Testerup Reviews: Is It A Reliable Earning Source?

Testerup Reviews

Are you looking for a good online earning opportunity? Do you love playing games? Are you ready to make it your source? Then here we are with an amazing idea. Many online platforms offer paid activities like surveys, tasks, and games. (https://firework.com/) This is a good use of the internet for the benefit of both parties.

You can now earn online by choosing the right platform. Knowing whether you are investing your efforts in the right direction is crucial. Thus, here we bring you testerup reviews. It is an online website and application that allows users to earn within their comfort zone. Let us have a look into the details. Would Like: Testhomebasics Com Legit

About Testerup

Testerup is an online earning opportunity that helps you earn extra money while playing a few games and completing tasks. You can use it on your laptop or download it from the play store on your mobile. 

This German platform was previously known as Tester. However, they changed their name to Testerup. It provides over 3,000,000 testers to all the people out there. It is an easy-to-use application and allows you to earn efficiently. 

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How does Testerup work?

Its use is pretty easy. You only need to follow the following steps.

  1. Download the app or visit the website.
  2. Then you need to register for free. You can also log in using your Facebook or Google account. 
  3. You will see various games and applications on the homepage. 
  4. Then, you will select an app or game. Download it and complete the given tasks within the given time. 
  5. You need to earn up to a certain threshold and then take out the money after achieving your goal.

Isn’t this an easy way? However, certain drawbacks exist. 

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Earning strategies on Testerup 

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Testerup Reviews legit or scam

There are two ways of earning here, as explained below.

Test Offers

There are many games available on the home page. Every game shows the amount of money you can earn from it. Thus, you will download it and complete the tasks. The time limit is very important. You need to finish everything within the given time.

Referral Program

You can also earn through the referral program. It means that you will promote this platform. You will send the links to your friends and others to join. You will receive about 10% of its commission as soon as they complete the task. 

Drawback of Testerup 

There is a certain drawback to this earning mode. Most people do not know that certain games require purchases. It would help if you chose wisely, as some are in-app purchases. You need to spend some money to get your hands on them without knowing whether it will be worth it. Thus, this is a pretty big risk to take. Don’t Miss: Dialwidgets.com Reviews

Payment Methods

They have only one payment method, “PayPal.” You need to earn upto $70 to be eligible to take out this money. However, this seems to be a long journey, as the starting amount is usually $0.10 to $1. Thus, it will be long before you can withdraw your earnings.

Can everyone join Testerup?

Not everyone can join Testerup. The age limit is at least 18 years old to join this platform. You can also register through your other accounts, like Google. It does not take your personal information, like where you live. You must be an adult with a PayPal account to receive your money. 

Contact information

There is no contact number or other information provided on the official page. You need to visit the Contact section and fill out the required form. It will ask for the details and message. The response received may be in the form of an email. 

Customer Reviews: Are they satisfied? 

The official website or app on the play store shows some reviews with five-star ratings. One of the users on the play store says, “Well, let’s see if it’s going to be good.” Another one says that “Very good for earning a little extra.”

Trust pilot also shows a zero rating, but the official page shows that trust pilot has a rating of 4. This seems quite suspicious.



  • The payout is easy through PayPal.
  • It is easy to access.
  • The Trust score is 52.


  • The withdrawal threshold is pretty high.
  • It does not have clear reviews that anyone has personally withdrawn the money.
  • The website is only 72 days old.

Bottom Line

We bring you testerup reviews to look for a good earning source. It shows that the website does offer paid games and tasks to complete. But you cannot immediately get this amount. It will take some time to reach the withdrawal limit. However, we haven’t found a single review where anyone has received this money. Thus, we will not recommend you spend so much time here without knowing about the payout. 

12 Reviews

  1. im about to lose my mind can ANY ODY help me i have a payout on testerup that i need to cashoht that IS over the threshold but it keeps saying theres no paument data but idk how to ADD paument data and custkmer support isnt helping me

    1. I fixed this very quickly I went into Google Play and I put a really bad review with one star and I said I’ve tried to contact customer support this is what I’m having a problem with and I’ll be really happy to come back and change my review as soon as I get paid and you know within 24 hours I think it was faster than I think it was like four I had my money they got right in touch with me and they fixed it and I’m hoping to get my second payout but I had another issue and you have to go in to to contact us or whatever it is in their page and it has taken them a few days but they’re talking to me now so I will hope for the best and otherwise I will go back to Google and do it that way cuz boy that got results fast and I went back and I said I changed my review and I said thank you for your fast response cuz I think that’s the really important part when you’re weaponizing your Google review is to go ahead and and fulfill your part of the contract once they do theirs

      1. That’s cool that you kept your end of the contract after they followed threw on their’s.

  2. I just completed my first game….coin master. I earned 94.00. I cashed it out. I gat an email today saying the money has been transferred to PayPal. It shows on the app that it has been transferred to PayPal. It has not posted to my PayPal account yet. They said cashout can take up to 4 working days. So, still waiting to see if I get paid.

    1. hi! did you receive your payout? I just finished my Google and it says that the payout is in process. so, just curious if you received yours!

  3. I have earned $70.70 on testerup. But I can get them to pay out to me. In the app it says undefined via PayPal -70.70 but my PayPal account says .02 in it. I don’t know if anyone else it’s been able to get paid from them but they took mine and flushed it down and toilet it seems. I’ve emailed them at least 20 times I cannot get a response from them so it is a scam 100%.

  4. Testerup doesn’t have a good customer support system. I have been playing coin master and I have reached village 70 but the app still saying I haven’t passed village 3. I have been sending messages to support since Oct 30th 2022 about this issue and it is now Nov 11 and I have gotten no response nor has this issue been resolved. I can’t cancle the game early because I will only get paid $1 and if I let it go past the time period for playing the game I won’t get paid at all. It is a catch 22. I also played the my cafe game and I had the same issue and I sent a message to support about the same issue nobody ever responded about that game either and now it is well past the expiration date for the 30 days to play and I never got paid one cent. I would not recommend this app to anyone because if you have an issue with the games they just say f**k you when you need assistance. You only get paid for the games that don’t glitch.

  5. This web site ripped me off I spent so much time and so much money that was supposed to be reimbursed. I got up to $126 dollars and cashed out. It said may take up to 48hrs to post to my Paypal account. We are on day 10 and the money is still at the top of my testerup account nothing has been done!!! SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!!!!

  6. Hi I’m not sure. I have this on my tablet. I took it from my phone. So now I can’t open it. Why? I’m new just trying to learn this. Thanks

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