Serremo Reviews: Is It A Trustworthy Brand?

Serremo Reviews

Do you love going on adventures? Are you looking for some good things for your tracking experiences? Many online websites offer different accessories. But it isn’t easy to find everything in one place. People usually look for a single shopping platform with maximum benefits. 

Serremo is an online platform that offers some exciting articles for men. You can find good material here. Their range is specifically designed for your adventures in the forest. You can get clothes for every season. They also offer extra accessories on your journey, but are they legit? Do they provide such good articles? Let us look into the serremo reviews.

We will look at all the options available on their website. Later, we will examine customer reviews followed by pros and cons. See Also: Joreiw Reviews

About Serremo 

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Serremo is an online brand that has launched some good collections. This men’s clothing is specially designed for passionate people. If you are looking for flannel and fur clothes to visit tracking places, then serremo is a good option. They have a huge range of options from which you can choose. Explore More: Kyzue Clothing Reviews

You do not need to go elsewhere as serremo offers everything at a single lace. They are also offering a good discount on all clothing and other articles on the website.

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What does serremo offer?

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Let us look at all the available options at serremo. A list is provided below.

Men’s Apparel

The men’s apparel section is filled with a variety and good options. They include shirts, hoodies, pants, shorts, jackets, and hoodies. Isn’t it amazing? You can now get summer and winter clothes in a single place.

Packs and Bags

How can you go on a tracking adventure without bag packs? Thus, serremo has a huge range of packs and bags for you. A pack and waist bag is available in various sizes, but most are brown. Don’t Forget: Unzye Clothing Reviews


You need to cover yourself completely, and headwear will do the job. They have different colored beanies, a sun cap, a sniper cap, a hat, and a special forces mask. 


They have specific tracking shoes that are comfortable for daily use on such trips.

Other Accessories 

You can also get gloves to protect your hand. Furthermore, you can also get a harness and chest rig. Must Like: Blackation Reviews

Website Details

Serremo Reviews legit or scam

Let us have a look at the details of this website.

  • The website got registered on 3 September 2019. 
  • This website will expire on 3 September 2023.
  • The website is registered under the name TUCOWS, INC.

This website’s expiration date is less than a year away.

Price Range

They offer a high price range for most of their articles. You can get men’s apparel at, most like, above $100. They ensure very good material in their clothes, so the prices are slightly high. 

Discount offers 

They are offering up to 70% discount on all the articles. Thus, everything is less than half price. The $130 clothes are now on sale for no more than $49.99. 

Size Chart

They have a size chart for all the shirts, jackets, jeans, and shoes. You can find all sizes from small to twice the extra-large size (XXL).

Contact Information

They have not provided information on their official website. There is no contact number or address for you to contact them. However, you need to fill out a form to contact them. Otherwise, an email is also provided, but it is not sure whether it is for customer queries. 

Return and Refund policy

They offer a 30-day return policy. You can return the article within these days. However, everything must be in its original condition and have a purchase receipt. There is only a refund if the parcel is delayed due to shipping issues.

They have stated clearly that refunds are only if the article is damaged or wrongly sent. 

Customer Reviews: are they satisfied?

The official website has no reviews from customers. Thus, we looked at the Trust Pilot to find some comments from the existing users. Trust pilot shows a 4.7 rating for this website. 80% of the customers have given it a 5-star rating. 

One of the customers says that “Absolutely fantastic customer service from Mary. I would not hesitate to shop with Serremo again.” Another one says that “They are awesome! If you have an issue they respond quickly and are very helpful. I love the quality and look of their clothes.”

However, some of the clients could be happier. One says that “Dreadful product quality – akin to something from the bargain section of Lidl. It isn’t even branded/labeled in the hood.” Moreover, most of the clients have yet to receive the parcel. 

Pros and Cons

Let us look at the pros and cons



  • The website is a good old one.
  • The website has some good traffic.
  • There are some good reviews from the customers.


  • They have not provided any contact information.
  • The prices are high.

Bottom Line

We bring you serremo reviews to find a good shopping platform for you. The website is well-managed and has good traffic. You can get everything here; a good discount is live these days. They provide apparel, backpacks, gloves, caps, and everything else required for your adventurous trips. Most customers are really happy. However, a few complaints about their poor delivery service. Thus, we recommend trying them at least once.