Tactacam Reveal Camera: 4G LTE Cellular Reveal Camera an Ultimate Remote Scouting Tool?

tactacam reveal reviews

Tactacam reveal is a discreet 4G LTE cellular camera ideal for taking pictures when you are out of the woods. It is the best and reliable scouting tool for hunters with wireless transmission and excellent picture resolution.

Having a third eye out in the woods is critical for hunters to have a much-needed edge when you are out in the field hunting your prey.

Trail cameras are like third eyes that let you know what is going on in the territory when you aren’t physically present there.

You can survey land and keep track of animals. Moreover, you can keep an eye on the pattern of that deer you had set your sights on for so long.

And the great thing about a tactacam cellular camera is that you don’t have to go to the camera location to retrieve the recorded data.

Instead, you can receive the data on your phone via the app and take your hunting game up a notch.

Now the market is full of Different types of Cellular trail cameras.

But when it comes to the best cellular camera that actually works, Tactacam reveal Cellular camera stands out proudly among its competitors.

Let’s see what tactacam Reveal Cellular camera has in store for us.

What is Tactacam Reveal?

Tactacam reveal cellular camera is the best mobile camera available in the market.

If you are looking for a reliable trail camera to install on your property to keep an eye on animals and coyotes, this camera is the best choice.

I say this because tactacam Reveal is small enough to remain unnoticed and is easy to install.

This camera requires a class 10 SD card from 2 GB to 32 GB to store data. You can easily access the data as long as you have a cellular signal on your phone.

That’s the best thing about tactacam reveal. It is equipped with 4G LTE technology that enables you to receive all the pictures on your mobile app.

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Features and Details

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  1. Equipped with 4G/LTE wireless technology to let you access the images and data anywhere, everywhere.
  2. Crisp and clear images, 24 MP, 12 MP and 8 MP resolution
  3. Provides high-resolution images at night thanks to the low-glow infrared technology that does not spook the wildlife
  4. Captures images as far as 96 feet
  5. Needs 12 AAA batteries to function. It can also run on a solar panel with its own battery.
  6. The battery lasts for a long time.
  7. Comes with a 1-year warranty
  8. This cellular camera has a fast trigger mechanism that snaps within 1-2 seconds after being triggered.
  9. Allows you to activate the camera only when you need it; this helps save battery life.
  10. It can operate on a nationwide LTE network smoothly.
  11. Comes with an easy to use and efficient mobile app
  12. Monthly data plans are available at affordable prices. Choose the one according to your need.
  13. No hassle of activation or registration charges

How Does it Work?

Unlike general trail cameras, this tactacam cellular camera is 4G LTE enabled. This makes sharing the pictures with your smartphone hassle-free.

When the camera locates an animal or any movement, the fast-trigger and low-glow infrared gets activated and captures a snapshot within seconds.

This camera is discreet and small, so it doesn’t alarm the wildlife. At night, the infrared rays are not strong enough to startle the animals, although the images are crisp and clear.

The Reveal App

The captured images are uploaded to your smartphone via the reveal app, which can be downloaded smoothly from the play store.

The reveal app is a useful app that lets you compress the high-resolution images. It also uploads image thumbnails instantly.

The registration and setup are quite comfortable, and the data plans are as cheap as $4.

What makes Tactacam Reveal Camera Unique?

The cellular technology camera is massively beneficial if you are a hunter who wants to keep an eye on the wildlife.

Or if you are out of town and want to observe your property.

The reveal cellular camera is sturdy enough to stand the outside weather. It keeps you updated even when you are far away from the location.

All you need is a cellular signal and a smartphone. You don’t have to retrieve the data physically. Instead, you can instantly see what is happening on your property right from your mobile screen.



  • Weather-resistant, waterproof
  • Built like a tank
  • 4g/LTE enabled device
  • Uploads the image to a smartphone instantly
  • Crisp and clean images
  • Discreet and small
  • Easy to install
  • Extremely affordable
  • Great value for money
  • Good cell reception
  • Cheap data plans


  • Batteries can run out quickly if you leave the camera on
  • The user interface of the app can be improved
  • The battery cover needs to be reinforced to block the moisture and rain from getting in.

Tactacam Reveal Real Customer Reviews

Real customer reviews tell us so much about the product that the manufacturer won’t. Always spare some time to read user reviews to make a better purchase decision.

 Kenneth Forbus says:

‘’I absolutely love the new Tactacam Reveal! 1. Easiest setup ever! 2. Big antenna for amazing cell reception. 3. Cheap photo packages. Ditch the junk and buy a tactacam reveal! ‘’

Wrap up

If you are looking out for a budget cellular trail camera without compromising on the performance, I recommend Tactacam reveal a mobile trail camera.

With the variety of features mentioned above, this camera is an excellent combination of performance and reliability while staying in budget.

You can use it to up your hunting game by observing wildlife or use it to scout and scan the terrain when you aren’t present there.

It is easy to set up and even more comfortable to use. Do yourself a favor and install this camera in your hunting property to nail the target in your next hunting expedition.

Official Website: https://www.tactacam.com/shop/reveal/

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