Rarecloths.com Review – Best Trendy Summer Wears For Men or a Scam Website?

rarecloths com reviews

Are you looking to buy some trendy summer outfits? or do you love to have a collection of alluring beach wear shirts? If yes! then you are very welcome to our encompassing Rarecloths com Reviews.

As summer is approaching every man loves to buy trendy summer wear items. But we must check the authenticity of the website before buying from them. So today we are reviewing Rarecloths.com So let’ start

Best Items On Amazon

Lucky Paradise Mens Camp Shirt, Vintage Cuban Style Bowling Shirt ~ Schrader
Lucky Paradise Mens Camp Shirt, Vintage Cuban Style Bowling Shirt ~ Schrader
Bugatchi Men's Tailored Fit Geo Printed Long Sleeve Spread Collar Shirt
Bugatchi Men’s Tailored Fit Geo Printed Long Sleeve Spread Collar Shirt
Billabong Men's Sundays Woven Floral and Small Scale Printed Pattern Short Sleeve Shirt
Billabong Men’s Sundays Woven Floral and Small Scale Printed Pattern Short Sleeve Shirt
Tori Richard Boat Day Aloha Hawaiian Shirt, Regular Fit Short Sleeve Mens Top
Tori Richard Boat Day Aloha Hawaiian Shirt, Regular Fit Short Sleeve Mens Top

What is Rarecloths com?

Rarecloths is an online fashion store for men that claims to sell casual cotton shirts, shorts, short sleeves shirts and men’s accessories at the cheapest prices. They claim to sell original, high quality and exclusive fashion products from independent designers.

Specifications of Rarecloths com

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  • Website URL: https://rarecloths.com/
  • Product It offers: Casual shirts, Short sleeve shirts, T-shirts, Shorts & Accessories for men
  • Contact Number: Not Specified
  • Customer Support Email id: service@rarecloths.com
  • Company Office Address: Not Specified
  • Domain Creation Date: 2020-11-01
  • Payment Module: Visa, MasterCard and Paypal
  • Order Tracking Facility: Available
  • Newsletter Service: Available
  • Order Cancellation Feature: Available within 24 hours of the order
  • Delivery Time: 13-23 business days
  • Refund Policy: Fast refund within a week
  • Return Policy: According to Rarecloths com Reviews, the items except swimwears、bags & accessories can be returned within 15 days of the purchase but the items must be unused and in their original condition.

Now let’s check out Pros & Cons of Rarecloths com Reviews



  • Valid HTTPS connection
  • Valid SSL certificate
  • Price looks friendly
  • The items look trendy and in unique designs
  • Huge variety of items available
  • The web interface looks professional
  • Average trust score of 75%


  • Contact Number not listed
  • Office Address is not given
  • No real buyer reviews available
  • Trust score is very low
  • A domain name is recently changed
  • Late Item Delivery Tie

Is Rarecloths com Legit or Scam?

Rarecloths com reviews is taking huge rounds over the internet and most of the online buyers wants to know whether they can trust this site or not. So we found some facts:

  • The office address is not given on the official website which is highly suspicious.
  • The domain age is 150 days old but this only does not justify its authenticity.
  • The trust score of Rarecloths com is 75% which looks just OKAY.
  • No real customer reviews are available on the official website nor over the internet.
  • The social media presence is completely missing although they have a Facebook page.

All these points signify that this store looks legit but at the same point, it lacks to provide vital information like company address and its owner. So this could be a scam or an authentic source we can say after some time. Until then it is up to you whether you want to buy from this site or not.

Customer Reviews

The Rarecloths.com website does not have any customer reviews enlisted and there are no ratings available on the official website. Even after doing some extensive research over the internet, we were unable to find a single customer review nor on social media. Also, the products look attractive. There is no presence on Trustpilot.com which is a legit source for online shopping reviews.

Wrap Up

Wrapping up this Rarecloths com Reviews, we have provided almost all the information regarding this website. Now the choice is yours whether you want to shop from this website or not. But we advise you to buy from a more reliable source like AMAZON.

We DO NOT RECOMMEND buying this product from their website.
We suggest you buy from a big marketplace like AMAZON. If you already bought it please share your review and help others.

14 Reviews

  1. Ordered last May and received 7 shirts and a ring. All were great and we were very happy with them. Took awhile to get here. Loved all the graphics and recommended them to everyone who asked where we got them. Unfortunately it seems the website is now “Expired” whatever that means.

  2. I ordered a shirt from Rarecloths for a Christmas present and sought to exchange it for a larger size. They refused because they said it was after their 15 day return policy. Needless to say I’m never going to give them business again and I encourage others to stay away from their products.

  3. Ordered 4 shirts based on corresponding size chart. All shirts were correct design ordered. Two shirts were the correct size and two were about 3 sizes too small. The two shirts in question had their size tags removed so I could not determine shirt size. Through email they offered me a 15% refund or I can ship back with tracking at my expense $100+ to Guangzhou, China. I’m demanding a full refund with them paying return shipping as they sent the wrong sized item. Waiting for a reply. Beware!!

  4. Waited 5 weeks for the shirt to arrive. Very thin material. I emailed them to say I am wanted to return the item. They responded within 2 days. They offered a 15% refund or I could ship the item back to China at my expense, shipping, customs fees, etc. I wouldn’t recommend this company. There are many reliable places to buy clothing on the internet.

  5. I bought two shirts through a Facebook advert..they are terrible..cheap polyester material..poor quality..one arrived covered in green mould..advertised as mens shirts but button on the left ( mens shirts button from the right ) the sizeing is way out xxlarge is at best medium..took nearly six weeks to arrive..I’ve also learnt the designs are stolen..I would never recommend anyone to buy from rare cloths..

  6. I was a fool, loved the designs and ordered shirts without checking out the website on sites like this one. They were printed on cheap polyester, not cotton as advertised, badly made, and the sizing was not even close to what was advertised. Now I learn they stole the designs too. What a bunch of crooks. I will be getting my money back from my credit card though, but have already spent one evening taking photos and documenting screen shots to be able to claim the money back. Learned my lesson.

  7. Here I am 5 weeks into a single shirt order and NO SHIRT! I have inquired twice to rarecloths service dept and the first time was told there was a delay and they would compensate me 15% AFTER I recvd my order. Then on my 2nd inquiry their excuse for the delay was it was due to high demand and they sweetened the pot by saying I could get a 20% refund again, AFTER, I took delivery. Do you see a pattern here?
    Folks this is a scam outfit. Good thing I have minimal $$ invested in this order. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM RARECLOTHS!

  8. I purchased a shirt from this site. It arrived when I was out of town, and my wife wasn’t expecting it. I said yeah, go ahead and open it, and tell me how the quality is. She said the stitchwork was terrible. I just wore it for the first time today, and yes, she was right. I had to trim off several thread ends. The fabric looks and feels great, but the stitching makes me wonder if it was made by enslaved labor. It was only like $25, but that last thought sticks in my head.

  9. Once again, made in F***I know in the world and sizes are totally off! An XL is a small.. a Medium is a small kids’ size. But did also buy accessories (bracelet and sunglasses) and they were OK. Waste of time trying to return as I only received partial order and would have to pay for serveral returns. NOPE.. do not buy!

  10. Shipping is a disaster, and communication worse. Do not buy from this company. Plenty of other clothing stores out there that deserve your business. Rarecloths does not.

  11. Placed an order and cancelled it a day later, received a full refund after a week. Emails were promptly answered and have no complaints with rarecloths.com.

  12. Buyer beware:
    The rarecloths.com website claims to “offer our customers original, high quality and exclusive fashion products from independent designers.” But they do not say
    that the designs are used without the permission of those independent
    designers. This site uses many of my designs without my permission as the copyright holder. These designs were copied from my shop on the Spoonflower.com website. Most of the shirts sold on this site were copied from the shops of various independent designers on Spoonflower, and are used by rarecloths.com illegally. The rarecloths.com business model is based on intellectual property theft; please do not support them.

    Thank you,

    Repeatedly Ripped-Off

    1. I ordered, and just received the shirt based on your cozy cat den design. First — it’s a great design — but I’m sorry that your designs have been ripped off. Second: do you know anyone who is selling shirts who are legitimately using your designs?

    2. I was just filling the online shopping cart with shirts having such great 1960s style designs when I decided to check customer reviews. It is disappointing. Where can I buy shirts with your designs? I checked spooflower.com to no avail.

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