil all the points and determine whether the brand is legit?

About Pink Laura Clothing

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Pink Laura Clothing

Pinklaura is the hyped clothing name dedicated to creating self-confidence and sharing dreams with youthful women. Their goal is to create a future for women globally. Their items are motivated by the top trends in fashion, street fashion, and pop culture. They are present in social life on various occasions, making it more fashionable for the Pinklaura girls.

 They are an apparel factory from China specializing in women’s garments because they have an experienced design crew and a safe and eco-friendly production factory. This brand has many years of experience in B2B global bulk trade. They are now soft opening their B2C online sales site.


Pink Laura Clothing Reviews Legit Or Scam

Is there a discount?

  • There is a great discount.
  • Enjoy an extra 10% OFF, Code: PIN10

What is their return policy?

There is no separate section and details about it.    

Do they offer free shipping?

  1. Standard Shipping: USD 5.99
  2. Express Shipping: USD 7.99
  3. Worldwide Free Shipping Over $69.9

Is it a U.S.-based brand?

It is a China-Based name.

How do you contact them?

Contact them via

Which items can you return?

There is no detail about it.

Do they offer a free return?

There is no detail about it.

Pink Laura Clothing Reviews By Buyers

Customer feedback is a must for any online name. Here we have tired of studying the pink laura clothing reviews. Unfrtounaly there needs to be feedback from the buyers on the official website.

Further, they still need to register this store on the platform like trust pilot and site jabber. So, this site is new, and it needs some reviews.

Pros and Cons



  • Free shipping.
  • Great discounts.
  • The great detail about the brand.


  • There is no review.
  • There need to be details about return and exchange.

The Final Verdict (Pink Laura Clothing Reviews)

Here is our final verdict on this store. It is a women’s clothing store. The origin of this brand is China. They have mentioned it in their about us section. It is the new name in the sector, and they are promoting this brand. 

This brand is legit, but it is new. There need to be more reviews from the buyers about the store. We advise you to wait a little more to get more reviews from the buyers.

17 Reviews

  1. This company is a total scam! They used stolen video of a product from a small business in the US which I didn’t know until after clicking purchase. Then, I received no tracking info for over a week despite the website saying 5-7 day shipping. When I reached out k was told it would be 2-3 more weeks. I asked them to cancel the order. Instead they offered a discount. I asked them again to cancel the order. They told me oh just wait it’s coming. I asked a third time to cancel and refund my money immediately and suddenly they send a tracking number but that number leads absolutely nowhere!! I’ve filed complaints with Facebook for allowing their ads and with PayPal. Save yourself some money and a giant headache and avoid them at all costs.

  2. I recently received two items I ordered from them and are completely disappointed with the quality! It’s so cheaply made it’s horrible just junk 😡now I’ve been trying to get a refund and they keep telling me they will just give me a discount on the items and not a refund. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY

  3. I wish I saw these reviews before! I am having the exact issues already mentioned. Sizes too small even though I measured myself to make sure I got the correct fit. Shirts too tight (and short), pants above my ankle and waist ridiculously too small. When contacted them for a return – I get the request for my measurements and photos of the garments received. On pushing back, I get the offer of 10% refund rather than returning them. Quote: ” We support returns but we are not cover customer’s return shipping.
    Return shipping costs are generally around 75 USD”. Now they want me to send measurements of the actual garments received! quote: “Then can you measure the size of the products and provide me with the corresponding measurement pictures? Because I need the corresponding measurement pictures to feed back to the factory and warehouse.”
    It is obvious this is just one big scam, and I won’t be getting my money back – Lesson learnt!

  4. I placed a bad review on page and they changed my review to a positive review and still used my name. Buyer beware! Fabric and styles on their website are not what you’ll actually receive and shipping takes 1-2 months.

  5. I ordered two colors of the same boho dress. Their website included a video of a model wearing the dress so you could tell the material was very stretchy on the model. This scam of a company mailed me somewhat of a similar type dress in two different materials. The red one is a paper thin silky material and the blue one is a cheap t-shirt material. I emailed the company last week and still waiting for a response. I ended up filing a fraud complaint with my credit card company for reimbursement.
    Buyer Beware. Do NOT BUY FROM PinkLaura.

  6. ordered 3 items from this company. All items were made of terribly. Strings hanging from everywhere, fabric super thin, and sizes are all jacked up. I ordered a Small regular based on the sizing chart. The pants went at least 1.5″ above my ankle. The fabric on the stretchy onesie jumpsuit was not stretchy or big like depicted on the pictures and video. I emailed trying to return and they beat around the bush and basically have refused to send a return address. They also told me if I decided to return it it would cost me $70 for shipping and they wont pay for it. That I would be better off taking a 10% refund or giving them to a friend or thrift store. $85 down the drain! I when your a single mom of 3 wasting money isn’t an option. I HOPE EVERYONE READS THESE REVIEWS BEFORE PURCHASING

  7. I wish I had found this site before ordering pants. Their sizes are way off so the pants I receive are sooo small. They sent the email asking for measurements and stating that returns are on me but would cost an average of $60.00 USD. The two style of pants I wanted don’t come in my measurements (and if they did on their size chart I seriously doubt they would be correct) Nowhere on the website do they mention that you return items back to China! Just that they will refund your return. The offered 10% partial refund to keep the pants. When I responded to go ahead and do that, they have countered with 15% partial refund or send them $10 and they will send me two pair of a different style of pants in my measurements. Just what I need, to send more money to get more pants that don’t fit and that I can’t return. I’m going to accept the 15% refund, take the considerable loss and donate the pants that don’t fit. We have a very nice organization that will find a good home for them. Caveat emptor!

    1. that happened to me too, i payed 50 dlls to receive my correct size pants, and they are the same, (4 pair of pants) and they all came short, so far i’ve lost 150 dlls and i have 8 pair of pants that i cant use and they’re very poorly made, very upset abouti it

  8. Poor quality and even Worse service! Ordered two pairs of pants. Sized way too small. I’ve been emailing them about a return and they don’t reply.

  9. Don’t order!! Poor quality and if you want to return the items it will cost you more in shipping than the cost of the items.

  10. A complete waste of money!!! I ordered two pair of pants by the sizing chart. After two months of waiting they finally arrived. The so called medium is more like an extra small. I emailed the company in which they asked what my measurements are. I sent them and the response back was that each site varies on sizes and I could send them back paying 40.00 for return shipping. They also stated I could order another size with a 15% discount.

  11. Stick with Shein! Pinklaura is a joke! I got my purchase and wanted to return it and the only way is to email them! This is the 5th day since i emailed them but no reaponse!what a scam

  12. Do not purchase from this site, returns are allowed up to 14 days of purchase date. It took 14 days just for receive it!
    Poor poor quality as well!
    I highly recommend NOT buying/ordering from this company unless you are sure you won’t need to return.

  13. I would not buy from this site again. I waited over 3 weeks for the product to ship. When I finally did receive tracking, the site wouldn’t come up with any information. The full length pants I see all over Instagram were nice, but I received completely the wrong size. I’m 5′ 7″, so I ordered a size 8 Long, they are above my ankles. When I contacted this is the response I received 2 days later:
    Dear buyer,

    Thanks for your email.

    glad to serve you
    I’m very sorry for the trouble and inconvenience caused to you
    I’m very sorry to hear this news
    Could you provide me with your bust、waist、hip measurements and waist to ankle length ?
    I will solve this problem for you better and faster
    Looking forward to your reply

    PS & Kindly Reminder: Please do not send the item back until we authorize the return with the returning address in the email.
    Also, the address on the package is not our returning address, do not send the package to that address, or we will not be responsible for the loss.

    Best regards,
    Customer service center

  14. Do not recommend this site. Clothes are low quality and the sizing is not to spec.
    I emailed them straight away to return my purchase for a refund and they keep stalling by refusing to give me their address.
    Stay away from this site.

  15. Hi, there is an inaccuracy in this post. They do have a detailed, separate section outlining as return and refund policy.

    1. I would never buy from this sit again. Ordered – and I did not see a return section – other than to send them an email – the response was a list of questions – I suspect so that they can find an excuse for not accepting a response. The size was at least 3 sizes too small and the fabric was horrible. I would not Recommend!!

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