Rubmd: Is It A Reliable Platform For Finding Local Massage Therapists?

Rubmd reviews

Do you feel stressed after a long working day? Is your working routine pretty hectic? Mostly,  9-to-5 jobs make you tired, and more than weekends are needed for that stress to wear off. Thus, people prefer visiting massage therapists. It’s the best way to relax and reduce stress. It makes your body alive all over again and gives you new energy. But how do you find a good massage therapist in the USA?

Rubmd is one of the massage places that claim to provide the best services in town. You can get rid of all your stress in a single visit. It aims to help people initiate a fresh start to the week. But does it provide such good services? We bring you rubmd reviews to determine their quality of work.

Let us look at the details of the website. Further, we will look for its authenticity by referring to some client reviews.

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About Rubmd

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Rubmd is a massage directory that aims to provide good services in town. Such good therapies are beneficial for your physical and mental health. It recharges you for the next day of work and keeps you fresh all weekend. 

It is an online platform that helps you connect with your nearby therapist. It operates in almost all cities around the US. However, you always need to make appointments before visiting them.

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Although rubmd provides its services in most areas, some places are famous for it. It includes San Diego, Atlanta, Chicago, New York, and Dallas.

How to use the Rubmd platform

Rubmd is an online website that works easily. You only need to go through the following steps here.

  1. First, visit the official website of Rubmd.
  2. Then see the locals visiting that are near you.
  3. You can see various good therapists’ names along with the reviews.
  4. Choose the one that has the best reviews from other customers.
  5. You can quickly make an appointment with them.
  6. Now, get ready for a stressful week after visiting the therapist.

Charges at Rubmd

Rubmd legit or scam

Charges for massage therapy may vary from one therapist to another. It also depends on the services you use. ( You can check the charge’s details with the provider before making an appointment.

Payment details

There are no simple accounts applicable to pay at Rubmd. Rather, you need to pay through Bitcoin. It is hard as not everyone has it. Thus, you can use CashApp, Coinbase, and BitQuick to convert your money into bitcoin. Thus, it gets easier to pay now. 

Payment Confirmation

You can pay online bitcoins through your card. However, the confirmation message usually takes at least 30 minutes. Thus, do wait for the verification message to confirm your booking.

Account Sign up on Rubmd

You can easily create an account on Rubmd. However, there are two options. One is to make an account as a client. The other one is for massage therapists who want to offer their services through this platform. You need to be careful while making an account on it.

Therapist Listing platform at Rubmd

It is a national platform providing its services across the United States. Thus, you can also use this platform to list your therapy business. Rubmd charges only $10 for every ad post and, thus, helps you expand your business within their client’s circle.

Thus, the process is pretty simple. You can make an account and click on “My Adds.” Then fill in the details and set the setting to “Published.” The $10 needs to be paid once for publishing it.

Is Rubmd legit?

The website domain is more than a year old. This shows that the website has good traffic overall. Thus, we looked at scam detectors. It shows a rating of 58.9 because it uses an intelligent logarithm. The website is popular and also has valid HTTPS. 

However, the website needs to be properly designed and still needs certain elements to be displayed more clearly.

Customer Reviews: Are they satisfied?

The official website has yet to even get a single from the previous clients. The domain is old and has good traffic, so they must have clients come by more often. But they have yet to review Rubmd.

Furthermore, there are no ratings on TrustPilot and trusted reviews.

Pros and Cons

Let us summarize our findings below.



  • It provides services across all the cities listed on the website.
  • It is easy to use and find new clients.
  • You can look for reviews from other users for that specific therapist.


  • The website needs to be properly managed.
  • The scam detector rates it pretty average.
  • There are no reviews about the website’s functionality.

Final Verdict

We bring you today with rubmd reviews. Most people ask if it is a reliable platform for finding a local massage therapist. So yes, you can find many local therapists here. Every therapist has certain comments from previous clients, making judgment easy. Although the website has certain flaws, staying relaxed is also important. Thus, we recommend you at least give it a try.

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  1. Hmm seems that they scrapped my ads from and adultsearch because I provide only tantra no anything else

  2. I was contacted by someone claiming to be in the cartel, threatening me and my family sent me very graphic photos of dead mutilated bodies saying since i didn’t meet up with a girl i now owe money 3000$ or they will cut off my head and harm my family. FUCKING SCAM

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