Quirre Shop Legit: Is It A Reliable Website?

Quirre Shop

Having a beach house or going to a beach party is the best time of every summer. Swimming, skating, and arranging a dinner are some of the specialties of such outings. It would be best if you gathered some economic kinds of stuff for planning such fun parties. Paddle boards, power stations, cookers, and microwaves make it exquisite and complete your stay. 

However, finding everything for your beach house and the party is pretty difficult. It is quite rare to find all these items in a single store. So, here we bring you quirre shop legit reviews which claim to offer you various products. Let’s have a detailed look to see if it is legit or not.

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About Quirre Shop Legit

Quirre Shop1

Quirre Shop is an online store that provides a good variety of different items. The store is present in Indiana, US. They manufacture and provide you with a good collection of water sports items. You can now get paddle boards and all the necessary maintenance equipment. 

Furthermore, this online store has a good electric and kitchen appliance collection. The Quirre store has a juicer, blenders, pizza kits, pans, and much more. Thus, it is the best go-to place for finding every appliance for your home in the city or a beach house. 

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Is the website legit?

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The main question is if this website is fake or not. Let us list down certain points to conclude whether it’s a legit site.

Website Registration

The Quirre shop website was registered recently in July 2022. This makes it a pretty new website as it has no reviews. It was recently launched, so the chances of its being legit is low. 

Social Media Handles

The website has no social media pages as every online business now works on promotion through Instagram and Facebook. However, this website has no such pages or interaction with its clients. 

No security

 The information you provide while ordering is not secure. As it lacks connections with McAfee, we can’t say it’s safe.

Store information: 

The address provided on the official website is not true. The Google map does not show any such location of Quirre Shop at the provided address. There is a probability that it’s a random family address, which is why Google is not showing any outlet locations here. Furthermore, the given email address is also not functional. You will not get any response by email.

Quirre Shop3

Incomplete information

 They have not provided any shipping policy or delivery details on their page. This is unacceptable as it is one of the important pieces of information that must be available on the website.

The above points put you in a highly suspicious condition. It is a very rare possibility that the website is not a scam. However, let’s dig a bit deeper. 

Contact Number

The most important factor is that every website provides a phone number. It helps you contact them in an emergency regarding your delivery issue. However, Quirre shop has not given their phone number, and it is impossible to contact them.

Delivery time

The parcel is dispatched within 1-2 working days. You will receive it pretty soon, within a few days.

Discount offer

If you visit the official page of Quirre Shop, you can observe a good discount. Yes, they are offering a direct 50% discount on their items. This is something insane. Normally, people do not sell their authentic expensive products at such cheap rates.

Product Description

You can find complete attributes about every item. You only need to click on the desired product. The number of items left, pictures, and detailed reports are available. 

Customer Reviews: Is this a scam?

Quirre Shop legit or scam

The official website of Quirre does not have any reviews. Similarly, we also searched across TrustPilot but in vain. It is also showing zero responses. It is because the website is pretty new and has had few buyers in this period.

Trusted reviews are also showing, not showing anything. However, we have a savior here. YouTube has a video on this topic. It is completely calling this website a scam. According to them, they are selling out of cheap items at their original prices. They send fake or poor things to confirm that the parcel has been delivered. 



  • It has a good range of items.
  • A good discount is being offered.
  • They offer fast shipping with a money-back guarantee.


  • There is a security risk.
  • The domain life expectancy is low.
  • The trust index is only 1%
  • No complete and proper data is provided on the website.
  • It isn’t easy to find even a single review about it.

Bottom Line

We bring you quirre shop reviews to find a good online store. The website is poorly managed, and no accurate details are given. There are several points that it lacks, making it highly suspicious. You cannot find any customer reaction as it has recently launched. Thus, we will not recommend you buy from here. However, you can also do some of your own research before buying. 

3 Reviews

  1. We have been robbed! 😡 No product no reply. No money back. Wow 😣 so sad that honestly is a thing of the past. I tried to get back on the website. There is a bunch of writing in Chinese and it now says that it’s an insecure network. Hopefully this helps others not make the same mistake that I did.

  2. I ordered an Edger, for my son, on Sept 16 2022, and I have not received it. Price $42 dollars and change and they charged my son’s account that same night. Emailed to a lady’s email address, 3 times, but no response. Sent another email to support@quirre.shop but it was returned. I really think this is a scam site. I’d like to cancel and get my son’s money back but don’t know where to go to do that. TERRIBLE SCAM SO-CALLED COMPANY.

  3. On Sept 16, 2022 I ordered a Barbie Dollhouse from Quirre and paid $68.98 for it. I have not received anything from them except notification that my order was being processed for shipment the next day. Since then, I have made several attempts to contact Quirre with negative results. The email address they show on the website is bogus. Sent them a letter, no contact. Have not received my product and at this time do not expect to. I truly believe this site is a SCAM.

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