Toptvs Store Reviews: Is It The Best Place To Avail Sales?

Toptvs Store

The sale season has begun, and you can see many sales and deals on both the physical and online stores. The store that we will review today is the TopTVs store. It is an e-commerce platform that has great Christmas sales. Many people consider this place to get some gifts for their loved ones. It is the only thing that deals with the things that light up your Christmas. You can get Christmas lights, wreaths, toys, and more from this store. Here you will find everything you need to decorate your home and some lovely Christmas gifts for your friends and family. So read the toptvs store reviews first, then buy anything.

During the holiday season, especially Christmas, you may have seen many new services offering their services at highly alluring rates. But can you trust all of them? Online shopping frauds are on the rise. It will help if you are looking for various things regarding online shopping.

Today we will work on customer feedback about this online store. Also, we try to study their shipping and return policies. Related: Mattibom Flashlight Reviews

How can I avoid getting scammed online?

It is the time of the year when most scams occur. All the leading stores offer sales and deals, but some fake sites claim to offer the same items at ridiculously low rates. So if you are planning to buy something from the Christmas sales, read the following points.

How to avoid online shopping scams during the holiday season?

  1. Shop with trusted sites like Amazon, eBay, etc.
  2. Check the payment is safe. or not
  3. Beware the phish.
  4. Limit the usage of public Wi-Fi.
  5. Lock down the accounts.
  6. Protect privacy on social media.
  7. Use a resale site that has seller security in place.
  8. As a buyer, make or get payments vis the app or app. 
  9. Never ignore any red flags. 
  10. Read the customer review.

What are the five tips for shopping online safely?

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Here are the top five shopping tips for you

There are the five online buying safety tips

  • Shop with notable retailers. It is the best way to buy online and stick to main retailers safely. 
  • Avoid making buys on shared Wi-Fi. Only buy from a safe, private Wi-Fi link. 
  • Use the password manager. 
  • Use your virtual wallet. 
  • Also, set up mobile alerts.

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About Toptvs Store 

Toptvs Store Reviews

It is an e-commerce store that has not shared the origin of this site. When we visited their website, it had alluring home pages that consisted of the features of products like a wreath, lights, Christmas toys for kids, and more. But this store does not have a separate section for each niche.

This website has a separate “About Us” section, which is great. According to the website, it is one of the highest-quality online locations. They always put their buyers first. A customer-focused buying experience has been their goal, and they pride themselves on the broad policies that have placed them in the domain above.

They are TopTvs, and their voyage in this business started around 2016.

This store was born out of a desire and passion for one-of-a-kind, everyday items that help people live their lives simply and affordably with real cost and quality!

As they put it, it is reasonable, unique, and clear.

They are providing this aggregate growth per party—apparently with impeccable service and quality! They are offering and curating the standout things for all generations, providing this aggregate growth toward per party!  Don’t Forget: Exceptui Reviews

This store also has another website’s shipping policy, contact us section, and other vital details. So let us look closely at their policies in the next section.

The Products at TopTvs

  1. Snowman Christmas Decoration Figurine Lighted and the Sale price$6.99
  2. 4 ft. Warm White LED Snowman Stacking Gifts Holiday Yard Decoration for $6.99; 5 ft. Warm White LED Santa with Teddy Bear Holiday Yard Decoration for . ( 98.
  3. 62 in Penguins with Christmas Tree Holiday Yard Decoration and the Sale price$8.98
  4. Net Mesh Waterproof String Lights and the Sale price$13.97
  5. LED Christmas Candles With Pedestal and the Sale price$14.99

When we compared the rates of Christmas candles with the rates of candles on Ali Express, there was a notable difference. TopTvs sells these candles at a high price.


Toptvs Store Reviews1

Is there a discount?

There is approximately 60% off.

What is their return policy?

  • They are offering a 30-Day Risk-Free Trial.
  • Within 14 days after the receipt of the product. 

Do they offer free shipping?

There is free Shipping Over Orders of $39

Is it a USA-based brand?

There is no data about it. Explore More: Pocket Zoom HD Reviews

How do you contact them?

Toptvs Customer Service Email:

What is their mode of payment?

  • Visa Pay Pal
  • Master Card

Toptvs Store Reviews: What are buyers saying about it?

Toptvs Store Reviews Legit or scam

On their official website, we are still looking for customer feedback. There needs to be feedback from the customer on the other famous platforms. But some YouTubers have reviewed it: Would Like: Keyboardsettlement.Com Legit

Product Review with 3.27K subscribers

  • Poor trust score
  • The rates are too good to be true

Pros and Cons



  • There is free shipping
  • notable variety of Christmas decoration
  • There is 14 days return policy.


  • There is no data about the owner of the website
  • Poor trust score
  • The rates are too good to be true

The Final Verdict:

We have concluded that this website has a low trust score, meaning fewer people visit it. It has a 1 out of 100 trust score. Also, this store needs feedback from buyers. We have compared the rates to determine whether they are either too high or too low. Hence, we advise you to conduct a full review of this website before placing any orders.

11 Reviews

  1. I spent $42 on Christmas decorations, waited about a month for them & received a ball point pen! I had to pay $6 for postage when this came ( thought it was a different order) I emailed them & it failed to send, no longer there, didn’t know it was coming from China or wouldn’t have ordered from it. Don’t order from here or they’ll RIP YOU OFF. TOTAL SCAM!!

  2. Total SCAM. Received a goblin feather pen instead of the Christmas merchandise ordered. Not worth sending merchandise back: credit card company will not issue credit.

  3. I ordered the 3 snowmen on the sled, the penguins and the big lights. I received a ball point pen. Do not order any thing from this company.

  4. I am still waiting for my order also. Sent email to them and never heard anything back. I feel like a fool falling for this scam.. Here Christmas is over and nothing for the yard. Real rip off. Don’t buy anything for here.

  5. Ordered Christmas Decorations which NEVER arrived – lost $68 – emailed them multiple times with no response. Tried to track item – tracking status ” unavailable”. Initial site stated USA, however after checkout, discovered it was China. Requested refund, no reply. The pictures/website used is now taken down!!
    They also “trade” under the name “”

  6. Never got my order lost 42.00 and eventually after receiving a 50 cent thin ugly blanket 5 weeks after ordering that had nothing to do with Christmas I realized how stupid I felt I got scammed. Do not order nothing from here ever its not real you won’t get it and it’s coming from China oh and have a MERRY Christmas karma is coming

    1. I got a message saying my package(s) had been delivered on Jan. 4. 2023. I checked the only two places they could have been left, they were not there. I have emailed them 3 times with no response. I checked with UPS they had no knowledge of the tracking number.. if I had known it was a China based Co. I would never have ordered in the first place. So I guess I got scammed and lost my money. Live and learn, but your day will come Toptvs.

      Erlene Gavin

  7. Never got my order lost 42.00 and eventually after receiving a 50 cent thin ugly blanket 5 weeks after ordering that had nothing to do with Christmas I realized how stupid I felt I got scammed. Do not order nothing from here ever its not real you won’t get it and it’s coming from China

    1. I ordered $50 worth of yard decorations and Christmas blow ups on December 2 nd. It is now January 8 th. I have not received one item!
      I e-mailed the site and I tried calling to no avail! The prices and items were too good to be true! I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND NOR PURCHASE FROM A ONLINE STORE LIKE THIS!!

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