SensiBra Review: Strapless Bra Provides All Lift & Support, Perfect For Any Outfit

sensibra reviews

If we had to take a wild guess, we’d say you’re another one of the women that saw Sensibra ads all over social media and want to know whether the buzz created around its products holds true.

With the coming of a digital era, most brands have chosen to maintain an online presence, in addition, to obviously a physical location.

However, with the massive amount of online stores on the internet, it’s inevitable that at least some of these would turn out to be scams. Hence, before making any purchasing decision it is extremely important to know whether or not the store you’re buying from is legit.

After tirelessly searching the web for information that would guide consumers purchasing’ decisions, we’ve collected all of this information for you to decide whether or not Sensibrais worth buying from.

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SensiBra – What’s that?

SensiBra is an online store that exclusively sells strapless bras of different colors and sizes, ranging from 32A to 38D, and colors like black, gray, and beige. The brand claims their strapless bras are among the most comfortable to wear on the market, and that they provide an adjustable fit, without any discomfort, for women of all sizes.

Is SensiBra legitimate or a scam?

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sensibra legit-or-scam

The answer to whether or not Sensibra is legitimate or a scam is what you’re looking for. After a quick search on, we came to know that the domain for Sensibra was created on 10th February 2022, making it only 4 months old. This is a bit of a sign to be cautious, as stores with newer domains are generally more likely to be scams.

The webpage also does not provide any email address, nor does their Facebook page. A contact number is not provided either. This is a cause for suspicion as a legit firm would ideally provide their contacts.

Their website provides an address for this firm. However, when the mentioned address is searched on Zillow, we see an ordinary home and not an office. This also raises red flags.

Moving on, SensiBra has only one social media page on Facebook. It has only 37 likes on Facebook and reviews disabled, in addition to zero posts, and this obviously doesn’t help create any trust.

The Facebook page was created on the 10th of January, 2020. This is in contrast to the website created just four months ago, and this is yet another cause for concern.

That said, upon examining the webpage, we came to know that SensiBra does have a valid HTTPS certificate, and has not been blacklisted.

Product Quality Of Sensibra

Sensibra’s Front Buckle Wireless Bra is available in sizes ranging from 32A to 38D, as well as the colors Black, Grey, and Beige. Their product description claims the bra has been made using soft cotton and stretchable fabric, and that it allows for an adjustable fit with zero discomfort. However, the images used by Sensibra, after checking on Google Lens, were revealed to have actually been plagiarized from Walmart, and other online clothing retailers.

This further places SensiBra’s legitimacy as a bra retailer into doubt, as they have simply copy-pasted images from other stores.


On their website, SensiBra’s Front Buckle Wireless Bra, which is their only item on retail, has been massively discounted, from $59 to $25.

This discounted price places the bra in around the same price range as other low-end strapless bras. The webpage mentions an 80 percent discount, but if we do the math, we find out that there is only a 43 percent discount. This mismatch is a giveaway that SensiBra is not a very trustworthy retailer, as they have exaggerated the discount offered. (

Sensibra Customer Reviews

With the product description of SensiBra’s Front Buckle Wireless Bra, we also see customer reviews. Every single one of the 9 reviews has given the bra a rating of 5/5 stars, which is surprising, as not a single one of them has given even a 4/5 or a 3/5. These supposedly happy customers claim the product is made of good quality material and is very comfortable to wear, as well as fitting them perfectly.

One customer even wrote that it was the only strapless bra to have ever worked well for them.

All in all, although these customers’ reviews are very positive, they should be taken with a grain of salt as oftentimes fake reviews are posted. Unfortunately, although we tried searching for reviews elsewhere on the web to get a better picture of the product, we were not able to.


According to SensiBra’s shipping policy, items like panties/socks/inner-wear/bra-pads/shapewear are non-returnable due to hygiene conditions. However, in the event that damaged or defective goods are delivered, they do provide refunds. This is only if the returned items are in the same condition as they were received. The refund would be provided in 3-7 days.



  • Valid HTTPS address
  • Does provide refunds
  • Positive customer feedback


  • No contact information
  • Customer review’s may be fake
  • No valid address provided


To wrap it up, we think that shopping from SensiBra would be a bit of a gamble as there are some hints indicating that they may not be a legit retailer. We’d advise shoppers to stay clear of this website and instead look for stores that are more trustworthy.

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  1. Horrible experience. Horrible all the way around. The bra was ridiculous, cheap made, no where near fitting me. They only allow 7 days for a full refund so you have to buy another one and spend more money to get a replacement item with new measurements. This is not acceptable in today’s world. I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone. Waste of time. I would rather take a $25 loss than give them more money if the quality is going to be the same. This bra has no lift at all. Just crumpled up underneath my breast and was extremely bulky. Again, do not waste your time with this company.

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