Power Legs Massager By PowerFit – Best Vibration & Acupressure System For Legs And Feet?

power legs massager reviews

Power legs foot massager is an innovative foot massager that uses acupressure massage heads to help you get rid of aching feet. This little machine comes with a remote, and all you have to do is put your foot up after a long tiring day. Just select the desired vibration level and let the massager do its magic.

Had a tiring day at work? Maybe you are a housewife who is on her toes all day long?

Or perhaps you are an elderly who is in need of a long nice foot massage every day to help with tired feet and legs?

Your age doesn’t matter. I believe everyone deserves a nice long foot massage at the end of the day.

According to WebMD, foot massage activates the nervous system and produces brain chemicals like endorphins. It also helps with circulation and keeps your muscles and tissues healthy.

For people who are constantly suffering from foot pain, having a great massager is a no-brainer.

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With a saturated massager market, getting the right kind of massager can prove to be a difficult task.

So here we are with a power leg massager review so you can decide if investing on this massager is worth your money?

What is Power Leg Massager, and How does it work?

Power leg massager is a unique massager machine with a vibration platform that helps soothe the pain in your foot and legs.

You may also like Power Legs Massager By PowerFit – Best Vibration & Acupressure System For Legs And Feet?

We know this massager from a famous TV commercial. Many people are intrigued after watching the said commercial and want to try the massager to get all the benefits shown on the TV.

But the question here is: is power leg massager work exactly as shown on TV?

We will get down to that but first, let’s see how this massager works.

This massager comes with remote control, and you can easily control the vibration as per your requirement without reaching down all the time.

It is easy to use and convenient to move around as it is quite compact so you can take it anywhere you go, which is a huge plus.

Sadly it doesn’t come with a built-in battery. Just plug it in, and it will start vibrating.

Equipped with two silicone acupressure heads, this massager reinvigorates your tired feet and aching legs quite effectively.

Having a foot spa after a long hectic day from the comfort of your couch or bed doesn’t sound so bad, right?

What is Unique about Power Leg Massager?

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Power leg massager stands out from other massage machines because it combines the vibration and massage techniques to help strengthen the leg muscles.

Instead of the rolling balls, it comes with innovative acupressure heads that tone and strengthens your leg muscles.

You can also switch modes to enjoy a relaxing massage afterward to increase blood flow and circulation to help with muscle recovery.

What does Research say about vibrating massage?

Before investing in power leg massager, you need to know whether vibration massager works for foot aches or not?

According to a study, muscle soreness can occur due to many reasons, one of which is aging.

The study showed that ‘’Vibration therapy improves muscular strength, power development, kinesthetic awareness, decreased muscle sore, increased range of motion, and increased blood flow under the skin.”

However, it is concluded that the need for more research in this area is still required to be assured of the long-term benefits of vibration therapy.

Features of Power Leg Massager

  • Equipped with acupressure heads that emits vibrations at the targeted pressure point of your feet, power legs massager is an innovative machine to take care of your foot and leg pains.
  • Comes with different speed settings, up to 10 levels. You can choose any vibration setting that suits your individual needs.
  • Re-energize your legs and calves and give it a much-needed boost by helping blood circulate. Not only does it improve your leg pain, but it also enables you to sleep better, stay relaxed and energized while eliminating stress.
  • Comes with remote control through which you can conveniently adjust the intensity level of massage without reaching for the machine over and over again.


  • Comes with acupressure heads
  • Foot and leg massage from the comfort of your home
  • Easy to use, portable
  • Helps with blood circulation
  • Strengthen and tones leg muscles
  • 10 massage levels to choose from


  • Available in only one color
  • Made of low-quality plastic

Customer Reviews

Manufacturers can claim all they want but its customer reviews that matter most to us while recommending a product.

Ashley from Washington says:

At first, I did not like the noise, and I think your description should mention it. So I have the impulse to return it. But after I used it for around 5 days, I do not know why, but I could not notice the noise any longer. This power leg massager impressed me the most is its effects. My back pain was greatly relieved, which seriously affects my sleeping for several months, But now I could sleep well all night.’’

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Wrap up

We always try our best to come up with reliable products that provide great value for your money.

The Power leg massager indeed looks like a dream massager for people suffering from foot pain.

Although the manufacturer claims that it is a high-quality machine, some customers report that the plastic housing is made of cheap plastic.

Moreover, many people received faulty products that didn’t work at all.

The remote control also doesn’t work according to many people.

There are some positive and some negative reviews of power leg massager on the internet.

We hope that our power legs massager review will help you make an informed decision based on the fact and figures.

If you receive a faulty massager and want to return it, you need to pay the shipping charges and can return it without a problem.