Testerbuzz.com Reviews: Is It A Legit Website?

Testerbuzz.com Reviews

Are you looking for online jobs? Do you also wish to earn online? We have seen people earn money through the internet. One such platform is testerbuzz.com. This is an online platform. It helps you earn a good amount through the internet.

Testerbuzz.com is an online website that provides job opportunities. You can get paid by working through this platform. However, there is always doubt about such websites. Let us take you to testerbuzz.com reviews to find out if it is a legit platform.

Let us enlist everything about Testerbuzz.com. We would also look through its workings and customer reviews.

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About Testerbuzz.com


Testerbuzz.com is an earning platform that helps you gain positive opportunities. It aims to provide a forum where you can start working and managing your pocket money at a younger age. You can apply according to its web page. 

They claim to have limited spots. You will get a reply within 48 hours. They will first ask you if you want to earn money online. Furthermore, you will answer two more questions related to it. Must Like: Testerup Reviews

Does Testerbuzz.com offer you a job? 

It does not offer you a job in reality. As soon as you answer the questions, it will ask you about your email. Without any verification code, it will accept your email. Then, it will redirect you to a page for playing games and getting rewards.

Steps to use Testerbuzz.com 

The steps to sign up are easy. They are listed below.

  • First, visit the website and answer the questions.
  • Next, enter your email address, and it will quickly get verified.
  • Then, you need to fill out your personal information. It includes the phone number and location.
  • Then you need to fill out other procedures and win your reward at the end.

Procedure to win rewards

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You need to go through the following steps.


They will ask you about your favorite games. Other questions will then be related to it. They will confirm your availability and that of your family. The last question will be according to your bank account. Would Like: Testhomebasics Com Legit

Optional Offers

Now they will ask you if you want to choose a reward or not.

Deals of Testerbuzz.com

Now, you need to choose a deal for yourself. You need to complete at least one deal.


You can get your reward after every task.

Available Deals

You have a good range of options from which you can choose. They offer you various tasks like Domino Go, Designer Perfume, Sirius XM, and much more.

Amazon Gift Card

They also offer users amazon gift cards. They even ask you in the beginning about what you will do with this gift card. This gift card is for $750, and you can share it with a friend. See More: Funwithfeet Website Reviews

Time duration to avail of rewards

Most of the deals even take up a little time. It can usually take up to 5 days to complete the task. You will get the reward or Amazon gift card you desire.

Are the deals Free?

It most likely depends on which deal you choose. For example, the Play Domino Go is a free deal. However, the others are paid. This makes it easier to choose. We would suggest you perform tasks for more deals.


You will get a reward depending on what you have done. Moreover, the final choice will always be yours. But this step can take time.

Client Reviews: Are they satisfied?

Testerbuzz.com Reviews legit or scam

The official website does not show even a single review. Furthermore, we looked into the Trust Pilot. There was not even a single review even on Testerbuzz.com. Thus, it is hard to say if it is legit or not.

We looked on other sites and found it legit, confirming that it is an original file. This is a legit site, but with low traffic.

Pros and Cons



  • It provides an earning platform.
  • You can choose your deals.
  • They claim to provide a reward after every task is completed.


  • There is not even a single review anywhere.
  • The website has low traffics
  • It does not offer you a job.


What if you do not receive the gift card?

You can contact customer service if you do not receive the gift for the next 2 weeks. 

Are there extra rewards?

Yes, you will be rewarded more if you play by the rules.

Can you cancel the deals?

Yes, you can cancel the deals if you do not like them. However, you need to contact the deal provider for this. 

Final Verdict

We bring you testerbuzz.com reviews to find out if it offers you a job. They do not offer you a job. Rather, you need to work and earn points. Those points will determine your reward. There is not even a single review from any user yet. Thus, it is hard to tell whether it’s a trustworthy brand. However, we suggest you wait for good reviews before investing your time.