Ryabe Clothing Reviews: Is This A Perfect Choice For An Online Clothing Store?

ryabe clothing

So, buying licenses from online stores is not an easy thing to do. Most of the time, you buy the wrong size or different items. By seeing the images, you can judge the material of the clothes. So, in such cases, buying anything online is not the best decision ever. But many e-commerce stores claim to offer their buyers quality things at the best rates. But the risk is also there. Here is the way to buy from the online store. Always read the reviews of the users. So the site we will revise today is Ryabe clothing.

It is an online site that deals with women’s attire. It covers everything from women’s dresses to long-sleeved tops, and they have a complete section for the twp-pieces and winter wear. In short, it covers all the fashion needs of today’s women.

This review will cover the brand’s quality, prices, shipping, items, and more. Here we primarily focus on the users’ words because word of mouth sells the product.

About Ryabe Clothing

Ryabe Clothing Reviews

Raybe is a clothing brand that helps people to choose the best for them. You can grab a good variety of apparel on this website. They have a good range of dresses, tops, sweaters, and cardigans for their customers.

Raybe co-founded this brand with the help of her sister. Her initial aim was to sell clothes from relevant brands in 2016. However, she graduated from Arts and Design college and began their clothing line. They wanted to design clothes that everyone could despite their age. They take pride in selling trendy clothes that match everyone’s taste.

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Items of Ryabe Clothing

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Ryabe Clothing Reviews1

The following is a list of ryabe clothing items that help you learn more about his brand and its products. In this part, we will discuss every point in depth.


You can choose from various dresses, including maxi, mini, long sleeves, vacation, and sweater dresses. All these attires are available in a vast range of colors and designs. Now you can buy sleeveless, collar, and ankle-length dresses. The vibrant colors are best for every season. These dresses are reasonable, ranging from $50 to $60 mostly. 

Long-sleeved tops and dresses 

Now you don’t have to wear those half sleeves in summer. Ryabe brings tops and dresses with full sleeves for their beloved customers. You can get them in various sizes, from minor to extra-large. Now, plus-size people can also shop from a good range of choices. The price range of these dresses is mostly over $50.

Cardigan and Sweaters

What’s winter without good sweaters or cardigans that make you look classy yet keep you warm too? Ryabe offers an extensive range of magnificent designs in sweaters which you would have hardly seen elsewhere. These cool designs are available only from $60 to $75.

It has an exclusive section for the fall/Winter and Spring/summer.

Ryabe Clothing Reviews: What are buyers saying about it?

Ryabe Clothing Reviews2

So, to evaluate the status of any brand, it is a must to study user feedback. So, today we have gone through various reviews that may help you decide whether to buy this brand.

reviews on their official website. 

So, we have not found any feedback from the buyers on their official website.  

Feedback on Trust Trust Pilot

So, 55 percent of positive feedback about this brand and 14 percent of negative reviews.

Happy Buyers

One of the buyers stated, “Finally, everything I expected!

“First, I want to say the dress was exactly what I wanted it to be! It would have been a perfect transaction/experience if it hadn’t taken an unacceptable amount of time to complete and many overlapping email postponements. At the same time, the dress was still being offered online. I came to believe this was truly a scam! It may be something that needs to be resolved between Amazon and Ryabe. “

Another happy buyer said, “Nice fabric.

Nice fabric. The pants look different from the advertised picture. Fits great.

Another buyer stated that it is a Beautiful dress…

This dress is beautiful and very well made. Delivery was within a reasonable time frame and was nicely packaged. Very satisfied!

Not-so-happy buyers

One of the users mentioned that “2 days ago.

I got the wrong size and reached out about

I got the wrong size and reached out about a return. They told me I could pay the shipping, send me a new size, and keep the other one, but they would not give me info on how to do that!



  • They offer stylish clothes at a single outlet.
  • The domain is SSL certified.
  • They are active on their social media handles. They regularly post on Facebook and Instagram.
  • The dresses are at an appropriate price. A good discount is also open on the website.


  • They have not provided any contact number except for the email address.
  • The physical address or location of the store is also not available.
  • The trust index shows that the website has a poor trust score.

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Social Media handles

Ryabe Clothing Reviews3

They have accounts on Facebook as well as Twitter. Their Facebook has about 13k followers, but only 1550 on Instagram. It shows that the team is much more active on Facebook and engages with its followers. There are many likes and comments on their Facebook posts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Ryabe Clothing Reviews legit or scam

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Their express and postal shipping takes about 35 business days.

How can you place a return or exchange order?

You need to contact their customer service in order to get a refund or exchange. It usually takes about 30 days to return the item. However, the customer must possess the receipt of their order. The dress should be in unworn, original condition. You can return it at the local post office by filling out the return form. You can get a refund within 7 business days as soon as we receive the parcel. 

How do I know which size fits me?

They have provided a size chart with every dress on the website. You need to measure your size and compare it with the one you want to buy. Please choose the size that perfectly matches and order it. 

What is the cancellation policy, Ryabe?

You can get a full refund if the order is canceled within the first 24 hours after ordering. However, a 10% cancellation fee will be deducted from your amount if you are late. You can cancel the order by receiving a help ticket from the Contact Us section of the website. 

What type of fabric is used to make the dresses?

The fabric may vary for each dress. Most pictures include the material; however, you can contact them to learn more about the dress. Most likely, the fabric depends on the season, whether it is summer, winter, or autumn. 

Ryabe Reviews

We have listed Ryabe reviews for our beloved readers. It will help you decide if the website is trustworthy or not. The client reviews are very good about it. People are quite happy with the purchase, but some may be disappointed with the delivery. Sometimes, they even provide the wrong sizes and do not go for a refund. We will suggest you do some research on your own, as there are a few red flags in it. 

68 Reviews

  1. this company is a total scam. Please get this out to all of our American women who want to purchase them.
    Poor quality, poorly made but most aggravating is the fact that you CANNOT return them and get a refund. They offer you $20. then $44. then $60. They told me to return them to Dubai which cost around $125.
    I am still waiting to my refund or a label to return them.

  2. Do not buy from here.
    I ordered a sweater top for over $58.00. When I got it a month later it was a t-shirt not a sweater and not the same style at all. I immediately contacted their customer service and sent pictures to prove it wasn’t the same item. They responded with an offer to refund me $11.00 and I keep the t-shirt. Don’t buy from here.

  3. This is a scam do not order from them they are not made in the USA and they made me so angry I paid over 138 dollars and they were nothing like the picture’s cheap crap from China. They offer pennies back and it is so wrong on so many levels .DO NOT BUY FROM THEM A TOTAL RIP OFF

    1. Thank you..I was trying to find out if it truly is USA made as ADVERTISED!! I don’t know how they are getting away with stating made in South Carolina USA. Dam shame, I was going to place a big order.

    2. Agree this site is a total scam. All fr China took 2 months to arrive, trash quality items. I tried to cancel many times. Their web page is a lie and scam. They want me to ship to Dubiai I didn’t know we had a Dubai in North Carolina. They offered a $24 refund on a $199 purchase. This company is a fake and so are the reviews. No one in their right mind would wear such cheap garbage. Im reported them to Federal Trade Commission

    3. Yes, they are a scam. The clothes were okay, but some smalls were too small. I have been asking for a refund or for them to send replacements in Medium since December. I ordered in early November and received them in late December. It is the middle of March now and I still don’t have a decent refund offer. They asked me to pay $20 to send the replacement clothes to them and all they want to send me is $50 plus the $20. I ordered $200 in clothing and can only wear 1 shirt. It’s the worst company I’ve ever dealt with.

  4. Do not purchase anything from Ryabe Clothing. Total bullshit. They say they honour refunds. I ordered clothing. Did not fit and asked for return and refund. They were only willing to give me a third of the cost. I would really recommend shoppers to be aware of this site. Buyers be aware. Very unhappy customer. Thought I’m buying in Canadian funds. My credit card came back as it was US funds. So I lost a total of over $100.

  5. I ordered two dresses that look nothing like what I ordered. I’d have to be 6’5″ for one to fit, it was so ridiculously long.
    Also, these clothes have no tags inside them saying where they’re made. My son’s research showed it’s Dubai, so not South Carolina.

  6. I purchased 2 dresses mainly because I thought I was supporting a US company and the prices were reasonable. I got an email saying my items shipped, almost immediately, yet it was 3 weeks before I received them. The dresses are too big, they only partly resemble the dresses I thought I was purchasing. The fabric is not something I’m familiar with, its very odd and smells odd. My total invoice was $87.98. I requested to return them and they said I could keep the dresses and they would refund me $12. That is not acceptable. Do NOT purchase from this company.

  7. I agree! This site is a scam. It took me over two months to receive my order. Shame on Facebook for sponsoring them. The quality of the material is horrid. There is no packing slip and no way to return the items. There is no label on the item as to what it is made of and how to clean it. I was unable to get a hold of customer service and the email address they give does not go through. I am stuck with five items that I do not want as they do not look like the items online. I paid over 225.00 for them ! They claim that the clothes are made in the United States but it turns out they are made in China. Being made in China you know how they fit! I’m just sick! I will never order through Facebook online again.

  8. I would give this company a negative score if I could!
    Buyer BEWARE!
    They do not allow or accept returns. Their policy states returns in full with in 30 days.
    I have emailed four times to get RA number for return on $187 order.
    They keep telling me to accept $90 to keep the clothing that does not fit & I am out $100!!
    Do NOT order from here!
    In addition they clothes are thin & cheaply made.
    Dishonest, fraudulent, and

  9. Total SCAM!! Buyer BEWARE!!! They claim to operate out of SC until you request a refund and then the only way to get a your money back is to ship the product to Dubai!! They are literally robbing people and should be shut down! I wish I had read comments before ordering. Spread the word!!

  10. This place is a scam. All made in China NOT US as they claim. Took 5 weeks to get the order. Ad says coming from N Carolina but all Chinese letters on package They charged $52 for a dress which was not acceptable they offered $13 refund. Products look amazing in pictures but garbage in reality. Never ever again.

  11. Ordered a month ago. Almost forgot I ordered. Clever. Should have thrown $180 down the drain. I was going to wait because there weren’t many reviews when I ordered but I didn’t and I see now that others are having the same experience. All signs point to scammers.

    1. I am receiving the same runaround! They told me it would cost too much to return to Dubai? Thought they were USA. Have offered me partial refund. Stay clear ladies!

    2. Lauren

      I’m having the same issue getting my order. I find it hard to believe they are in South Carolina as they advertise. When I wrote customer service they ask me to be patient but it has been 6 weeks since I placed the order. A week ago I got a second email saying my purchase has shipped but again I have not received. Despite how nice the clothes look I would not purchase from them again.

    I wanted to return two dresses totalling $119.00 , same issue, they offered $14.00 refund and said I could keep the dresses. I explained they don’t fit and still wanted to return them. Then they offered $35.00 otherwise I could return them to Dubai at my cost for shipping. I replied that the order came from Markham, Ontario and would return to the same address. It is impossible to deal with this type of online business, very aggravating and they are taking advantage of the customers. I will take this up with my credit card company and try to recall the funds. TOTAL SCAM!

  13. BEWARE! This company is a massive SCAM. They have ripped off the photos from other legit. websites.
    Their clothes are garbage and it’s highly unlikely that they will even be the same ones that you ordered.
    I spent $120 bucks to buy some dresses that were so pretty online. I should have known better…but they were SO cute!

    When they finally showed up, they weren’t even the dresses that I’d ordered and were the worst quality I’ve ever seen.
    I emailed them as requested for authorization to return. That’s when they began trying to bargain. They started out wanting to refund me $20!!! I threatened them every way from Sunday, so they tried to get me to agree to $45.
    I told them that I was one step away from making their little empire very sorry that they’d ever met me.
    Today they offered me $80 and said I could keep the dresses! Gee, thanks….NOT.
    Do your research and RUN away from this company. It’s just a scam…and shame on Facebook for allowing this!

    1. My exact experience with them. So mad at myself for purchasing on Facebook. In process disputing the charge

      1. I am having the exact same issue. I have emailed about 20 times and I don’t normally get mad online. But I am furious. It has been a month. The site said made in South Carolina. Well I now know that is not true.

  14. Complete scam..do not buy..horrible quality and you cannot call, you have to email. Same experience as everyone else..offered me a few dollar then said I would have to mail to Dubai to return. I got scammed, I hope others don’t..I should have done more research..

  15. I just received my order from Ryabe after 6 weeks. Unlike what is stated on the site, the items are not made in the US but are made and shipped from China. This can be seen from the shipping label that is under the one that shows a USA address.
    Poor quality. Fabric is printed with a photo of the print. Tops are very long and boxy. Not attractive.

  16. Needed to return three of the four items purchased. The three items were not made of quality material and did not fit. One of the main reasons for purchasing from this company was that it says it’s clothing was made in the USA. This was totally false. Packaging came with a label over another label from china. This is why when I asked for a refund, they stared trying to “compensate” me with at first $25 dollars and I could keep the clothing. When I said no and that I wanted a full refund for the three items, they came back with $40 dollars and said that shipping the items back would be expensive. The total cost for the three items was $125 !! I have not agreed to this and am still trying to get my money back. Will never purchase from them again. Buyers be ware!

  17. ordered a knit sweater and it came a cheap velour. a second top id so see thru and not as advertised either nothing like the pictures or description

  18. Complete, total scam,!! Avoid this “business” at all costs. Contacted twice and was hung up on twice. Do not do business with these bottom dwellers

    1. I’m so scared reading all these reviews. Wish I had investigated a little further. I knew right off that the items weren’t made in the USA because of the shipping info. I was so angry at myself. My credit card was even flagged this company as not secure but I went through with the transaction anyway. I have not received my items yet and am not expecting a good outcome reading all these reviews. The only thing I can say is “buyer be ware”. I will be going to my known boutiques from now on. No more Facebook shopping for net. Facebook should ban this company along with all the others from “selling “ on their platform because of the business they are really in…scamming honest people out of their hard earned money.

  19. Do not buy from this company! I haven’t received my order yet, but it it obvious now that it is NOT made in SC. It is so wrong to deceive people into spending their money thinking they are supporting a company within in US. They should be ashamed of themselves

  20. Ordered two tops mainly because it stated clothing was made in America. Yeah right. That’s why each package label states “Made in China” and the care label in the shirt does not specify where it was made. I also received an extra surcharge on my credit card because it was an overseas purchase, and I received email stating it had cleared customs.
    The two shirts were just absolute garbage. The floral printed top was some sort of stretchy polyester type fabric that had coarse lace around the neck. It was tight instead of loose and flowing as stated, but the sleeves were made for an orangutan. They were 4” too long. The printed Christmas reindeer top with a “lacy” type sleeve was cheaply printed on the front. The fabric used to make the shirt was a coarse flimsy fabric. The sleeves were so unbelievably tight that it was not wearable. The screen print looked like it would disappear with the first wash. I will take it as a $90 loss and both shirts promptly went into the Goodwill bag. This is a bogus company selling $10 cheap crap for 3-5 times the worth. Avoid!

  21. Scam marketing, item not as advertised, no info to return, offered $11.00 to keep, refused then offered $25.00 to keep. I refussed, items not made in US but China, finally an offer to return to Dubai, UAE, which the USPO indicated that they cannot guarantee the item once it leaves the US as they can’t verify delivery in some countries. Last offer was to return to a warehouse in California which receives products from mostly China to deliver in the US. Scammers

  22. I received my item. First of all, I was suspicious because there was no brand name on the dress. Only the size and the washing instructions. There was no invoice inside the package. Dress did not fit correctly. I looked at the bag that it came in and it said made in China. They advertise that it’s made and shipped from South Carolina. I wrote and complained. They offered me $15 and keep the item. I said no and then they wrote me back and offered me $25 and keep the item. Then I wrote them back and said how about $40 and I won’t make a formal complaint to PayPal. The very next day I had a $40.00 credit to PayPal. They are not who they are advertising to be.

    1. Appreciate your report. Great that you stood your ground!
      I won’t be ordering from them.

    1. That happened to me once and they issued me a refund. I received the package about a week later. I wrote them and told them that the package finally arrived. They obviously didn’t understand because they said they had already issued me a refund. I guess they thought I wanted another refund. I just gave up.

  23. Major scam and false advertising. DO NOT PURCHASE. Clothes are not made in NC. Patterns are PHOTO SHOPPED. When I requested a full refund, they started a “bargaining” process, saying that they would refund $60 (1/2 of purchase price) and I could keep the clothes. I am pursuing a full refund…..so we will see.

    1. I had the very same experience. The items I received looked nothing like the photos advertised and the fabric was horrible and garments horribly made. I was told I would be responsible for the$75 to ship everything back to the UAE and would not be refunded shipping costs. I lost $226 with this experience and Goodwill didn’t want to accept the shoddy clothing. The company tried to negotiate refunds of 10% and I’ve never felt so ripped off.

  24. I ordered 5 tops and none of them fit well or looked good. The Facebook ad said it was a NC company and that all items were made in NC. My total cost was $145. When I received the items, the shipping bag had Chinese markings with a CA return address. There were no origin marks on any of the tops but they came in individual bags that had “made in China” on them. When I tried to return them, I was offered $45 in compensation and no need to return the items. We have gone back and forth and their final offer seems to be $114. If I accept it, will I ever get it? Doubtful. I’m taking this to my credit card company. It’s a SCAM. Beware.

    1. How did you contact them? I am trying to do so but can’t find number or email address.
      Thanks for the help, Karen

  25. This company is a complete scam. I will never order anything. Two dresses ordered and they are similar to Halloween costume cheap material. Can not get in touch with them to return.

  26. The ads say 40 per cent but the final price is less than 40 percent. That is BAD.
    I was interested in two tops and the savings was not correct. Using their figures it was a big difference of $10.+ total on two items.

    The clothes look very nice BUT after my figures showed a lesser amount than published. Plus all the negative comments by former customers I think I should NOT order.


  27. This website has false advertising. They state that their products are made and shipped from Georgia/SC, leading you to believe they are a US company but they are not –my package had Chinese writing on it. They say shipping is 1-2 weeks, but it is not — it is more like 3-4 weeks. They say that they have a “30-day money-back guarantee!” but when I tried to return something they would only give me a partial money back which was not even half of the cost of the dress telling me to keep the dress otherwise I would have to pay for “freight shipping to Dubai”.

  28. I ordered from this company and I do like the dress and it fits well but I was definitely taken in by the made in South Carolina in the advertisement. I had an international fee withdrawal from my bank account separate from the billing charge. There is nowhere on the ad that says it is not being shipped from SC. I won’t order anything from Ryabe Clothing again.

    1. I, too, do not believe they are located in South Carolina. If you look, on the label shipped it says, “Made in China.” Also, the fabric, which feels much like silk, is extremely cheap, and when you unbotton a button the fabric shreds.
      I tried to return an item and they told me to keep it and they will refund only $15. They didn’t ask if that is acceptable, just THAT’S WHAT THEY’RE DOING. I wrote back that this is certainly not a U.S. company.

  29. Yes, I ordered and the item looked nothing like the photo. I asked to return it. Was offered $25 and told to keep it. I said No then they offered mt $35 and to keep it as they said shipping was too expensive. I will see if I get my $$…

  30. My order took several weeks to arrive. I tracked my items through the tracking number they sent me, and discovered that they were being shipped from China. I reached out to them on messenger and they insisted that it was coming from north Carolina, a blatant lie!

  31. They say made and shipped from Georgia/South Carolina. Is it possible that with no phone number, delayed deliveries, refund/return issues, is it a good assumption that they are actually a Chinese company?

  32. This is another Foreign site that misleads buyers. I bought and received items about 3 weeks later. I was told to order my normal size..my skinny 15 year old granddaughter could fit into them. They too were wrapped in plastic. These clothes certainly did not come from South Carolina. I took the bait and ordered. You best beware before ordering.

  33. The material that are shown in the ads versus the cheap unstretchible polyester material that I received is a scam. The sizing is way off. What looks like embroidery and buttons in the photos are actually cheap printed designs. I wouldn’t buy this material at the dollar store. Hoping I can get some resolution but not feeling optimistic based on all the other reviews

  34. I ordered four items from Ryabe. I wanted to return 3 items. Contacted them thru e-mail and they said that I could keep the items and they would offer me $15. I insisted that I want my full return for the three dresses. Received a response stating that they would offer me $35. I emailed them again and their final offer was $60. They commented that returning them to Dubai was very expensive. Their ads claim that clothing is made in South Carolina. In their ads they do not mention Dubai and they also claim that customers can return or exchange orders. A Scam….Save your money

  35. Trying to do a return as wrong size was received. The instructions under returns is incorrect can’t seem to return this item. Says to fill out return for that is no wjere to be found, Contacted customer service email and still not helpful. Told to return it myself.

  36. I need to return item and get refund. item does not fit. you state that i need to contact customer service but only website listed and website does not include any instructions.

  37. I ordered 2 items. It was represented that purchase over certain amount would enable free shipping. I was charged for shipping. The items were not as expected and did not fit. I asked for return authorization and was told I would inky be refunded $15 which is what they should not have charged for shipping. I never received $15 nor did I receive return authorization. Total Scam! Stay away!!!

    1. I ordered what looked like 2 sweaters. When they arrived from New Jersey, not from South Carolina, as advertise, they were made of cheap, flimsy material and were two small. When I contacted them at, this was their reply- “We can refund you USD$55 as compensation, could you kindly keep the order? If the clothes are returned, the freight will be borne by yourself. Shipping fee is very expensive.” They are a total rip off and it is obvious they are not made in South Carolina. They were shipped from New Jersey. THIS IS A SCAM. -1 rating. They advertise heavily on Facebook.

  38. I purchased three tops from this store. They arrived in plastic bags and the tops smelled horribly when I opened them. I’m guessing it’s from the dyes used in the digital printing process. They were made of cheap mystery fabric that didn’t fit well. One of the shirts had sleeves that were 5″ too long. There are no fabric labels on the tops that suggests how to care for them. The bags have a label that says Made in China despite the web site saying that the clothing is made in South Carolina.

    I reached out to the company for a refund since the web site says you have to contact them regarding refunds and exchanges. They responded the next day with an offer to refund $45 for the tops if I keep them. I really don’t want the clothing and would prefer a refund. I purchased the items through Paypal which offers me some protection if they don’t offer me some resolution through the web site.

    1. I have tried for days to secure their required paperwork for a refund with no adequate response. I’m not sure what to do next except file for a refund through my credit card company. Please beware of
      Purchasing from this company

      1. I am happy I looked at the reviews as I felt a scam. I have experienced a scam before ordering a wreath on Facebook. Thanks for sharing your experience as you saved me from having to bear another problem.

    1. They do not rip off photos from other legit sites, those sites are scams too. They are overseas (China!!) and will often pull the same “you keep the wrong sized item and we will refund $20.00” or whatever. Often, the items dont even arrive (been there on that one).
      WhenEVER you order from an online place other than the usual JCP, Macy’s etc, ALWAYS google “who is the parent company of (such and such)”. Look at the different links and pay attention. If you see Chinese characters, CLOSE the link. RUN, dont walk.
      This company claims the items are made and shipped from Ga and SC, but no…it would not take a month or more to get here if that was the case. AND they make you return items at your own expense…to DUBAI??
      No, no…call your credit card company and explain the whole story. They will intervene on your behalf. Paypal will too.
      Bottom line…and this is an old one…LET THE BUYER BEWARE. Always do your homework before ordering. I learned the hard way. You’re welcome.

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