Straseapoit Reviews: Is It A One-Stop Shop For Women?

Straseapoit Reviews

Women love to shop and explore various stores. In the digital era, it is the website. Many sponsored ads on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms engage Byers. If you come across those ads, you may have a desire to order something from those websites. But can you trust all those new bloomers? Of course not. Why is that so? There are many risk factors, like quality, size, exchange, and more. But the query is how to deal with that. Here, we advise you to review the store before buying. The brand that we are going to review today is Straseapoit.

It is the USA-Bases online store that deals with women’s needs. Why visit various websites when you can get them all under one roof? It is the store where you will get clothes, accessories, and makeup. Yes, you have heard me right. It is a brand that caters to all your needs. But the thing is, is this brand really good?

Today in this article, we will study the Straseapoit customer reviews and their policies about shipping and exchange. So are you ready to dive into the pool review? 

How to buy the right beauty products online

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So, Straseapoit also deals with cosmetics. But the issue is how to find the right beauty items for yourself. Why is that so? It is a little tricky because you cannot check the swatches in the physical store. But we have gathered some tips that might help you in this manner.

Here are the top tips to get beauty items online.

  1. Ask for on-skin swatches.
  2. Make the Master List.
  3. Go through customers’ reviews.
  4. Please read about the item’s components and also check its expiry date.
  5. Shop from a trustworthy website.
  6. Take the brand’s items quiz. 
  7. You can also use a shade-finding tool.
  8. Attempt the best-seller.
  9. Get the correct shade.

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About Straseapoit

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It is an online site that deals with women’s care items. It has everything from cosmetics to accessories. The brand also deals with clothing and home and decor items. They understand women’s love to decorate their living spaces and homes with great care. 

This brand understands that people are after custom items today, so they say they have covered you with top-notch production and supplier houses. So they keep in touch with them to offer the buyers exclusive pieces and quality items.

This brand claims it does not matter where you go or what you want. This brand is there to offer you bespoke items that help buyers express themselves. So. Straspepoit is the name that lets you express yourself.

The item range at Straseapoit

This online site has covered all your fashion-linked needs. It has a notable collection of clothes, accessories, and cosmetics. It also has a separate section for home decor.

Straseapoit Reviews3


In their clothes section, you can find an extensive range of tops, dresses, undergarments, and caps. There is also a great discount on their items.


The next section on their website is cosmetics. Here you can see hair styling and makeup tools at the best rates. It has a notable range of makeup items like:

  1. lipsticks
  2. eyebrow pencil
  3. liner
  4. Mascara 
  5. More 


How can anyone ignore the pieces of jewelry in their daily attire? Whether it is the cause day or the party, the piece of jewelry completes your look. So this store has some lovely and alluring jewelry items for women. It has the following:

  1. Pendant 
  2. rings 
  3. earrings
  4. bracelets 
  5. necklace 
  6. more 

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At Home and Garden

Under this section will find various household items like liquid dispensers, manual hair removers, and more. It also has various gardening tools.


Straseapoit Reviews legit or scam

What are their payment methods?

They accept the following:

  •  Paypal
  • credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express).
  • Debit card.

Do they refund or return the items?

If there is any issue with your order, it’s like the following:

  1. incorrect articles
  2. defective stuff
  3. damage order
  4. more
  5. They suggest you contact them within seven days of getting the products. 

Can you cancel the order?

They can cancel your orders within 12 hours after they are placed.

What is their mode of shipping?

They offer express shipping globally.

Do they offer an item warranty?

 Free 1-year item warranty.

Do they offer a refund?

Yes, they offer a full refund if the buyer does not receive the product.



  • It covers all the needs of women.
  • Great sales are going on.
  • Full refund option


  • There is no user feedback on other platforms except on their website.

What are buyers saying about this product?

You can see various buyers’ reviews about their products on their websites. So, we have mentioned a few of them as follows.

Matt Quick Dry Eyeliner

T. D. Bounds

I love this eyeliner! I was allergic to my liquid eyeliner, so I thought I’d try this out. I’ve had it for about a month, and so far, it’s super easy to use. The felt tip helps ease application. It doesn’t smear throughout the day as other eyeliners do. And it is fairly easy to clean off with a makeup remover wipe. Definitely worth the money! This will likely be my new norm!


Rated 5 out of 5

Very good quality, as expected, and fast delivery. Good work.

There are no reviews of this band on Trust Pilot, Site Jabber, and other websites.

5 Reviews

  1. PLEASE do NOT purchase from this company as they are scamming customers. As someone who travels frequently, I thought these collapsible bottles would be helpful and reduce weight in my bags. I ordered 2 small and 2 larger ‘bottles’. It turns out they come from China but all costs are in US $, so that’s not clear at the time of purchase. Not only was a significant proportion of the costs paid for the postage but I found I had to pay import charges additionally. As a result I paid out $23 in total.
    Finally (about 3 weeks from ordering) 3 small ‘bottles’ turned up. Very poor quality – I’d be surprised if they don’t leak. No larger bottles that I ordered. I informed the company’s customer service but have gone round in circles for 2 weeks now. They ask me for information I’ve already supplied, apologise, then do nothing. They claim the order must be right as it was checked. Obviously not as they sent THREE small bottles instead of TWO but no large bottles.
    I am fed up with emailing them (23 times!) and getting nowhere (they’ve now told me to return the bottles twice!! Why??). The only good thing they do is to respond fairly quickly. I have repeatedly told them I will explain what has happened to warn potential customers if they don’t fulfil my order but, apparently they don’t care. So… please don’t waste your money on these poor products as you’ll spend a large percentage on postage, waste loads of time and, like me, you probably won’t even be sent what you ordered. 😥 (Update – they have refunded me $7!)

  2. This article is false. This “company” is a scam. They say you can cancel your order within 12 hours. Not true. I tried immediately when I saw they charged me 93.00 for a 42.00 charge, and they refused. After much disputing back & forth, they want to refund me $13.81, when I’ve told them several times to cancel my order. They filter out all the negative comments on their pages.

  3. I purchased 20 towels, they only sent me 10. I also purchased the shipping insurance in case something got lost. They said they can not send me the other 10 towels. They offered to give me a $3 refund even though I paid over $40. I’m sorry but $3 doesn’t cover the fact that they didn’t send me half of my order. I have never written a bad review in my life but feels like I’m getting scammed so wanting to warn others. I will admit the 10 towels I did receive are great, I just don’t like that they cheated me out of 10 towels. Not good customer service.

  4. I bought the 10 dishcloths ( 10free) the (rounded) cost was $62AUD . I paid with Paypal- they took (rounded figure) $805AUD from my account. I immediately contacted them and cancelled the order – nothing- no response- no refund. I emailed them 3 times but still no response. As far as I’m concerned they have stolen from me. The matter is now in the hands of PayPal- hopefully they will have better luck. Do not buy anything from this dodgy company. All I want is the difference between the cost and the amount they stole.

  5. I bought towel for $39.98. After I received a confirmation for $41.18. Then I get a receipt from PayPal saying I owed $51.47. They added $10.29 tax.

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