Understance Bras Reviews: Is It The Most Comfortable Bra In Town?


Most women have problems when it comes to buying comfortable and the right-size bras. They have visited many stores, but all in vain. So, considering these points, many online businesses have launched their own undergarment section. Indeed, those bras look great on the model, but when you order one for yourself, it looks hilarious. There are many issues that you find. Some of them are size, comfort, and quality. If you ever find the right website for the undergarments, the next issue is the size. Women with heavy busts cannot find the right size for themselves. So, they often get scammed by online shops. Hence, it is appropriate to review the brand before placing the order.

The Understance Bras is a Canada-based bra store that deals with the most comfortable and quality bras. It is their size range that makes them the best amongst the others. But can you trust this brand? Is it too good to be true?

In this blog, we will review this brand in great detail. What are users saying about it? What is their shipping and refund policy? And much more.

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How do I find the right-fitting bra?

These are the top seven simple ways to find the perfect bra that fits perfectly.

  1. Get yourself measured by a pro. 
  2. Have at minimum 5 Everyday Bras that you love.
  3. Also, go for the best looks. 
  4. Never ignore the brand. So, focusing on the band feel educates it.
  5. There are other things to focus on than the cup size. 
  6. Never go for the Minimizer Bras. 
  7. To Understand the Proportions

Why is bra shopping so tricky?

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So bra shopping is not as easy as it looks, but finding the fitting bra for yourself is tricky. Do you know there are about 30 different sizes for bras? The band size ranges from 32 to 42,, and the cups are from B to F. So, that combo creates the 30 different bra sizes. So, it is not easy to pick the one for you. Here we advise you to go for professional help. So it would help if you got friendly with the salesperson regarding bra shopping. But picking the correct size for yourself online is not as simple as it looks. But the brand tried its best by uploading the calculator and the size guide.

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About understance bras 

So, it is a Canadian-based online store that deals with women’s undergarments. The motto of these brands is to offer their buyers comfort with style. They have tried to make a smooth item, provides a perfect lift, and can be worn all day long without compromising the style. This brand offers sizes like 28 to 48 A and A to J cup sizes. Understance bras are striving to expand its bra range. They have created each size afterthought and make sure to offer the correct measurements. Their primary motto is to provide quality bras for every size and shape. 

  • Understance has done everything ethically. 
  • They make sure to create each item as nature-friendly as possible. 
  • They practice the recycling water system and more.
  • This brand uses eco-friendly boxes.
  • The tag of understance bras consists of 100% recycled material.

A variety of products

This brand offers a variety of underwear and bras. They have lovely prints, designs, and many sizes. 

FAQs of Understance Bras

Is Understance a Canadian company?

Understance Bra is a women-led Canadian brand that makes soft and comfy bras. They do it ethically — with both the user and nature in mind.

What sizes do Understance Bras offer?

  • Xs to XXL
  • 28 to 48 A and A to J cup sizes.

What is the variety of bras?

  1. Wireless
  2. Unlined 
  3. Lined 
  4. Padded
  5. Fully Coverage
  6. T-shirt Friendly

What is the Understance Bras size?

  1. 28 (2)
  2. 30 (6)
  3. 32 (29)
  4. 34 (29)
  5. 36 (29)
  6. 38 (28)
  7. 40 (19)
  8. 42 (12)
  9. 44 (9)
  10. 46 (5)
  11. 48 (1)

Do they offer free shipping?

Yes, they do offer free shipping on orders over USD 80.

What is the refund policy?

They offer their buyer 30 days refund policy.

What is the user saying about Understance Bras?


Feed abck on thiere Facebook Page

I hadn’t been fitted for a bra in years, and, using their sizing instructions, I could find my size and order from clearance. The bras are of excellent quality and fit perfectly.

Another user stated, “After being let down by countless brands, I had mentally prepared for another ill-fitting bra, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The bras I ordered fit perfectly, and the flex wire is wonderfully comfy! Thank you to the team behind Understance and for working hard to bring ALL women beautiful, truly supportive bras. “

Feedback on Understance Bras

Comfortable! and pretty!!

Suzanne, on Sep 10, 2022

I recently purchased both versions of the Ivy bra, and I love them both. I was wearing a 42D but followed your sizing recommendation for a 44D. Ready to experiment, not have a grand love affair with any of my old bras .and I did the right thing. The fit is fantastic – no pinching, digging, bulging, etc. Really and truly comfortable. The seamed cups and the cotton lining; were brilliant. The perfect amount of lining. It’s like some thought went into the design! And I love your models; more thoughtfulness there.

I’ve already bought a few more. I won’t be buying bras anywhere else!



  • variety of sizes.
  • Have bras for heavy bust
  • quality material
  • Free shipping
  • great reviews


  • No feedback other than on their official FB page or website

2 Reviews

  1. Your ads are mostly disgusting and not appropriate for bus stops, etc. I don’t want to see anyone in their
    underwear whether they are skinny, regular weight or grossly overweight. One particular ad caught my eye on Marketplace and I can’t image being paid enough to have myself photographed in such a position and exposed to all kinds of people who may have nefarious tendencies. Good taste is not one of this companies strengths.

  2. I ordered one article from this company. I ordered an adult medium. I could not even fit it over my head. The quality was flimsy and there are no zone in tags that indicate country of origin, fabric, Contant, or laundry instructions. The company said it was a final sale so they can do nothing about correct in the fact that they sent me a piece of junk that doesn’t fit. I would never use them again, and the only reviews you see a written by them on their own webpages. I’m doing what I can to change that.

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