Socuy Clothing Review: Is Socuy Best Store For Women’s Clothing or Another Scam?

Online choices are always quite charming. You can find your favorite item by visiting various stores and brands’ online stores from the comfort of your home. You have a wide range of choices from various retailers worldwide. Hence, shopping is endless in e-commerce stores.

Along with that, choosing it also saves time and effort. You can get not only various deals but also free delivery on occasion. Finding an exact online brand with good fabric and stitching with alluring colors is sometimes hard. Here we bring you socuy clothing reviews to help you gain trust in reliable sources for shopping.

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About Socuy Clothing 

Socuy is an online store that makes clothes using top-notch fabrics and supplies them to stores and buyers around the globe. They have factories in Vietnam and the Philippines which aim to prepare clothes for many famous brands. But now they have an online store for a direct link with their customers. 

A highly talented design team permits everyone to show their talents and create an unbiased platform. Socuy clothing offers you various options, including tops, two-piece sets, sweaters, cardigans, spring and summer clothes, etc.

Is Socuy clothing a trustworthy website or a scam?

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socuy clothing legit-or-scam

Socuy is a name known since 2015 and supplies dress to other markets. Besides this, they have begun using an online website to deal with their favorite clients. But the main query here that comes to mind is whether the website is legit or not. You may screw up your savings by taking risks with such new brands. Therefore, let us look at the website’s minute details.

Product quality: Socuy clothing offers standard items that make you look classy and help you stand out at a party. Firstly, their sweaters are made of fine wool; secondly, their summer dresses are made of soft cotton and fabric that will make you feel much more comfortable. 

They claim to give dresses whose colors will not fade and leave you feeling beautiful.

Prices: Their dresses have various price ranges depending on whether you buy summer or winter clothes. You can avail of their ongoing sales and find beautiful summer clothes for only $39. Most of their sweaters and cardigans are also in this range, while a few have higher prices. 

Website Quality: Let us list a few details about the website.

  • They changed the registry of the website on December 30, 2021.
  • The website will expire on December 30, 2022.
  • The website is barely a few months old.
  • The trust pilot shows about 67% of five-star reviews, while the remaining are rated very low.
  • The website claims to be legit.
  • The trust score for the website is barely average.
  • Mixed reviews can be seen everywhere about whether the website is legit.

Founder: There is no detail about the details about the founder. Whoever owns the website has not revealed his identity, which is quite fishy.

Contact information and address: The only data to contact them is the email on their official website. The lack of contact numbers and addresses is highly suspicious. Hence they must offer complete details if they are not fake. You can email them at for any queries.

Shipping policies: They offer free shipping for orders over $79. You will receive your parcels in the following days.

  1. Postal Delivery Time: 35 Business Days
  2. Express Delivery: 35 Business Days

But due to ongoing COVID-19, they have already explained that the parcels may be delayed for Canada and nearby regions. That is a great effort from their side. (

Refund and return policies: Socuy clothing has a proper system to ship the parcels in good condition. So you will not receive damaged products, but if you face any issues, you can contact customer service. They also offer a return and refund if you claim it within 30 days of delivery.

Customer Reviews

This is the most vital thing when judging a website. Socuy clothing official website shows the buyer’s evaluation, which you can find under the picture of every item. The website has shared detailed images and reviews of most of the articles they offer.

The promotions and discounts

They are offering good deals on various hot-selling items. You can avail yourself of 20% off and a further 5% off on one item by using the coupon code on the website. 

Pros and Cons of Socuy clothing

Let us list down the pros and cons of the website.



  • The website shows good policy.
  • The website uses a valid HTTPS (SSL) connection.
  • This website has received mainly positive reviews.
  • The website has a good refund policy.


  • The WHOIS identity of the owner is hidden.
  • According to Tranco, this site has a low Alexa rank.
  • The website may not have too much traffic.
  • The website does not show detailed contact information.

Final Verdict

The overall data above shows that the website is highly suspect and has various flaws. We have offered you everything about socuy clothing reviews that we could find. You can also look it up yourself, and we hope you will agree that the website is not completely trustworthy. 

3 Reviews

  1. I ordered 4 items. Only 1 fit. When I tried to return the others, they offered me pennies on the dollar instead of a full refund. They attempted this 3 times. When I refused to accept their low offer, I was told I can send the items back at my expense. This didn’t seem too bad because they say, on their website, that they are located in S. Carolina. When I received the instructions and address to return the items, I learned that they are actually located in DUBAI!!! While it cost me almost as much as I paid, I sent the items to the address they provided (in Dubai) with tracking (see attached). The items arrived to the address you provided and were refused and returned to sender. Why?

    I want a refund for the three items. Please reply.

  2. VERY disappointed. Their ad said they were made in SC…NOT!!! Just another FB rip-off. This is the second time I’ve been scammed by a facebook ad. Will not be buying anything else FB has sold ads for. CHEAP material and the clothing does not look like it did in the ad. And forget trying to get a refund unless you go through your credit card company. They offer pennies on the dollar amount and then want you to pay to send it back to Dubai NOT South Carolina!


  3. Their clothes are made of garbage material. The sizes run very small. They will offer you pennys on the dollar for refunds if they offer you any at all. It also takes months for them to settle complaints. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.

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