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About Sunhotsell

Sunhotsell is being viral for its very low rate and the pack of products, like a pack of 5 T-shirts, etc. They have claimed to be available for customers at any time. They provide tie-dye, screen-printing, embroidery, and custom sublimation services, all customized.



  • Affordable price
  • Free delivery for orders above $35


  • New website
  • No Customers reviews
  • No Refund policy

What is

Sunhotsell is working since the year 2006 as an offline store and now they are pacing in the online market, to provide its customers with good quality customized sportswear. Their products include shoes, clothing, watches, handbags, and hats.

They claim to be an affordable store. The brand provide only good quality products, and they have their own factory. They have strong business relationships with the suppliers. In short, they do not compromise on the quality of their product.

They are offering highly affordable products such as cotton socks, women’s cotton camisoles, women’s tank tops, men’s cotton t-shirts, disposable facemasks, and many more products.

Is SunHotSell Legit or a Scam?

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From the look of the website, it looks very unprofessional. A lot of things are missing as hiding the founder’s name to their questionably low prices, quality of products, and most importantly customer reviews. To know if this website is legit or a scam, continue reading some next points that will help you make a clear decision on whether to buy from them or not.

Who is the Founder?

The name of the founder is unknown. Maybe that is due to privacy, keeping one’s own private space or there is another story behind hiding the name of the founder. We can not say anything for sure.

Who is the domain registrar and what Date?

The domain registrar is NAMECHEAP INC and the date on which the domain was registered is 2022-04-27. The registrant details are not available due to privacy policy.

How to Contact?

To contact them they have their website which is on this website they have provided the following two email addresses to contact them about the orders and other concerns, They claim that they will reply to customer emails within 24hours.

They have also mentioned their address which is: 71 Shelton Street, Convent Garden, London, England, WC2H 9JQ.

Is The Address Real?

Although they have mentioned their address they have also mentioned that this is not their returning address. So, it made me think that it is not their real address. The address they mentioned is not a real address as this address belongs to another company.

What are the Payment Options?

They accept card payments such as visa cards, debit cards, and master cards. They also accept PayPal payments.

What is the Product Quality?

The sunhotsell is selling their products at a very low price claiming that their clothes and products are the best. They claim that their clothes and other products are reliable and comfortable and they do not compromise on the quality, but we can not say anything for sure as we were unable to find any customers’ reviews as the website is new. 

Are the prices reasonable?

The prices are too low. You can get 40 ankle socks for the price of $29, a pack of 10 men’s t-shirts at the price of $29, and much more hygiene products made up of cotton at the price of $29 (they are all in the form of a pack of 5, 10, 20, 40)

What are Shipping Time and Delivery charges?

In the United States, they are offering free delivery for orders above $35 and their delivery time is 7 to 9 business days. They may take more days to deliver customized orders. 

They also deliver internationally and a custom tax will be added to your delivery charges according to your country’s customs duty.

Is There a Hassle-Free Return Policy?

They have not mentioned any return policy on their website. They do not have any refund or exchange policy mentioned on their website.

What is the Website Quality?

The quality of the website is very poor. They have icons for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram but they do not redirect to these social media platforms and are mere blanks.

Is Website Secure?

Yes, the website is SSL secured.

Is the Brand Registered?

The brand does not appear in BBB when searched. The details of their registration details are unavailable. So, do not trust this website as they are not registered.

What are the Ratings on Other Platforms?

Sunhotsell does not have any other social media page. They only have their website and no Facebook or Instagram account. They do not have ratings and reviews on their website too.

How is the Customer Service?

The website claims that they provide great customer service, but we can only know it for sure in only a single way that is from customers’ reviews. As we do not have any customers reviews we are clueless about their customer service.

What are the Customers’ Reviews?

The website is pretty new. They do not have other social media accounts such as Facebook or Instagram. So, we were unable to find any customer reviews. This also suggests they are a con website.

Should You Order From Sunhotsell? (conclusion)

When it comes to online shopping yes, it feels great to have your things at your doorsteps but you should be very careful about the websites just like the as they appear to be scam websites.

Their address is wrong, their prices are very low that is also a concern that how they can maintain quality at such a low price they are offering. There are no product reviews. The brand does not have any refund policy. 

They look like a scam due to not mentioning the real address. The company also added fake reviews to its website. So, it is in no way a legit website, but as we say we can not say anything for sure. So, beware of shopping from this website.

7 Reviews

  1. Same here. I ordered a month ago, no email confirmation. I emailed both of those addresses and did receive vague responses. Also the charge on my credit card went to a different company. It is a scam and I learned the hard way. I knew it sounded too good to be true and it was. I’m usually better than that but I really wanted the item and knew I was taking a chance. Dammit!

  2. Me too same problem.. I orderd one item still I not received 😭😭😭 whom I should complain.. can u please guide me in this…

    I made the mistake of ordering from this site which is somewhat of a “marketplace” domain. This was nine days ago and I have yet to receive conformation of the order. I only received a brief statement in the form of a popup, which I copied that states the following:
    Email:,; Company Name: Sunhotsell Ltd;
    Company Address: 71 Shelton Street, Convent Garden, London, England, WC2H 9JQ
    (This is not a returning address)
    WORK TIME 7 Days a week.
    We will get back in touch with you in 24 hours!

    I checked my credit card statement and the seller’s name appears as: ASAHI HIROTA SUGINAMIKU TOU 1680073 JPN
    If I have not heard from them by the end of the week I will contact my card carrier. If I do hear from them, I will be more than happy to revise my statement. As for now…
    I would not recommend ordering through this site.

    1. I made same mistake…only they sent me an email with a tracking #….problem is: that tracking # was an item I ordered from ebay and they think they can get around a paypal investigation by using it because I recieved that item…Question I asked was how did they obtain that tracking #? Maybe they access to USPS computers or Ebays? This is definitely a scam website…STAY AWAY!!!!

  4. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM! I never received my item. They stole my money AND multiple charges totaling up to about $500 were made on my card the day after I tried to make a purchase from them. HORRIBLE! Waiting for my investigation to go through.

    1. Me too! I ordered, no confirmation. They charged my card and 2 days later, several fraudulent charges on my card. I had to cancel my card.

    2. Oh I forgot, I also had a mysterious charge show up on the credit card days later for $255.95. Apparently someone bought a credit card for $250/5.95 activation fee. I’m sure it is related to this company. Betting on it. I had to get a new credit card and motorist a couple companies that bill me. Such a hassle!

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