Review: Safe Website To Buy Gaming Items? or Another Scam reviews

This article reviews a gaming website selling video games from famous manufacturers Nintendo, Sony, and Xbox. You must have tripped over if you are in the United States and looking for the best Xbox deals.

This new site is attracting game lovers by displaying top game offers at affectioning prices.

Here, we share a playworket com review, with brief details about their products, deals they are offering, and most importantly, if it is a legit site.

Stay with us to decide if you are going to trust this site or not.

All About

Games fever has spread in the whole world. The invention of Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and video games have gripped the world tightly.

The newly developed website,, is catering to these addicted game lovers. The site is setup in three sections serving Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Currently, their black Friday sale is on with exclusive discounts, pretty attractive. Following are some more features detail of the website.

Specification of

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  • Type: website selling video games and other accessories
  • Website Url:
  • Serves in: they deliver worldwide
  • Delivery time: 1 to 6 weeks to deliver in the whole world
  • Exchange and Return policy: the site claims to accept the returning of the item within 14 days. Additionally, they also offer a 30 days warranty for free repairing. You need to send back the product within 14 days to exchange it, and the price adjustment will be according to the products. Lastly, the customer will bear the expense of the exchange.
  • Refund Policy: a complete payment refund is possible only if the unused product is returned in 5 days.
  • Cancellation Policy: the site has not defined any cancellation detailed on their website
  • Contact details (Email):
  • Contact number: 570-517-4896
  • Payment Method: PayPal is preferred to make the payments
  • However, other cards, including JCB, Diner’s Club, Mastercard, and Visas, are acceptable here.
  • Office Address: 8800 Nagle Ave, Arleta, California 91331, United States of America

Pros and Cons

Like every other e-store, this site also portrays some positive aspects, but at the same time, some dubious lousy stuff is also present. Let’s have a look at both elements of the website.



  • It showcases every product; gamers dream about all the time.
  • Not just the games but all the necessary items (games accessories) are also available in-store.
  • It offers top deals at affordable prices.
  • Its services are not just limited to the United States, but it caters the game lovers around the globe.
  • It gives a 30 days warranty for repairment and 15 days warranty for refund or exchange.
  • Significant policies are well-explained in the website.


  • We found the website just a few days old.
  • No dedicated server is being attached to the website.
  • The site is registered in DDressforsale domain.
  • Since the website is new, there is no customer review.
  • The website doe not speak about the company, owners, affiliation, or stuff like this.

Is is a safe source to buy video games?

Firstly, the website is entirely new in the market without any customer review and feedback, which is not giving a cheerful expression.

This website has made the place without delivering enough products and getting back the reviews, making it suspicious.

Secondly, this website is registered in the domain “DDressforsale.” The ddressforsale is highly suspicious in the United States and maintains several websites which only last for 3 to 4 months. They exist in the market after this specific period.

Thirdly, Nintendo has claimed negative remarks about websites serving in the domain of ‘DDressforsale’, and all those websites ended up as a scam. This site has more chances to be one of them.

What customer says about this website?

While going through the reviews, sadly we ended up with nothing.

The site does not hold any single review about them. In this case, we cannot trust the legitimacy of the website. Whereas, the search engine displays two studies.

One of the persons shared a personal experience of a money scam on this website. Keeping all this in mind, we would ask our readers and their potential buyers to stay at a distance from this website.

Final Words

This site is a scam. We did not find reviews, other than two, about it, but by looking at the history of creators, we came up to this point and declared it as a fraud.

The United States is gripped by fraudulent website creators, who recreates websites, dupe with people, and disappear.

We would request our readers to stay away from this and buy the stuff from websites that have spent at least six months.