Therafit Shoes: Most Comfortable and Stylish Shoes, Walk Pain-Free, Proper Alignment & Whole Body Comfort

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About Therafit Shoes

Therafit shoes are the most comfortable and stylish shoes on the market. They walk pain-free, they’re proper alignment and whole-body comfort. These unique athletic shoes feature a patented “S-Curve” design that guides your foot into proper alignment, and a “foot pocket”, which supports the arch of your foot.

About Therafit Shoes

Therafit shoes review

Therafit Shoes as the name suggests is a footwear brand, all about shoes that fit you perfectly well. Ensuring that all your outdoor expeditions are a success and aren’t held back at least because of unfit shoes, and making sure that you receive many compliments on whatever you wear daily.

With an active social media presence on both Facebook and Instagram, Therafit Shoes have been a hot topic and a busy shoe shopping place, where you find comfort and style, under a single roof.

Did we hear about new footwear? It’s time to upgrade your shoe closet with the trendiest collection globally.

Let’s have an in-depth look over the brand, all the exciting collections that they have for both men and women, customer testimonials, and our verdict on whether the brand is worth your money or not.

Overview of Therafit Shoes

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therafit shoes review

Therafit is a brand that not only wants fame and money but also wishes to create an impact on the community that they are serving. Their brand goals revolve around 4 standards

  • Comfort   
  • Customer  
  • Charity  
  • Community

As they ensure that the shoes they manufacture are all about you and your comfort and style, going as easy as possible on your pocket.

Launched in 2010, Therafit Shoes debuted in Miami Gardens, Florida gained popularity through social media platforms and was featured in television commercials and shows.

Today they sell men’s and women’s casual shoes, athletic shoes, boots, slip-ons, and sandals, all of which are cruelty-free and vegan.  

3 Tips When Buying Comfortable Shoes

Most of us have made the mistake of buying shoes that turn out to be not so comfortable in the long run. Often it is the colors, design, style, or sometimes even the brand that compels us into buying the shoes that may not be the right fit for comfort for us.

Buying uncomfortable shoes means foot aches, blisters, and wasting money. Buying comfortable shoes means a happy day, and a chance to show off your purchases too.

Here are the 3 most important things that you should keep in mind while buying shoes, so that you can go an extra mile without a second thought coming your way.

  1. Check for toe space: The majority of the footwear brands have tips of the shoes narrower than the toes. This does not allow any room for the movement of your toes and exerts pressure that causes uncomforting. Always select shoes that have enough room for you to raise a toe, while the shoe is on.
  2. Flexible Sole: For maximum comfort, you must look for a shoe that is light in weight and has a super flexible sole. Before you purchase, pick up the shoes in your hand and carry out a flexibility test. A flexible shoe allows you to walk and run faster, it also provides maximum support when you are walking on a rugged and rocky surface.
  3. Zero Drop: Zero drop means shoes that have a flat sole, and have zero to none elevation Even a cm of elevation is most likely to put additional pressure on your foot and may cause pain after a few hours of wearing them.

Comfort comes when you let your feet rest in their natural position, straight and flat, as close as they can be from the ground.

Before we dive into the details of what Therafit Shoes have to offer, let’s have a quick look at the Pros and Cons of the Store.



  • Approved by APMA and the National posture Institute
  • Give a percentage of their sales in charity
  • Active presence on social media
  • Free shipping
  • Commendable customer support


  • Does not ship internationally
  • All footwear costs above $100
  • A small fee is charged while returning an order

Therafit Shoes for Women Review

It’s time to give your stilettos and formal sandals a rest. It is also the time to give your feet some extra padded, cushion soft comfort. It is time to switch to radiant fashion with the most popular designs and styles that we have in range for the working women, athletes, or women who are obsessed with great shoes.

Therafit Shoes Brooke Review

Therafit Shoes Brooke Review

Do you want to add something trendier to your regular footwear?

The Brooke by Therafit shoes is what would go along with anything and everything that you wear on a regular.

Be it a walk to the grocery store or taking out your dog on a run, you’ll be good to go with these tennis shoe-shaped shoes that come in black and leopard color.

These are shoes that support and cushion your heels, align perfectly with your leg, have built-in personal comfort adapters that keep you going all day long without making your heels or toes hurt, even for a bit. What else would you ask for?

The best part is that they cost $159.95 and can also be purchased on interest-free installments of 39.99 bucks each.

Therafit Shoes Paloma Wool Review

Therafit Shoes Paloma Wool Review

Next, we feature on our review is the Paloma Wool Athletic shoe for women that is no less than magic when you walk into the court or the track.

Shoes that make you stand out and star you before you hit the finish line.

Its special patented technology works in such a way that it exerts minimal stress on your lower body, improves your posture, reduces pre-existing pain as well as provides optimal support.

The Paloma Wool shoes are specifically designed in a way that allows your feet to breathe thus they do not sweat and smell as much as they do while you have an ordinary pair of shoes on.

They can also be used as medicated shoes that help you in achieving comfort, protection, and relief from arch/heel pain.  

Could there be anything better than a pair of shoes that also helps you get rid of pronation, plantar fasciitis, and other foot pain symptoms?

A wide range of colors is also available in the Therafit Shoes Paloma Wool collection so all of you have a color that goes just right with your personality.

Therafit Shoes Savannah Review

Therafit Shoes Savannah Review

Just as the name suggests, this pair is the epitome of fashion and luxury. A combination of casual and athletic shoes is the most widely sold type of shoes and Therafit produces them better than anyone else.

Made with premium, full-grain leather, the shoes give you a bold look and justify your personality.

What makes them phenomenal is their superior arch support, strong rubber outsole, removable insoles with gel inserts that add protection, dual-density comfort adapters, and most importantly clearance from the American Podiatric Medical Association.

They cost $169.95 and are available in black and white colors; worth the money.

Therafit Men’s Shoes Review

There is no way we are forgetting or compromising on men’s fashion and comfort. We’d suggest you get rid of all the pairs of uncomfortable shoes that you have and get your hands on the bestselling men’s footwear range that we offer at Therafit.

Therafit Shoes Casual Review

Therafit Shoes Casual Review

$160 may sound a lot for a pair of shoes that say “casual wear”, however, when you find out how amazing the Therafit Men’s casual shoes are, you’re grabbing them right away.

Available in black and brown color, these shoes have an excellent finish, made up of pure premium quality leather that is gonna stick around for years.

It provides your feet with cushioned comfort, has ample toe space, relieved you from pre-existing arch, heel pain, pronation, and plantar fasciitis. It can also be worn on formal occasions and would go perfectly with your clothes.

Its slip-resistant and shock absorbing qualities make it a must-have shoe, that can be worn all year round.

Therafit Shoes Wool Athletic Review

Therafit Shoes Wool Athletic Review

Winters and woolen shoes, Therafit and you! Name a better duo, we bet you can’t.

Durability, comfort, and fashion blended in the warmest fool that provide utmost comfort while walking, at the gym, or playing a sport, you name it.

The Wool Athletic shoes for men have proven to improve posture and reduce preexisting pain. 

The breathable layers, molded heel counters, and responsive cushioning are perfect for enduring traction on all surfaces.

These limited edition shoes can be chosen among the charcoal, tan, and beautiful blue color and are a grab away deal for $129.95

Therafit Shoes Slip On Review

Therafit Shoes Slip On Review

Your shoe collection is incomplete with a slip-on. We bet you do not have the time to tie shoelaces when you’re getting late for school.

Featuring a customized sleek, slip-on design, these shoes are made up of stretchable and breathable fabric supporting you and comfort throughout.

They cost only $129.95 and are available in black and gray colors.

Are Therafit Shoes American-made?

Yes! The Therafit Shoes are American made and its headquarters are also in the United States.

Are Therafit Shoes good for your feet?

Therafit Reviews

Not just good, Therafit Shoes are great for your feet.

Therafit shoes are not just cute and stylish, but comfortable too. They have been engineered to support, align, and stabilize your feet. Its seven layers of comfort allow you to be on your feet for hours and never get tired. 

The shoes have a flexible, long-lasting outsole, multiple comfort pads that are also removable, and shock-absorbing wedges which altogether make Therafit the best choice for you. 

The shoes have a deep heel cup and a superior arch which lifts and supports your feet. It also provides cushioning on impact which transfers the pressure away from the ball of your foot. 

No need to worry as Therafit has also got the flat feet covered. Therafit shoes have insoles installed that provide support to your feet and make it comfortable to walk for long hours.

They also have personal comfort adapters in the heel area of the foot. These can be inserted or removed as per convenience.

The shoes are designed keeping in mind the needs of those with plantar fasciitis, arch pain, heel pain, leg pain, or back pain. The shoes take the shock of each step and distribute it downwards and outwards reducing the pressure from your bones. 

Do you wear socks with Therafit Shoes?

Therafit Reviews

Wearing socks or not wearing them is a personal choice; however, most people prefer to wear socks with closed shoes such as boots, joggers, sneakers, etc. for better grip and to prevent sores and blisters from the sharp edges some shoes might have.

With seven layers of comfort and superior arch support, that align and stabilize your feet, you do not really feel the need for socks and many customers prefer to put the Therafit shoes on bare feet.

Who is Therafit Shoes for?

Therafit Reviews

Are you someone who has to walk or run errands throughout the day? Have you been unlucky when it comes to shoes comfort or durability and the life of shoes and sneakers? Someone who does not want to pay an arm and leg to buy a decent pair of shoes that gets you through the day without additional pain, sores, and blisters?

Therafit shoes are for people like you who are tired of wasting money on shoes that do not live up to the standards of foot comfort. They are for all men and women who have an elite sense of fashion and prioritize comfort and style equally. It is for everyone who wants to buy a reliable pair, that can last them for at least a while.

Comparison: Therafit Shoes vs. Vionic Shoes

therafit vs vionic

Therafit Shoes and Vionic are competitor brands and both of them claim to manufacture and sell better quality women’s fashionable shoes. Both of them are known well for their comfort and style and both of them have a 4.3-star customer rating.

Vionic Shoes have a better-established market since they launched their brand before Therafit, so Vionic is winning in popularity.

Both the brands have similar prices so we do not see much difference there.

The major difference between the two brands is visible in the customer support they are offering and Therafit is on the lead.

Therafit Shoes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Therafit Reviews

Therafit shoes have been the hot choice for people all over America recently. They are also gaining immense popularity all over the world. The graph has been observed to be just going higher than ever before as the customers have great things to say about Therafit Shoes.

Just like the thousands of customers, get ready to add a pair of Therafit shoes, sandals, snickers, or slippers to your shoe collection, as we guarantee that after reading the testimonials you will not be able to resist buying a pair.

Let’s have a look at what is exactly do the customers have to say about the brand after they have shopped from Therafit Shoes.

“This is my first purchase of Therafit and I couldn’t be more satisfied. The ordering process was easy, and more importantly, the product itself fits perfectly and is providing the support I need. While advertised as a slipper, you can wear them outside with no problem. I wish I had found these sooner.”

Says Kimberly, for her, Therafit Shoes were a game-changer.

Diana H. who is another verified customer writes,

“I have arthritis and Plantar Fasciitis and could only wear orthopedic soles. I have tried Vionic and Birkenstock and I now have a favorite and that’s Therafit Brand. I purchased the Aubrey Sheepskin Boots and my feet are thanking me for them, they are extremely comfortable, soft, and warm, the pain in my feet doesn’t exist when I wear them. I usually wear a 9/40 but I sized up one size to 41 and they fit fine with socks. Toe box wide enough for my wide feet and sensitive toes. I love these boots, give Therafit a try.”

The numerous happy customers have given them 5-star ratings with all the reviews they have left on their website, external websites such as Amazon, and social media platforms.

They comment that Therafit shoes are not like any other shoes they have ordered from any brand ever. The material, the comfort, designs, and fitting are just phenomenal and the customers are highly impressed by whatever they got delivered. Customers are actively recommending Therafit shoes to their friends and family.

Are Therafit Shoes Worth It?

Fashion does not necessarily mean compromising on comfort. Comfort does not necessarily mean having to pay a fortune for a pair.

Either you compromise on one of these or you head out and gift yourself a pair of Therafit Shoes.

Leave aside the thought of walking around in pain all day long. We can guarantee that Therafit Shoes are one of the most comfortable brands of shoes that you will find in America.

Their shoes are engineered for utmost support and comfort, with breathable uppers, shock-absorbing insoles, and eye-catching colors and designs.

Compared to their competitors which offer a similar quality, Therafit shoes are a cost-effective solution to your feet’ daily requirements.

They also give out a lot in charity so you might as well help for a great cause and earn rewards. It’s a win-win.

Therafit Shoes Promotions & Discounts

Therafit offers multiple discounts on a wide variety of its products. A separate sale section is available on their websites where all discounted products are listed. Therafit items can also be purchased from amazon where they have separate deals and discounts.

Furthermore, discount vouchers and coupons can also be applied to certain products.

Sign up for their newsletter to keep yourself updated for future discounts and deals.

Where to Buy Therafit Shoes?

Therafit Shoes can be bought from their official website is

However, the shoes are also available in stores all over the United States. These stores that keep a stock of the high in demand Therafit shoes are:

  • Walmart
  • Macy’s
  • Nordstrom
  • Lyst
  • eBay

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Therafit Shoes?

Moises egozi is the founder and CEO of the Therafit brand.

Where are Therafit Shoes made?

The Therafit Shoes are made in the United States, in Miami Gardens, Florida.

What sizes does Therafit Shoes have?

Therafit is an American brand and the shoes are manufactured in America, therefore it is obvious that the American shoe size chart is followed.

Women: size 5 – 12

Men: 9-12

What is Therafit Shoes’ Shipping Policy?

Research tells us that people are more likely to shop from places that offer free shipping than brands that have a shipping fee, be it a minimal amount too.

Therafit shoes offer Free Shipping on all their products as well as any exchanges all around the United States. However, they charge a fee of $6.95 on all items purchased from the sale.

Their standard shipping time is 3-4 business days which depends on your location. You can also avail of the 2 days expedited shipping service by paying extra delivery charges.

What is Therafit Shoes’ Return Policy?

Do you want to return the Therafit shoes that you just ordered? We do not ask you for a reason whether you ordered the wrong item, size, or just changed your mind. The return policy at Therafit Shoes is quite convenient.

Therafit shoes offer a 30-day return policy on their entire range. The website says that all items can be returned excluding apparel within thirty days of its purchase. The condition is given for returns is that they must be unused and in their original packaging.

Exchanges are free of cost while a $6.95 return fee is charged on each item.

A return and exchange form is available on the website. Fill it out and then wait for a confirmation email. You will have to print out the “return packaging slip” and the “return shipping label” and attach it to your parcel.

Returns take 5-7 business days to process.

Where is Therafit located?

The Therafit Footwear LLC is located in Miami Gardens, Florida, in the United States. The Company is a part of the Notions Merchant Wholesalers Industry (NMWI), Apparel, and Peace Goods.

How to Contact Therafit Shoes

How to contact therafit shoes

To contact Therafit shoes, you may leave them a message by filling their message form found on their website.

Over there you will be required to enter your name, your email address and then you may type in your message and hit send.

Soon, their representatives will get back to you via email and help you out with whatever problem you are facing or whatever concerns you have regarding the brand. Besides that, chat support is also available 24/7 on their website where you can ask questions to their customer representatives, or call them at 866-393-9291.

Another way you can contact Therafit shoes is by sending an email to mentioning all your details such as name and order number and you will be assisted by the team in less than 48 hours.

2 Reviews

  1. I am interested in the Meghan women’s sneakers. I wear a size 8 in shoes but have to order a ½ size up if they do not come in a wide width, unlike Orthofeet which offer wide, extra wide, and triple wide.

    What size do you recommend I order – a size 38 or 39?

    Thank you advance for your assistance.

  2. I ordered the pink check slippers after reading all the great reviews. Thank god they were a GMA deal at 50% off. They came and yesterday I wore them. Size was correct. Could have been narrower but with socks fine fit. They seemed good. I wore them for the day. By the end of the day my feet hurt so bad I couldn’t wait to take them off and get into a pair of Allbirds. I have never had a pair of shoes hurt my feet so bad. Too bad because there are a lot of cute shoes on their website. These are going in the goodwill box. By the end of the day the bottom of my feet felt like they were walking on cement.

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