TrustMD: A trustworthy skincare brand?

TrustMD Reviews

Beautiful skin is essential to looking, and feeling your best. There are countless brands on the internet claiming that their products will transform your skin to perfection, but oftentimes these brands are scams.

Today we will review TrustMD, to see whether this is a legitimate brand or just another scam on the internet selling fake promises.

What is TrustMD? What do They Sell?

According to their webpage, TrustMD is a skincare brand that sells serums, moisturizers, and even hand sanitizers. They claim that their products, which make use of ingredients such as peptides, retinol, multivitamins, and stem cells perfect the skin and help to turn back the clock on your skin.

They also have a 24K Gold line, in which they exclusively sell products containing 24k gold, as well as other ingredients.

They say that by using science-backed ingredients, they are making aging easier for countless women, all while not charging high prices. TrustMD makes big claims, but are they true?

Is TrustMD Legit, Or Another Scam?

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trustmd legit or scam

Before making a purchase, you should always check the webpage for a business to see if it seems reliable. Using the domain age checker tool, we were able to find out that the webpage for TrustMD is 4 years and 3 months old. This is a rather long time and reflects well on TrustMD as being a legitimate brand.

Furthermore, TrustMD has a social media presence. This is also a good sign as reputable businesses tend to make an effort to maintain social media accounts.

TrustMD also has a high trust score on, at 83/100. This means that the likelihood of TrustMD being a scam is quite low.

Furthermore, TrustMD has a valid HTTPS and has not been blacklisted on any search engines.

The only thing which may raise red flags is the fact that TrustMD does not have any customer reviews of its products. The only reviews it has are on Amazon, and they are negative. This is a sign to be cautious.

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What Do The Customers Say?

Although we tried searching for reviews of TrustMD’s products on its own webpage, unfortunately, we were not able to find any. There are zero reviews on any of its products, despite the fact that its shopping page has been around for 4 years now. However, upon searching for reviews elsewhere, we found negative reviews for the brand’s products on Amazon. An unsatisfied customer said their products were absolutely terrible in quality and a total scam. This makes us feel a bit cautious about buying from TrustMD.

Pricing and Discounts

The prices for TrustMD’s products are extremely high. This is unusual because TrustMD is not a big name in the skincare market, so its high price tags, which are comparable to luxury brands, do not make sense. For instance, even the cheapest hydrogel patches in their 24K gold line are for $49. On Amazon, you can see other hydrogel patches containing gold being sold for just $13 These high prices make us doubt whether TrustMD is worth making a purchase from. As of now, TrustMD does not offer any discounts or promotions on any of its products. As economical shoppers, we don’t like that!

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According to their webpage, TrustMD accepts returns within 14 days of delivery. They do not specify whether the original packaging should be intact or any other requirements. A refund will be processed for the return within 5 business days. As for shipping, TrustMD promises that products will be shipped the very next day following the placement of the order. Furthermore, if you’ve had a slip of the hand and accidentally ordered one too many serums, you can contact them to adjust your order. However, this will have to be done before the order is shipped. After it has been shipped, you may return the excess products.

Pros and Cons of buying from TrustMD



  • High Trust Score
  • Valid HTTP
  • Accept returns


  • Negative customer reviews
  • High prices
  • The lack of customer reviews on their own website points to a lack of authenticity

Should you buy from TrustMD?

Since we have received mixed information about TrustMD, we can not say for sure whether this brand is reliable enough to make a purchase. Customer reviews for this brand have largely been negative, and say that the brand’s products are nothing short of a scam. Furthermore, the prices for their products are also relatively high. Since we love a bargain, we don’t like this!

If anybody chooses to buy from this skincare brand, they should know that they are making a gamble. There is a very real possibility that they might not have a good experience. If you are willing to make that risk, spending a large amount of money all in order to be sold a scam, then go ahead, but don’t say we didn’t tell you!